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2023-01-23 00:02:34

Tracey stood outside the gleaming white building looking at the large sign which read,

Eastfield Medical Science Centre

and wondered again why she was there.

It was her boyfriend Steve, that was why she was there. It was him who had seen the ad in the local paper asking for volunteers to test a new breast enhancement drug.

As far as Tracey was concerned she was more than happy with the current size of her breasts thank you very much, she was the proud owner of a set of DD boobs, but everybody knew that as far as men were concerned there was no such thing as too big.

Apparently Titalin was a drug designed to increase the milk yield in dairy cattle and it had been a great success in the cows increasing their yield by 150%. Someone had noticed that the size of their udders had increased exponentially and had come up with the idea this might be a good drug to give to human females.

Nobody knew if it would make them produce milk but if it increased the size of their breasts that was a good enough reason to try it, and so human trials had been started.

The first set of tests hadn't gone that well, the drug was too powerful for humans, it had been designed for cattle after all. They used fifty girls for the first set of tests and they all ended up with balloon size breasts that leaked milk constantly. They also ended up as brain damaged as you could get, the drug rotting their brains.

The press heard about all of this and treated the story as a funny aside, picturing some of the girls with their freakishly huge breasts and drooling from the mouth with a blank expression. One newspaper printed a picture of six naked girls in sitting in a cow stall with the heading,

The Perfect Girl!

All of this gave Tracey natural cause for concern but the advert her boyfriend saw stated that the trial was going to use a new version of the drug which had been reduced in strength.

That still didn't exactly placate her too much but her boyfriend was not the type of man a girl argued with, a few black eyes had taught her that!

It didn't even make her feel any better when she'd heard that the trial was to use twelve girls in total, six slaves and six free girls. She was a free girl and glad of it, female slavery had been legalised a year before and was still in its infancy.

Salves were available to buy from registered slave centres which were not in most towns, with cities having two or three of them. Although it was easy to buy a slave nowdays, anyone with money in their pockets could do it, it wasn't cheap.

Most slaves cost over then thousand pounds with the best ones going for up to fifty thousand. There was no finance plans in place yet for buying a slave, so you had to pay in full and this put owning a slave out of reach for most people. After all who had ten thousand in cash in their bank account, not many.

So although slaves were available and there were plenty for sale, the actual amount you saw in your daily life was very few. It was a bit like seeing a Rolls Royce parked on the high street, unless you lived in central London they were rare!

The whole idea of slavery though was exciting to Tracey. She considered herself to be a submissive girl, most girls were nowdays, and after all the height of submissiveness was slavery.

Once you bought a slave she was literally your property to be used how you wished. The girl was fitted with a steel collar around her neck and embedded in that was a micro chip that gave anybody who scanned her details of her name, age, weight etc. as well as details of her owner.

The high price kept most of the sleaziest men who wanted a cheap thrill away but obviously some girls were bought purely as sex toys. The man who bought her might be a better class of person but they could be just as perverted as a man who couldn't afford her.

The police were not interested either, after all the girl was now a slave and someone's property, if her owner wanted to carry out his most depraved fantasies on her that was not their concern.

All of this actually added to Tracey's fantasies of slavery, the idea that she could be bought and collared and then used in whatever way her new owner wished was incredibly exciting to her.

In real life she knew she probably wouldn't of found it so exciting, having a red hot poker pushed up your pussy like she'd heard had happened to one girl was probably not so exciting!

That kind of thing didn't happen too often, after all slaves were not exactly disposable at the prices they were, but rape and sexual humiliation was part of a slaves daily life.

At the moment any girl between the ages of eighteen and thirty could be registered as a slave and at twenty two she knew she was prime slave age. She was also a very pretty girl with long blonde hair and a great figure, any man would be happy to buy her as a slave she was sure.

She had to admit that the thought of mingling with real salves during the drug trials was appealing, it was bound to add more stories and ideas to her fantasies.

So she found herself standing nervously out side the building after her boyfriend had sent off the application for her, denying her any choice in the matter.

She saw another nervous looking girl pause outside and then enter the building, and so taking this as her cue she took a deep breath and smoothed down her dress and entered the main glass door.

Inside the building was as gleaming as it was outside, Tracey was sure that if she looked hard enough she could see her reflection beaming up at her from the shiny floor. She was standing in quite a cavernous central hall and for a moment her courage almost deserted her, never the most confident girl the gleaming efficiency of the place overwhelmed her.

It was reasonably busy with people rushing everywhere and she stood rooted to the spot in confusion and fear.

She was saved when she suddenly heard a girls voice asking if she could help her coming from behind. Spinning round she saw a pretty girl of about her age smiling at her enquiringly and reassured Tracey quickly explained why she was there.

“Oh yes, Mr Chambers bunch,” she giggled and then pointing she said, “through those doors and just follow the hall right down the end, it's the last door on the right, there will be a receptionist and other girls waiting no doubt, just tell her who you are.”

Tracey tanked her and started off through the doors. Once in the new hallway she could see it stretching off in a straight line ahead of her.

“Even I can't get lost here.” she said to herself without any true conviction and started on her way down the hall.

She was beginning to wonder how big this building was and whether or not she had indeed got lost when she reached the end and the promised door on the right. Smoothing down her dress she knocked on the frosted glass panel of the door and entered.

The inside was much like any doctors waiting room with one desk and a dozen or so chairs facing it. Behind the desk was a middle aged woman who looked up as Tracey entered. The chairs were nearly all occupied by girls no doubt there for the same reason she was. Ten in total so at least she wasn't the last one there but the ting that really caught her attention was that six of the girls were sitting there stark naked!

They were obviously the slaves and were sitting there completely naturally and unembarrassed, naked apart from their collars.

Slave or not Tracey was sure that she couldn't of sat there so casually with nothing on, for a second she almost forgot why she was there but was reminded when the receptionist asked her name and she was told to take a seat.

Sitting she would of normally said hello to the other girls or at least smiled at them but nobody was speaking or looking at her and everybody seemed unnerved by the naked slaves sitting with them. She had seen naked girls before of course but not as blatantly as this and she didn't know what to say or how to react so instead she sat quietly like the others.

They were told to be there by nine am and Tracey could see by the large clock on the wall opposite them that it was nine fifty by the time the inside door opened and a man stepped in. He was an older man of around sixty, portly and if Tracey had seen him in the street she would of marked him down as a bit of a letch!

The naked girls didn't flinch though now that there was a man in the presence and for his part he didn't pay them much attention either. He walked over to the receptionist and had a quiet word with her. It appeared that the twelfth girl had not shown up which was causing some consternation. Finally though he turned to face them for the first time and said hello and told them to stand up and follow him through into his office.

They all did as they were told and walked into his smaller office where there were no seats and so they ended up all standing around his desk while he sat behind it looking at them.

He started off by thanking them for coming and for helping them with the trial.

“Unfortunately only eleven of you have turned up and we need twelve so I'm going to obtain another slave to help us so there will be seven slaves and only five free girls in the trial.” he said which didn't particularly bother Tracey but what he said next most definitely did.

“Talking of slaves, I see that the ones here are all naked of course as they should be, can the rest of you please remove your clothes now, I want you all naked together please.”

Tracey looked at him in shock. She knew Titalin was injected directly into a girls nipples but she'd never expected to have to be naked, especially in front of this creepy man. To her surprise though the other four clothed girls with her didn't appear to object at all and were already undoinging buttons and pulling down zips.

She knew she had a good body and nothing to be ashamed about there but she had never really flaunted herself like a lot of girls did nowdays, she tended to stick to the longer skirts and dresses rather than the micro mini skirts that most girls wore.

She panicked slightly, Mr Chambers obviously hadn't been joking when he'd ordered them to strip and one of the girls was down to her underwear already and so taking as deep a breath as possible and telling herself she was undressing for a Doctor, although she wasn't actually sure he was, she started to unzip her dress.

This really was an ordeal for Tracey, she even got embarrassed if her dad saw her in her underwear at home, but she forced herself to slide her dress off her shoulders and let it slip down her body so she could step out of it.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw that all the other girls were now naked and he hesitancy had only now focused all the attention on to her as she reached behind her back and unclipped her bra. She had large heavy breasts and she noticed that she was probably the bustiest girl there.

Knowing they were all now waiting for her she quickly hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down before dropping them on the table with the rest of her clothes like the other girls had done.

“Very good,” Chambers smiled, “ doing as your told is a key part of this process and I know that wasn't easy for some of you but you obeyed my command, just like a good girl should.” he laughed creepily.

Tracey knew she didn't like this man already and to make it worse he picked up his phone and asked the receptionist to come in and when she did so he pointed at the piles of discarded clothes on the table and said,

“Take those away will you, they won't be needing them for a while.”

Tracey looked on forlornly as the receptionist scooped all the clothes up and did indeed take them away shutting the door behind her. It was embarrassing enough standing there naked but now that her clothes had gone she felt even more exposed.

A second later the door opened again and in walked another naked girl and Tracey saw from her collar that she was the extra slave that had been drafted in, how many slaves did they have in the building she wondered!

“Good, now there are twelve of you please follow me to the lab area.” Chambers said standing up and they all filed out of the room like a line of baby ducks following their mother.

She found themselves walking down the same long corridor back the way she had came only this time every person they passed, and there were quite a few, was seeing her naked, a mortifying experience.

Why couldn't they of had the waiting room nearer the lab or got them to undress actually in the lab instead of parading them naked through the whole building!

To make matters worse they had to walk through the entrance hall which was very busy with members of the public as well as building employees and she began to think that they were showing them off on purpose. She also realised that any casual observer would think that the whole group were slaves, a thought that was actually quite exciting.

Eventually they reached their destination, another room full of computers and various medical looking instruments and not much else. It did hold one other thing though, a young boy wearing a white lab coat, obviously not long out of school who looked at the twelve naked girls with much interest.

As they all stood around in a semi circle facing Mr Chambers he explained that they were going to be hooked up to a machine which would in effect pump the drug into them.

“Now as you are all no doubt aware this experiment is to test a new version of the drug Titalin and you have all signed forms committing you to this procedure?” he said.

Tracey had indeed signed a plethora of forms once she'd volunteered, she didn't read them fully, who does, but she understood the gist of them which was basically that she agreed to do whatever she was told to.

“This is indeed a new version of the drug, reduced in strength but we intend to pump larger doses into you to make up for that,” he carried on, “the ultimate aim is to produce large breasted females who will contribute to society by producing milk by the gallon.”

Tracey knew what the aim of the drug was before she signed up but having it explained to her while she stood naked in a air conditioned room with the temperature settings seemingly set to freezing did not ease her concerns. Of course the main reason she signed up was because her boyfriend told her to.

“Now we fully expect to have to go through several versions of the drug before we reach our goal and some of the more unpleasant side effects we witnessed last time may still happen with this version but more than half of you are slaves and quite frankly we can absorb the loss.” he smiled.

Absorb the loss! What loss! Tracey didn't like the sound of that one bit, she knew the previous test subjects had been reduced to mindless vegetables but she'd assumed they had ironed those problems out and that's why they were testing this version.

She was about to say something when another girl in a worried tone asked him how dangerous this drug was.

“Oh very dangerous, this is version two of what we fully expect to be ten versions before we are satisfied with the results, to be frank even if this was version five or six I would be very worried.” he said flippantly.

“Well I'm sorry but I've changed my mind.” the girl said trying to sound strong and determined but sounding like what she was, a naked and scared girl.

Chambers sighed as if he'd been expecting this,

“I've just asked you all if you'd signed your assent forms and you all assured me you had and therefore you cannot change your mind you silly girl,” he said annoyed.

The girl looked confused and worried but made no attempt to leave as Chambers carried on,

“You are all going ahead with this trial now like it or not and if you don't the consequences for you will be dire in the extreme I can assure you of that.”

Tracey wondered how much more extreme they could be but like the others you stood quietly, subdued by his words.

He turned to the boy and started telling him to prepare each girl for to be attached to a rather frightening machine which appeared to consist of long needles attached to thin tubes that were in turn attached to a central pumping unit. Preparing the girls involved rubbing their nipples with an antiseptic wipe and tweaking them to make sure they were erect as possible, a job the boy loved and which wasn't really necessary in the coldness of the room!

To unnerve the girls even further the man laughed and said,

“I should warn you that the needles have to be pushed through the centre of your nipples as deep into the tit as we can, that will cause you an awful lot of pain, but don't worry, I quite like the sound of girls screaming and crying.” he chuckled.

Not for the first time Tracey thought about simply running away but she was naked and her clothes were on the other side of the building so instead she gave serious consideration to punching Mr Chambers as hard as she could on his nose but ultimately decided against it.

He hadn't been lying though, when her turn had come to be injected she knew from the screams from the other girls that he'd been telling the truth, she'd never felt pain like it, the sting of the needle piercing her nipple was extreme but even worse was when she felt it being pushed deeper and deeper into her breast.

It felt to her like a solid foot of needle was pushed into her, it couldn't be that much of course but it felt like it. With most immediate pain it quickly dies down to a manageable level but this didn't, the level of pain stayed extremely high throughout.

She managed to look around at the other girls who were now all kneeling in a circle hooked up to the central pump and all seemed to be in as much agony as herself.

It wouldn't of been so bad if they were unhooked after five minutes, well that was a lie, it would of still been bad, but they were left with the needles deep inside them for an hour, the machine constantly throbbing and pumping the drug into them.

They were even left alone in the room for half an hour, each girl too weak to do anything about it, and even though it was the most painful hour of her life, Chambers and the boy seemed if anything rather bored.

Eventually the boy went around the circle rather roughly yanking the needles out of each girl, accompanied by yelps of pain as he went. It seemed to take an age for him to reach Tracey but he did and she almost collapsed fully onto the floor like several of the girls had done.

“Well done girls, “ Chambers clapped, “ that's your first session done, only five more to go, “I'll see you all back here in a weeks time, “ he laughed, “ in the meantime make sure you keep a record of breasts, size, weight, tenderness, you probably won't see too much improvement during the first week and we will scan you again next week but it's important that you keep a record as well”.

Tracey was just glad the needles weren’t in her any more and the walk back through the building seemed slightly less embarrassing than before, very slightly!

As he had said there wasn't too much noticeable difference during that first week, maybe her bras pinched a bit but may as easily be her imagination rather then any increase in the size of her breasts.

Her boyfriend seemed disappointed, as if he were waiting for her to sprout beach ball size breasts overnight and he acted like a sulking school boy when they didn't.

Tracey was quite pleased, maybe the lack of any visible signs would mean that he didn't make her go back for week two but it was her that ended up disappointed when he reminded her of the appointment at the centre and made it clear he expected her to attend.

So at the correct time she presented herself at Mr Chambers office and took her seat in the waiting room with the other girls. As before they were kept waiting well past the appointment time and when he finally did come out and usher them into his office it became clear that two of the girls hadn't shown up.

Two of the free girls, the slaves were all there of course and Tracey wondered if they'd ever actually left the building at all or were they kept inside the medical centre somewhere.

In reality although angry Chambers was also philosophical about the missing girls, as if he'd expected it.

“I told the bosses we should only use slaves for this, at least they will turn up!” he muttered under his breath as he picked up the phone and asked someone to send him two more slaves.

Tracey herself probably wouldn't of come back if it hadn't of been for her boyfriend, the thought of being injected with those needles again filled her with dread.

Once again they had to strip naked in the office and joined by the two new slaves the group were marched through the building to the lab area where they were once again scanned. It hadn't missed her attention that they group now conisted of nine slaves and only three free girls.

A new boy was there this time and Tracey wondered what had happened to the first one, surely he wouldn't give up a job like this one unless he was forced to.

The dreaded time came and again the room was full of the sounds of squealing and crying girls while Chambers stood to one side smiling to himself, God she hated that man!

Once again the hour passed slowly with all twelve girls kneeling around the pump they were hooked up too. She knew the sight they must be presenting Chambers and the boy, they for all the world looked like twelve dairy cows being milked although the were having drugs pumped into them and nothing being taken out, not yet anyway.

They were left alone for a while again, Chambers obviously having more important things to do and when he returned she was sure that each girl heaved a sigh of relief as they knew it must be close to having the hated needles taken out.

As the boy made his way round unhooking them Chambers coughed and started his little speech,

“Well done girls, only four sessions left now, during this week you should start to see some changes, “he said,” nothing too dramatic at this stage but your breasts should increase in size noticeably and you should start to feel different mentally as well, less alert, more confused, more, let us say, accommodating.” he laughed.

Tracey was now back on her feet like the others thinking to herself how much she hated his laugh.

“Don't worry about these changes, embrace them, feel happy that they are happening, after all this is only the start and any changes will only become more pronounced as the trial continues, well that's the plan anyway.” and there was that hateful laugh again.

They were marched back to his office to retrieve their clothes, only the three of them this time, the slaves being taken somewhere else, clothes not needed for them. Although there was only the three of them dutifully marching behind Chambers through the building Tracey did feel slightly less embarrassed, walking naked through the busy corridors was becoming less inhibiting, was that the drug working though or was that her mind following his little speech to them. She didn't know, she just knew she was walking along more confidently and if people saw her naked so what.

Again not much happened the first few days but towards the end of the week she did notice that her bras no longer fitted her. Whereas they pinched slightly a few times during the first week now she couldn't even get them on without breathing in and even then it was a struggle.

Her boyfriend controlled the household finances and he had always been mean with money for her needs and she knew before she asked him for some money to buy some new larger bras what his reply would be and so on day five of the week she stopped wearing bras at all.

Normally she would have been embarrassed about this, she'd had large breasts before this trial even started and they bounced and jiggled alarmingly under her clothes if she ever went braless, something she very rarely did anyway.

Now her breasts were definitely bigger, bounced and jiggled even more, and she didn't care at all. The few times she'd been braless before had always been in the privacy of her house and now she was happily going down the shops without a bra on and enjoying all the stares and comments she was getting.

Well a few women had made some catty nasty comments but the men seemed to like seeing her braless and that was the most important thing.

She'd struggled to wear a bra to work on the Friday and the next trial session was on the Monday ad she knew she wouldn't wear a bra to work on Tuesday.

Her boyfriend was happy, he was beginning to see results from the drug and was enjoying her new larger breasts as much as she was. As well as being bigger her nipples were becoming more and more sensitive as well. It didn't seem to matter how roughly her boyfriend treated them, pulling, pinching, biting, everything he did was a sensory delight to her and she loved it all.

Trial week three time came and they'd lost another free girl, they were down to just the two of them now but Tracey didn't mind, the naked walk to the lab had been positively thrilling this time and she'd walked down there like she was a model on a catwalk.

She couldn't say the needles were any less painful but once hooked up she was content to kneel there on the hard floor and feel the steady pulse of the pump as it filled her tits with the drug.

The hour seemed to fly by this time and before she knew it she was dressed again and out of the building desperate to get home to satisfy the burning itch in her pussy.

She had no real recollection of how she actually got home, she knew it must of involved catching a bus, or did she walk, she couldn't remember, all she knew was once she got home she stripped off all her clothes in double quick time and found her biggest vibrator and flopped down on her bed and started using it and that's how her boyfriend found her when he got home three hours later.

The next day their landlord came round, Mr Johnson, he was an fat oldish man who Tracey had never liked. He was creepy and always had a roving eye whenever he was around her and she was sure that if her boyfriend was not there he would try to take advantage.

Luckily her boyfriend was there today when he called round and said he'd come to talk about some repairs that needed doing to the flat.

Straight away his eyes were fixed on Tracey, she only had a thin dressing gown on which as well as being thin was also quite short.

She'd started off sitting opposite him on the sofa with her boyfriend as they chatted and then she'd been told to make Mr Johnson a cup of tea and so she'd got up to do so. As she brought it in and placed it on the table beside him he grabbed her arm and jokingly said she could sit on his lap now.

Now normally she would of run a mile at such a suggestion and he was probably expecting her to do just that and he looked just as surprised as she felt when she didn't resist the pull on her arm and let herself be pulled down onto his lap.

If he was surprised he recovered quickly as he snaked an arm around her waist and held her firmly in place as if it was all a big joke and she would quickly jump up laughing and pulling away.

Instead she sat there perfectly content while the two men carried on chatting. She did worry that her boyfriend might create a fuss but over the last few days, even in her befuddled state, that he was enjoying showing her off, letting other people enjoy seeing her new body shape.

“Is she alright, I mean she looks a bit blank that's all.” Mr Johnson suddenly asked laughing slightly.

“Oh sure,” her boyfriend laughed, “ she's started a trial for that new tit growing drug, it makes their tits bigger and rots their brains a bit, well a lot.”

“Oh I saw a story about that in the papers, “ Johnson said excitedly, “they end up as dribbling morons with huge tits don't they.” he chuckled.

“Well that's what I'm hoping anyway.” her boyfriend laughed, “ her tits have got a lot bigger already and you can see how stupid she seems now.”

“Oh they are bigger already are they?” Johnson said looking at her chest with interest, “can I have a look, she was quite a busty girl to start with they must be huge now.”

“Be my guest.” her boyfriend replied as if he didn't mind in the least at a creepy old man ogling his girlfriend.

With almost trembling hands Johnson reached out a few inches and pulled on the cord holding Tracey's gown together and pulled on it,untying it until it hung loose and open on her shoulders.

“Take it off her completely if you like, I don't mind.” her boyfriend laughed.

Now although her mind seemed to have a permanent haze over it nowdays Tracey was still aware that a few days ago the idea of being stripped naked, for she was naked under the gown, by Mr Johnson while sitting on his lap would of sent her running and screaming from the room but now she just sat there quietly while he reached up and pulled the gown off her shoulders and down her arms.

She didn't even resist when he pulled her arms up so he could pull them through the sleeves and with a little flourish he threw the gown behind her to her boyfriend leaving her sitting there completely naked.

In the position she was sitting he couldn't see her pussy but he certainly had a perfect view of her breasts and he quickly brought his hands up and started squeezing them happily, loving every second of it.

“I see what you mean, these are great.” he laughed.

“They sure are,” her boyfriend laughed with him, “give her nipples a hard pinch, they are super sensitive now.”

Happy to oblige he did just that and Tracey couldn't help but moan bringing fresh laughter from the men. She knew this was wrong but what could she do, she never would of let her landlord play with her like this and she hated the way her boyfriend was letting it happen but it felt so good! Mr Johnson had big rough hands and he was being very rough with her breasts and now her nipples and she was loving it.

“I tell you who would love these.” Johnson smiled as he continued to play.

“Who?” her boyfriend asked.

“Charlie Slate, he owns the Red Lion down the road, they have strippers down there most nights and he's always looking for new girls, the punters would love these beauties,” he laughed, “she'd earn you a few extra bob as well.”

“That's an idea,” her boyfriend smiling obviously thinking the idea over, “You'd love stripping and shaking your new tits around in front of a pub full of horny men wouldn't you Tracey?”

A few days ago she couldn't of thought of anything worse, she knew a lot of pubs had strippers now but she'd always found it degrading to women. It wasn't just taking their clothes off either, they were expected to fully entertain the crowd with full on lesbian sex with the other strippers, to public masturbation and giving out all kinds of sexual favours to the customers.

Tracey had been in a pub once with her boyfriend when a stripper had sat on the table in front of them stark naked and proceeded to finger herself to orgasm right there. It had taken a few minutes and whereas her boyfriend had loved it and had been enthusiastically cheering her on Tracey had been mortified by the whole thing and was relived when the girl had finished and moved on, her boyfriend had loved the show of course.

She currently had a good job, boring but safe, she was working for ABC Insurance dealing with claims that came in. In truth they were instructed by the bosses to try and find every way possible to decline any claims which often made her feel uncomfortable but the pay was always welcome at the end of the month.

She knew her boss wouldn't like her moonlighting as a stripper but then he'd been angry with her the last few days as she couldn't seem to concentrate at work any more. The prospect of sitting at her desk and staring at a computer screen four ten hours a day bored her to tears.

The men employed by the company only worked six hour shifts compared to the women’s ten hours. They often got paid more as well even though they did less hours.

Tracey didn't complain though, none of the girls did, the price of slaves was falling slightly and only destined to fall even further. It would soon be cheaper to buy a slave and have the associated costs of of feeding and housing her than actually paying someone to work.

She was brought back to the moment by a sharp pain as Mr Johnson bit down hard on her nipple, drawing it deep into his mouth.

He slapped her thigh and told her to stand up,

“I may as well see the whole package.” he laughed as she got to her feet

She stood without embarrassment in front of him, posing and twirling for him to see every last inch of her body.

“Oh yes, Charlie will love her.” he chuckled , “show us a few dance moves darling.”

Being naked in front of him was no longer cause for embarrassment, dancing naked for him was, she did her best though and he seemed satisfied with her efforts.

The idea of dancing naked for the horrible landlord would have been preposterous even a few days ago but now she was shaking her booty for him as if it was natural.

“Yes take my advice son, take her down to Charlie and get her working there, I take it she's going to get worse?” he looked at her boyfriend with a raised eyebrow.

“Worse?” he said confused.

“Yes, you said she's half way through the trial so I guess the drug will destroy her brain completely by the end?”

“Oh yes,but her tits will be huge.” her boyfriend laughed callously.

“Well get her stripping soon then while she can still dance.” Mr Johnson smiled and with a final squeeze of her breasts he left without ever mentioning why he'd come in the first place.

The next few day dragged by, she went to work each day but had no real interest in it, she spent most of the time looking up porn on the computer which was strictly forbidden but nobody had noticed yet. She wouldn't of gone in at all but her boyfriend made her saying something about wanting the money.

She knew her boss was close to firing her and she wondered if it might be a good idea to start offering him a blow job every day now.

Finally the day of the trial came up and Tracey presented herself at the centre on time and eager to start the procedure. All the girls were now expected to sit in the waiting room naked, rather than undress in Mr Chambers office they had to do it outside in the waiting room. The slaves were already naked of course so it was just Tracey and the other free girl, a pretty girl called Emily, that had to undress and hand their clothes to the receptionist for storage.

Tracey could see that all the girls now had much larger breasts than when they'd started the trial and all sat with the same vacant look on their faces that Tracey often had. So far at least it looked like the drug was a roaring success.

This time when they were ushered into Mr Chambers office he told them that two people would be observing them in the lab, his seniors.

“I have told them a little white lie unfortunately”, he smiled, “I told them that the group consisted of all slaves, which it practically does, but for today I'm going to have to put slave collars on the two free girls here and issue you with slave numbers just in case they scan you.”

Now even in the fog of her current mental state Tracey knew that this wasn't good. And from her worried look neither did Emily.

“Don't worry.” he said raising his hands to placate them, “ I'll take the collars off again once they have gone, I can't do anything about the slave numbers unfortunately but if your not collared nobody will have anything to scan so nothing to worry about.” he smiled.

Tracey knew her days of arguing with him were long gone anyway so she knew she would agree to it but the thought of being made a slave, even for an hour, troubled her.

He did some typing on the keyboard of his PC and after a minute he pulled two stainless steel collars out of his desk drawer and motioned for Tracey and Emily to approach him.

“Right I don't think these are the permanent type so lift your hair up for me and lean forwards so I can put these on you.”

Tracey exchanged a glance with Emily and saw straight away that like herself any possibilty of objecting was gone and so she did as she was told and offered her neck to him and felt the cold steel close tightly around it.

The click as it locked was thrilling but alarming too and she didn't quite know how she felt as she straightened up, the weight of the collar feeling much heavier than she thought it would.

“Good girls.” Chambers laughed ,” now remind me to take them off when you leave or else I'm bound to forget and as far the the computer and our guests are concerned you are just two more slaves at the moment.”

The walk to the lab felt stranger this time, not because of the nudity but because everyone who saw her was seeing her as a slave, a properly collared slave and when she saw the two strange men waiting for them in the lab she knew that as far as they were concerned twelve naked slaves had just entered the room.

The needles hurt as always but this time the hour spent on her knees seemed to fly by and before she knew it she was back in Chambers office. She had no idea if his bosses had been impressed with what they saw or not, although mind you they had basically seen twelve large breasted naked girls kneeling on the floor in front of them for an hour, what wasn't there to be impressed with!

True to his word Chambers appeared to forget about taking the slave collars off and if it wasn't for Emily reminding him she was sure she would of left the centre with it still on. He even joked about it,

“There wouldn't be much point in you getting dressed if I had forgot, who's ever seen a slave with clothes on.” he laughed.

Tracey was still in two minds about the whole slavery thing, the idea of being a slave was exciting, but she wasn't sure she actually wanted to be one.

Over the course of the week her breasts got even bigger, they were approaching ridiculous size now and people were noticing, Mr Johnson called round for another play and with her boyfriends blessing he ended up fucking her vigorously over the end of the sofa.

Her mental state stayed the same thank God, she found it hard to think of one subject for more than ten seconds, giggled a lot inanely, and basically acted like the worlds biggest airhead.

This disturbed Tracey, she was never the brightest girl but she was bright enough and now she could hardly string two words together and those two words usually made no sense.

She knew this wasn't right but was unable to fight it and all her boyfriend did was make fun of her, mocking her for he dumbness and doing things like letting the landlord fuck her!

Even in her current state she could sense that her attraction was wearing off on him as well, although he was still having fun with her now enormous breasts it didn't seem enough to hold his attention for long and she started to wonder if he was looking for another girlfriend.

The subject had been brought up by Mr Johnson while she was sitting naked on his lap again while he played with her boobs,

“Well if you want to get rid of her I'll take her off your hands.” he'd laughed.

“No your alright, a couple of guys from work have offered to buy her.” her boyfriend replied.

“Well make sure you get a good price for her, she's a cracker.”

“I'll see, they are mates so I'll give them a big discount, I've shown them a video of what she looks like now and they are looking forward to getting their hands on her, I just want her off mine.” he shrugged.

Tracey couldn't remember posing for any videos recently and she shuddered wondering what the video showed.

“Well it will be a shame to lose her but maybe your right, get yourself a new girl to have fun with, this one's had it.” Johnson laughed while pinching her nipples hard.

She got fired from her job the next day, even though her boss had been happy to accept the daily blow jobs and tit wank from her he couldn't let her continue to work there, she had no attention span and was rude to the customers.

Of course he waited till after she'd sucked his cock that day before he told her he was letting her go. Even though she was happy that she wouldn't have to go in every day now she was worried about what her boyfriend would say, especially about the loss of income, maybe he would start her working as a stripper now.

Week five of the trial arrived and Mr Chambers once again collared Tracey and Emily, he didn't give a reason this time, he just did it and Neither of the girls complained, just offered their necks when he told them to.

By now Tracey didn't mind the walk to the lab but today for his amusement he decided that it would be fun to make all the girls crawl there on their hands and knees. So everyone that passed them that day saw a line of twelve naked girls crawling down the long corridors, their large breasts swinging freely beneath them.

It took the line twenty minutes to reach the lab, Chambers walking in front smiling with pride as he paraded his girls through the building and everyone enjoyed seeing them.

Tracey felt neither ashamed or embarrassed, if Mr Chambers wanted them to crawl through the building that was his choice, he was the boss and it had nothing to do with her.

They were injected as usual and Chambers seemed happy with the way things were going,

“Next week is your last week girls”, he addressed them, “you should see one more growth spurt and maybe some lactation happening, embrace the change, milk those tits, if you do it will only encourage them to produce more and more milk,” he laughed,” so ask your boyfriends etc. to milk you every day, we want those tits full of fresh creamy milk don't we.”

Everyone nodded in unison but to be honest if you'd told us all to assassinate the Queen we would of all nodded.

Once again he forgot to take off their collars and once again Emily reminded him, he seemed surprised that she dd but he took them off anyway.

The next day her boyfriend marched her down to the pub Mr Johnson had told her about and asked to see Charlie who was immediately interested in having Tracey dancing for him in the pub. If she'd known any better she would of felt ashamed as he told her to take her clothes off and dance around the bar naked showing Charlie her moves.

As it was it seemed like a reasonable request and so she did as she was told and was soon dancing her sexiest while the two men looked on appreciatively and within minutes the deal was done, Tracey was now a stripper!

She knew deep down that she should have been appalled but the idea of stripping and dancing naked for a bunch of strange men turned her on tremendously and she could hardly wait for her turn to arrive.

She'd been in the pub a few times before with her boyfriend and she hadn't particularly liked the place, there was a rough atmosphere and most of the men looked nasty, not the kind of place you would bring your parents for a drink.

This time round though the place seemed fine, the men were friendly and loud and sure there were grasping hands everywhere but she didn't have any clothes on, how else would the men react.

Her breasts were grabbed and mauled more times than she remembered and two men had even managed to insert their fingers into her pussy but she didn't care, the men were happy and surely that was the important thing.

She was happy too and when Charlie told her it was time to stop she was disappointed, she could of carried on dancing all night.

She'd ended the night getting screwed by Charlie while bent over the bar, she wasn't sure that was part of the deal but he certainly didn't mind.

She walked home happy that night which hardly seemed possible after her feelings about strippers before.

Her breasts did continue to grow and everywhere she went now she heard people laughing and making comments about her freakishly big tits, especially as she never wore a bra now, she doubted she could buy one to fit her!

She didn't mind the looks and jokes, she was proud of her tits, why shouldn't she be, they were massive.

The day after week five of the trial and true to his word she started producing milk. Not a lot to start with but she was soon producing two pints a day and being milked by her boyfriend who enjoyed himself tremendously.

He would milk her like a cow, her naked and on all fours, her breasts hanging down beneath her and the milk being squeezed out of her into a large jug. He even let Mr Johnson have a go and he laughingly told her boyfriend that Tracey was his best tenant ever.

Week six of the trial came around, Tracey only remembered the appointment because her boyfriend reminded her countless times, she didn't remember anything nowdays, everyday life seemed so hard.

Standing collared and naked in the lab as usual. Mr Chambers told them all how pleased he was with them, apparently the average breast size increase throughout the group was five cup sizes and they were all producing milk now.

“This is your last series of injections but you can expect your breasts to continue growing for a while longer until they reach they optimum size”, he laughed, “ you will also produce more and more milk, and I'm afraid whatever remains of your tiny brains will dwindle even further.”

Tracey had no idea what that meant but he looked pleased and that was good enough for her, after all pleasing men was all that mattered wasn't it?

This time Emily forgot to remind Mr Chambers about taking their collars off and they went home with it still on. They had finished the trial now and were not due back at the centre for months so how would she get it off, she decided she didn’t care.