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Adventures of the exhibitionist girl, part 4

2023-01-21 01:33:50

Summary of the previous parts: Kadri, starting at 11yo experiencing exhibitionism and who later became sex addict, was thoughtful after some failure in being left naked in little city. She thought about her manners, but decided to continue. Now at 13yo she is planning her biggest naked adventure.

As I understood, Kadri wanted to try her exhibitionism in another city, but at first sh ehad to read some books for school and take preparations in some other subjects. „I have a plan for the last week of holidays. Maybe this will be more successful,“ she said.
Kadri did her school needs very carefully and waited eagerly the last week, but then weather turned to rainy. Kadri’s plan was huge: to complete a four-day adventure. Now it was more difficult on a rainy weather. Not because Kadri fears the cold – she is not – but because going naked in rainy day was not any more natural. Nevertheless she came to my place at Thursday and next day and was ready to start at Friday morning.
I arranged for her first two overnight stays at one camping, where my friend worked. He was ready to accomodate Kadri to the little camphouse apartment. Obviously Kadri had no clothes with her, but camping was quite empty now – summer coming to an end and weather going worse.
Of course, overnight in camping was one of the easiest tasks in Kadri’s plan. In this time I gave her money, which she put on the wrist bag – her only cover of body. Again I had to left her in the centre of the city, now in the biggest city of the southern part of our country. There she will try to visit several shopping centres, eating lunch and then will go by bus to the village, near what camping site is situated.
On the second day she will visit another city, also going to railway museum and for some easier part she will pass one hiking trail, which usually on Saturdays was quite crowded, but now in rainy weather maybe not so much people. Nevertheless, that was a last weekend of school holidays and much people were expected.
After second overnight in camping, Kadri planned to attend church at Sunday morning and she has a clear plan, what tell to minister. „I am here to clean the soul and only doing this naked will help me,“ was her explanation.
But otherwise she promised in that trip to be honest and to tell everybody fairly, why she is walking naked. Not like the last time, when she lied to family, who picked her up hitchhiking, that boys robbed her clothes.
For the third overnight Kadri promises to find a place independently, which will be a difficult task – who will give permission to the naked girl staying in hotel? And then at last day return to the capital by hitchhiking and spent whole day in the city, several places, shopping centres and eating. That was Kadri’s own city, where she was living. „The time has come to get more daring,“ said Kadri. „I should not afraid to walk naked in his hometown. Otherwise, it is not right.“
Kadri didn’t feel any pressure on Thursday evening. She was expecting a great entertainment. I was not so sure. „I can bet, you will be catched by police. I don’t know about law, but they will do anything to prevent you walking nude in the city. And I don’t think, they have to explain something to you. They only will take you to the police station and force to put clothes on,“ I predicted.
„And the other problem is media. When they see you walking around town naked, they smell a sensation. Obviously they can’t put naked photos and show your face in article, but somebody may recognize you and you will have a big problems in school and also, when parents return,“ I continued. „Why did you choose such an extreme plan?“
„Because I want to prove, that naked appearance is natural. Society is so afraid of nakedness! They are talking about shame. But if I don’t feel the shame, who is then feeling? I want to get rid of the burden of clothes. There cannot be any reasonable explanation, why I must wear clothes,“ said Kadri.
At the night Kadri was at very good shape. As usually, she did everything, what she was able to do in sex. I was completely exhausted and thought: I can’t anymore to „compete“ with her in sex – she does not ever get tired, but my cock is no longer rises. But that was only a problem of one particular night, in other days she can find new partners. It seemed that ten men can’t also satisfy her. Kadri sat on the edge of the bed and began to rub her cunt against this. So she got two more orgasms.
I was not happy, when I left her at 11 a.m to the city centre. She waved me and left car naked, only wrist bag with money helping her to survive. Kadri was a dreamer, she couldn’t understand the reality of the situation. She hoped, that all people will be nice to her, but it was not so. That was a beginning of the sad end of whole story. When I returned to home, I thought: maybe I did a mistake, I should not have to put her down in the city. I even gave her money, without my help she maybe would not have taken such a huge adventure. But in the last part of the story you'll know why I did regret.
At first, Kadri only walked in the city. Quite big river flowed through the city, Kadri walked over the bridge and headed to the not so crowded part of the city. That was like heating before the main events, Kadri was walking at the scenic park, took a look at the riverside, where was not much people. Weather was not yet rainy, temperature about +16-17, not something special for Kadri, who also had spend hours naked in winter. Some kids were following her and some people laughing or shouting something, but nothing happened. Even nobody approached Kadri to talk.
Kadri was sitting on the bench at the river bank and looking to the flowing water. She felt really well. A couple of boys peeked from behind the tree, they did not dare to openly come see naked girl. Kadri smiled and thought: what a weird situation, I don’t have any fear, but the boys are afraid of her! Some people were also passing along the riverside path, but here they were not too surprised, because they thought, that Kadri maybe swam in the river and not have reached to dress.
Then one woman approached to Kadri. „Why you are sitting here naked? Drying yourself after swimming?“ she asked.
„No, I am just resting legs,“ said Kadri.
„Where are your clothes?“ asked woman.
„No clothes. I came here naked.“
Woman was surprised, but not angry. She was laughing: „You dared to come here naked? From your home to walk here? Must still have the courage to do it! And you are so young! Usually girls in your age are very shy.“
Kadri then explained, how she arrived to the city and told she is planning to attend also some shopping centres and some eating place.
„Oh, my God!“ wondered the woman. „This is something, you maybe can never see again. Tell me, which of the supermarkets you're going to and I will come to see this miracle!“
Kadri said, she had no exact plan, but maybe she will go to the newest shopping centre, which was built only last year. „I really consider this funny. Keep it up, girl!“ said woman and walked away.
Kadri also walked through biggest park, where were interesting tree species and labels with text. There was not much people in park and Kadri really enjoyed peaceful atmosphere. But sh ehad to go to the shopping centre.
Kadri again crossed the bridge and now more people stared at her. They were mainly laughing, but one man was very angry as woman in previous city, which Kadri remembered very well. „What the hell you are doing! Children are here and you like a slut are walking without clothes. What a shame! Leave immediately!“ shouted man. Kadri tried to stay indifferent and continued walk towards shopping centre. She had only to cross the street and entrance to the supermarket was here. Man followed her and shouted many times. But he didn’t grab Kadri’s hand like woman did in another city. „I will call to police,“ he said then and turned around.
Kadri entered to the shopping centre, but she had no plan to buy something. She was looking around, many people following her. One girl, about 15-year old, took her camera and asked Kadri for joint photo. Kadri smiled and girl thanked her. She get a memorable picture.
After some minutes Kadri rode the escalator to the third floor, where was a little cafe. Kadri asked menu and confused waiter gave this to her. Some people also came to the cafe only to see, what Kadri is doing. She ordered a pasta and juice.
Then security guard came to the cafe. „You are here!“ he said like he was glad to find naked girl. „You know, that you must leave. I can’t allow this kind of striptease.“
„Again striptease, but this is wrong,“ thought Kadri. She asked security guard a possibility to
eat her ordered food. „OK, we are going in my office. You will sit here and I bring you the ordered pasta and juice. You can’t eat here, but if you paid, then you have to eat this. In my office!“ said security guard and then turned to the waiter: „Why you were so stupid, you let her to order! Don’t you really understood, that was illegal! Maybe you didn’t notice, she had no clothes!?“ he said ironically.
Because there was also working a female security guard in a shopping centre, man asked her to come at the third floor and accompany the naked girl to security guards office. „She is naked, I follow the instructions – like female must search women, also naked girl will be treated by female,“ security guard said.
„Again one stage is over. Quickly,“ thought Kadri. She decided not to try escape. When woman-guard arrived, she calmly went with her down by back door stairs, there was a label „Only for employees“. They hide Kadri from other people eyes and after some minutes man brought her food. Situation was like unreal: she was eating her pasta at the office table, where some papers and files laid.
„We can’t force you to buy some clothes from here. Only possibility is, that we will call police and they give you some clothes, they have some stuff and must be prepared for such kind of situations,“ he said. Kadri grinned, because she was still naked and eating her pasta. But somehow she was not feeling anger. She thought, that maybe a woman from riverbank is now looking for her and don’t find.
Two policewomen (they also send women – instructions!) came after quarter an hour and they had only blanket with them to cover Kadri. „We give you clothes at a police station. Don’t worry, nobody will put you to the jail, but our commissioner wanted to talk with you,“ said one policewoman.
Comissioner greeted Kadri with ironic smile. „Wow, here is our new Lady Godiva,“ he referred about 11th century historical person, who had to ride naked through the city. „I really don’t understand, what was your idea to come here in such a look?“ He was mainly talking to self and was not yet asking Kadri. Boss of the police station tried to figure out, what forced (he thought, that Kadri’s naked walk could not be voluntary) the girl to behave so openly.
Kadri promised to tell only truth and she repeated a phrase, what she have already said in some other cases: „I only came naked to the city and planned to walk here a little. I already was at the river and in the park and decided also to visit a centre,“ she explained.
„Visit a centre!?“ repeated police chief. „What this means? Like this – you came naked and simply visit a centre?“
„Yes. Simply to visit,“ said Kadri.
„You better do not a joke with us,“ said chief. „Say honestly: somebody forced you to take clothes off and you have to follow his orders for some reason. You owed money to someone?“
Kadri sighed heavily. Situation was again difficult: she was telling a truth, but policeman didn’t believe so simple explanation. „I can swear at the name of my mother, that nobody forced me to take clothes off. My friend, but I will don’t say his name, drove me here by car and left at the city centre. Because I wanted to walk naked in city. I don’t think, this is against law?“ asked Kadri.
„Against the law!?“ police chief again repeated and look astonished. „You are asking about law? But that is not important. If even law allows to came naked, this is completely indecent for such a young girl. You are not under the influence of drugs?“ asked chief.
„No way, I never used a drugs,“ said Kadri resolutely.
„OK, I believe, you don’t, because I am enough experienced to recognize a drug addict. But your behavior have no sense. I really don’t understand, what a sick brain can figure out such a plan to come naked in the city. If it is true, then what you were hoping for? That nobody will disturb you and all the people only looking and smiling: „You see, naked girl is going! Let her to do some shopping. Oh, she is so cute! Very fine, that she is going naked!“ Something like this?“
„Honestly I was aware, that not all the people will accept this, but I really hoped for more tolerant attitude. Do I really disturb someone? I can again swear: I’ll take this naked strolling as a normal thing,“ said Kadri.
„A normal thing!?“ third time in a row police chief repeated a phrase of Kadri. „This is the most stupid, that I have ever heard. I should send you to a psychiatrist.“ Then he angrily took her mobile and called: „Where the damn are these clothes for a girl? Bring them quickly, I don’t want to talk anymore with her. She is sitting here covered only with blanket.“
Then he quickly finished his call and turned to the Kadri. „We only must a fill some papers. Write here a brief explanation and also your name and address. We do not disclose these data,“ he promised. Kadri had no identity card, but police had their database to check the name.
After filling papers police chief said: „You remember, you are only 13. We will not punish such a young person, but do not do such things anymore. Do you promise?“ he asked.
Kadri had to be honest and said. „I can’t promise anything. I will try,“ she said.
„OK, you can’t promise. But then say to me only one thing: why? What kind of need causes the 13-year-old girl to walk naked in public? And you really don’t feel a shame or fear?“
„I can only answer, that I feel inside, that naked appearance is not a bad thing. In some western countries a naked bike ride is organized and there hundreds of people, including girls, will ride naked through the city,“ said Kadri.
„Sorry, I have not heard of such events, but I am more than convinced, that 13-year old girls are not participating,“ said police chief. „So, here are your clothes. I will now leave from the room and you can dress.“
Kadri look at the clothes. These were very unfashionable. Strange looking trousers, one old T-shirt, shoes and jacket. They didn’t bring panties or bra, but as police said: „It is a temporary solution, at home you can throw those clothes away.“
Unfortunately the problems were not over yet. When Kadri after 45 minutes sitting in police station finally left, two journalists were waiting for her at the door. One policeman had informed a newspaper and now they were here.
If Kadri couldn’t refuse to go to the police station, then nobody would have forced her to give interview. After some thought she agreed, because journalist said, that they are doing a story anyway, but if she is ready to answer a questions, they don’t disclose any name or other data, which may refer to a person Kadri.
„Only I have one clause to give a interview, I have to take thes clothes off and will come to your office naked,“ said Kadri.
Two men looked at each other in astonishment. „The problem is, that our office is on the 4th floor of the building, where in the ground floor are some shops and service agencies, also two bank offices. There may be many people,“ said one of the journalists, but then other added: „You forgot about lift at the back door. We can go through it and then only some occasional person can see her.“
And Kadri took the clothes off in the car and they arrived to the newspapers office – two men and a naked girl. As one of the men has already phoned to the colleagues, then everyone knew about Kadri’s naked arrival and they were all enthusiastically waiting. Media is media, they can allow even naked girl at their office – for the better story.
Because the interview was made in glass-walled room, everyone could see Kadri sitting in armchair, legs crossed. In the meantime, she changed her position and let everyone to see her crotch. But she didn’t hear, what other journalists were saying about this. Meanwhile newspapers secretary brought coffee and asked also Kadri: „Young lady, do you want also coffee or maybe tea?“ Kadri ordered a tea and she was happy again. Such was the effect of nudity - if Kadri was wearing no clothes, she would be like getting rid of the burden.
I was aware of this interview already at last night, because content of next day newspapers was promoted in radio and interview of the naked girl was the main topic. Then I bought this edition immediately at the morning and thought: „She was catched, like I predicted.“ But story was not bad, nobody belittled a girl and recurring topic throughout the story was trying to understand why she does it.
I only refer here Kadri’s answers to the three questions, because to retold the whole story will be too long.
1) Are you a genuine exhibitionist?
Kadri: „I have heard this term and also read about this topic. Therefore I know, that exhibitionists are doing their activities only for showing to somebody their genitals. Walking naked on the street or other public places is somewhat different. I know, that it brings attention, but I am not doing this for attention. I am walking naked, because I feel inside, this is a normal thing.
2) If you behave like this, you also call other people to follow your example?
Kadri: „No. Maybe it sounds strange, but I am not inviting anybody to walk also naked on the streets. What others are doing, is not my problem. I can be easily only one naked in the middle of thousands of dressed people. The reality is that the knowledge - I can, but others not - gives a lot more strength. What I want to prove is only one thing: 13-year old girl can walk naked everywhere and every time without any fear or hesitation. Unfortunately, many people don’t appreciate my principles.
3) Anyway, you are underage person and this is completely understandable, if your naked walk tried to be prevented. Are you agree?
Kadri: „The main line is that everybody still emphasizes my age. I can’t see any special circumstances. 13-year old girl is like any person and I really hope, that somebody is lucky to see me naked.
Kadri left newspapers house naked and probably let all these journalists thinking: what, if she will be again catched? Time was now 4. p.m and Kadri had plenty of time spend more naked hours in this city, although this was risky. First time of her naked walking history she was thinking: is this reasonable or not, because police can then put her maybe in jail for overnight and then just bring her forcingly home by police car.
Will be continued