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Kidnapped and owned.

2023-01-22 00:19:27

As the dirty, faded black bag is removed from my head I find myself naked, bound with my arms behind my back and my knees and ankles tied together, surrounded by my new masters. I cannot move, besides to kneel there, glaring at both of them. Clearly brothers.
“Bitch, look down when in our presence” one says.
Defiantly I keep glaring at him. He raises his hands and begins to move it towards my face. This blow is gonna hurt. Suddenly however, his hand is knocked out of the way. I groan. I wanted that slap, I love the feeling of my blood rushing to the surface to colour my skin, the slight sting left behind when flesh meets flesh. The other brother whispers to him that they need to teach me before punishing me. Gritting my teeth I cannot help but tell him to shut the fuck up, that I know what to do. He laughs and they grin at each other. My heart sinks a little. What have I managed to get myself into? I met them online, we were meant to talk but before I even found them in that restaurant everything goes black until now. Fuck. Raising my head I look around the room, all sorts of contraptions set up along the walls. Ropes, floggers, paddles, an entire wall filled with drawers and on the far corner of the room, a vault-like contraption with a metal plate situated in the middle and foot stirrups on either side. Walking over to the drawers, they sort through numerous items finally coming back with three different sized dildos, two butt plugs and a pair of serious looking nipple clamps. Tying the rope on my wrists to the rope of my ankles, they force me to lean backwards, resting all my weight upon my shins. They untie the rope around my knees and instead attach a spreader bar that I had somehow managed to miss previously. One of them runs his middle finger through my slit, discovering just how much the anticipation is turning me on. Lifting me, they place me upon a table situated right behind my head and place a gag in my mouth, forcing my mouth to remain open. They strap my head to the table, restricting my movement. I’m now immobile. Without any hope of stopping them, even if I had of wanted to.
“Now pet, you listen up. You told us you’ve played around with bondage before and that you’ve happily fucked and sucks plenty of boys but here, you’ll be experiencing pleasure and pain you didn’t even know existed.” One said as the other attaches the nipple clamps and tightens them, causing her nipples to become engorged.
Moving from the nipple clamps to the smallest butt plug, he lubes it up and slowly works it into my ass. “All kinds of pleasure and pain”. I moan again, deep in my throat and begin to hum in pleasure as they shove a thick vibrator straight up into my dripping pussy. Placing the attachment onto my clit. I feel so full. They begin to work both the butt plug and vibe in and out of my orifices. Trembling as best I can, I hold onto the orgasm spreading like liquid fire throughout my entire body. I fail. I scream out, my pussy and ass clenching the toys. Yes, they’re right. All kinds of pleasure and pain. I arch my back, causing the nipple clamps to pull tightly, excruciatingly and yet somehow wonderfully causing me to cum again, and again. I pass out. When I wake up again, I’m strapped, my feet in the stirrups of the contraption I seen earlier only now there’s a giant phallus directly below my pussy attached to the metal plate. The stirrups begin to move out, causing me to slowly be lowered onto the dildo. Once my pussy is pressed against the metal below the dildo, it begins to vibrate. Varying between hard and shuddering to soft and almost tickling. It doesn’t take long before I cum again, staying conscious this time.
“Did we say you could come pet?”
Well fuck. They’re going to punish me now, I just know it. Walking towards me, video camera in hand, they begin calling me filthy names, saying filthy things, telling me exactly how they plan to ravage my cunt, my ass, how they’re going to spank me so hard I wont be able to sit properly for a week. I cum again, just hearing their vulgar language. They take me off the contraption which I’m to later learn is called ‘The Saddle’ and take me back to the table where they proceed to tie my down spread eagle, face down. One taking hold of the paddle, the other the flogger, they tell me to count, to say thankyou after every strike. They tell me if I lose count then they start all over again. They tell me I’ll get five strikes for every time ive cum without permission. Quickly adding it up in my head, I resign myself to the fact that I’ll now receive twenty-five strikes. My nipples harden in anticipation combined with the cold of the table-top.
The air whistles and pain blooms on my ass cheek, quickly transforming into warmth that heads straight for my pussy.
“One. Thankyou master”
“Two. Thankyou master”
*smack*, *smack*, *smack*, *smack*.
“Three, four, five, six. Thankyou masters” I say, moaning by now.
Moving around the table one of them stands in front of me, the flogger in his hand, menacingly glaring at me. Reaching down with his spare hands he reaches into his shorts and pulls out his flaccid monster cock. Opening my mouth I take it in and begin to softly suck on it. I’m rewarded when he begins to harden and soon enough he is rock hard, shoving his cock down my throat. Holding my head, forcing my head down, his pubes tickling my nose. I begin to gag, spit flies out of my mouth, running down my chin, coating his cock and balls. I feel myself begin to become dizzy, he pinches my nose, stopping my air flow completely. I feel my skin heating up, turning red, then purple. Just before I pass out, he pulls out and I gasp for breath. Spluttering. Lust fills my eyes, replacing the terror. My pussy gets wetter.
“Twenty-five master. Thankyou masters”
They turn me around and sit me up, giving me a glass of water that I happily gulp down. Leading me over to an array of ropes and pulleys attached to the ceiling, they attach me to the complicated array and slowly but surely I’m hauled off the ground. I’m lying on my back in mid air, ropes around my ankles, knees, elbows, wrists and torso. Rope wraps around each of my tits, forming perfect cones of them. Spreading my legs, one of them steps in between them and without pause, shoves his cock deep into my pussy. Not holding back he thrusts hard, deep. It hurts but he continually hits my g-spot, sending waves of pleasure through me. This is the most intense thing I’ve ever done and yet, I want more. Tilting my head back I beg for the other’s cock to fill my mouth.
“Please. Give me your cum. Let me suck your hard cock. Please master, please” I beg.
Complying he pulls his cock out of his jeans and kicks off the denim restriction. Stepping forward he shoves his cock down my throat, thrusting in and out. His hips almost blurring with the speed he is displaying. They both pound me hard and suddenly I feel myself about to cum. Swinging myself backward, I impale my pussy deeper than before and the need to cum intensifies but I’ve achieved my goal. My mouth is free.
“Please, please masters. Please may I cum? Please?!” I beg, nearly in tears.
“No” they reply in unison. Groaning, they both impale me again. “You can cum after we do”
Resigning to the fact that I’ll be punished again, probably with the flogger or one of the whips, if I cum, I focus on finishing them as quickly as possible. Using every skill I have, I deepthroat one of them, milking his shaft with my throat muscles, drawing the boiling cum from his balls. On the other I use my pussy muscles as well as I can, squeezing, trying to milk his cock as well. After about five minutes I’m rewarded with both of them cumming at the same time. One in my pussy, the other all over my face.
“Cum” they say in unison.
I do. I tremble all over, allowing the pleasure to take over my entire system. I shudder and suddenly my drooping eyes fly open and I scream as they shove the biggest dildo I’ve ever felt up my ass. I begin to actually cum, harder than ever before in my life. The pleasure, the pain. Its indescribably, unbelievable. I feel so alive. For a solid minute my pussy gushes, soaking the floor.
“All sorts of pleasure and pain alright. Thankyou masters” I whisper before passing out.