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Teen Burglar Part 1

2022-06-28 00:00:03

Teen Burglar Part 1



Mark awoke to the sound of breaking glass. The 5 foot 10 Italian stud arose immediately. He didn’t have to think, listen, or take the time to wake fully. His house had burglar bars on all the windows and doors with one exception. Just yesterday, Mark had removed the bars on the first floor bathroom window to repair a leaking sash. He knew the sound had come from that window.

He slept nude and had woken with a massive aching erection. He didn’t bother with any clothes, he grabbed a baseball bat from the side of his bedroom door. He moved soundlessly, he avoided the creeping step as he headed downstairs.

The muscular 26 year old hard cock bobbed as he crept towards the first floor bathroom. There has been a rash of burglaries in the lower income neighborhood and Mark wasn’t about to let his home be violated.

Since he had been sleeping, his eyes didn’t have to adjust to the dark, he peered towards the open bathroom door and saw a hooded figure in front of the medicine cabinet. Still managing to remain soundless, Mark pounced and put a choke hold around the burglar’s neck.

The burglar struggled but Mark kept his grip, his steel hard cock was against the stranger’s denim covered ass.

“You fucking low life scum!” Mark growled. “You broke into the wrong house tonight!”

Mark twisted the squirming burglar’s arm and forced the stranger into the kitchen. He shoved the burglar into a corner as he flipped on a light switch. He looked at the hooded figure and suddenly realized that his burglar was a teenage kid. He also realized the teen burglar was staring at his boner. The contact of his naked erection against the squirming denim covered ass had kept his big rod stiff.

Mark had no qualms about his nudity or his hard cock. He glared at the teen, “How old are you, punk? You’re the scum that’s been breaking into all these houses? Pull that hood off your head!”

“I’m 17, I just turned 17!” The teen stammered. “Please don’t call the cops! I don’t wanna go to jail!” The kid pulled his hoody down.

Mark felt another surge of blood pump into his dick as he took in the 17 year olds beauty. The kid had longish dark blonde hair, deep pink lips, and eyes that were brilliant and blue. A true pretty boy but the youthful masculine type of boyish beauty that was capable of making a Mark’s cock throb.

Mark snickered at the frightened teen burglar, “17, old enough for real jail. Why are you afraid of jail, boy? Do you know what happens to pretty young boys in jail?”

The teen blushed and nodded. “I’d get raped. They’d make me do things.”

Mark’s smile was lewd and evil. “Exactly, kid. The jail has tanks made for 30 men, sometimes the jail gets full and each tank might have 3 dozen men. That’s a lot of hard cock to deal with, pretty boy. A lot of those men will line up at that pretty mouth and butt. They’ll take turns dumping a load inside of you. The ones that don’t want to rape a boy will stand and watch the others punking you.”

“Please don’t call the cops.” The teen pleaded. “I didn’t take anything!”

“You broke my fucking window, punk.” Mark glared. “You woke me up from a good dream. Besides you’ve taken things from other people’s homes. The only reason you didn’t take from me was because I caught your thieving ass red handed.”

Mark glared at the frightened teen burglar. “What’s your name?” he demanded.

“Tommy.. Tommy Turner…” Tommy stammered.

Mark snickered. “Tommy Turnout will be your jailhouse name, boy. You’re a pretty boy, within an hour of being in jail, you’ll have a hard cock in your tight little ass and another one down your throat. You’re gonna be a big hit in jail, boy. You know how I know?”

Tommy’s blue eyes glistened with the tears he tried to hold back. He stammered, “How?”

“Cause I’m an ex-con. I’ve been in jail a few times. And because if you were put in a jail tank with me, I’d be the first in line to tap those pretty lips and that little ass.” Mark taunted.

Tommy’s pretty face had a look of terror. He looked around the room thinking about a way to escape. His eyes caught the sight of Mark’s huge erection and he lingered on it a bit too long before looking towards the back door. “Please let me go. Don’t call the cops.” Tommy begged.

Mark shrugged and shook his head. “But you’ve gotta be punished, boy. You’ve gotta learn the price of breaking into people’s homes. If I let you go, you’ll be right back out there burglarizing and stealing. You have to be punished or you won’t learn your lesson.”

“Please, mister. I won’t do it anymore. I was just taking small things, enough to pay my rent. I promise I’ll stop.” Tommy pleaded.

Mark frowned. “Pay your rent? You out on your own? Where do you live?”

Tommy named a nearby seedy motel that rented rooms by the week. “Please don’t call the cops. I’ll fix your window and clean up the glass. I’ll do anything.”

Mark hadn’t stopped staring at the pretty teen. Tommy was the type of boy that drove him wild. He could send the kid to jail to be gang raped or he could have a little fun with the kid himself. His cock dripped as he thought of Tommy’s fate in jail. The pretty boy would be walking bowlegged and dripping cum in just a few hours. Tommy would be plugged at both ends with an endless supply of hard stiff cocks to drain.

Mark gripped his fat cock, his hand didn’t quite go around the thick fuck rod as he waved it a little. “You’ll do anything, huh, pretty boy?” Mark questioned.

Tommy’s red face turned pale white as he realized the implication. He thought about jail and a tank of horny mean men. He swallowed and his voice was a hoarse whisper as he repeated, “Anything.” Tommy wasn’t gay in the least, he loved the opposite sex. He’d never had a gay thought. However, anything would be better than jail.

Mark snickered. He knew what thoughts were running thru Tommy’ mind. He nodded, “One cock is better than 30, huh, kid?”

Tommy’s face went red again, he looked down and nodded in agreement.

“Start by stripping. Take everything off. Don’t be shy, boy. Strip naked so I can see you.” Mark eyes were narrowed in anticipation. “When I was your age, I only liked girls. Girls were all I could think about in fact. The first couple of times I went to jail, I was out in a few hours. But then I got locked up for a while. On my third day, I was watching a few dudes in the jail tank punking this kid. The punk wasn’t a pretty boy, just a skinny regular guy. He was gagging on one cock while taking another cock up his boney little ass. I had talked myself into getting some head from him. Now this skinny dude was new to being a punk. He tried to suck my cock but he couldn’t handle much of it. By this time, I was super super horny. So I decided to fuck his ass. Now, the skinny punk had already been butt raped by 15 or maybe 20 guys. But he hadn’t taken a cock the size of mine yet. That skinny punk screamed and squirmed as I forced my dick up his tight little ass.”

Tommy was having trouble undressing. He was so nervous he couldn’t seem to control his fingers. He listened to Mark’s story in terror.

“Even after all those dudes had butt raped him, his ass was still too tight for my big cock. I couldn’t have stopped if I had wanted. His butt was so tight and warm. I forced my cock in a little at a time. He screamed and begged for me to stop. The other guys were laughing as they watched. By the time, I had my entire prick inside his ass, he was crying. We were both sweating from the effort. I started fucking, slow at first. He begged me to take it out. It felt so good to have that tight ass clamped on my cock. I kept fucking, slowly reaming him out. I was making his ass wider and deeper.”

Mark paused and looked at Tommy. The kid was now shirtless. Mark smiled as he took in the slim but developed pecs. The boy had nice little hard pec bulges with quarter sized deep pink nipples. Tommy’s stomach was closed to being a washboard, no hairs marred the teenaged torso except for a thin little treasure trail that disappeared into his jeans.

Mark continued “He bawled like a bitch as I fucked. As my cock stretched out his ass, I was able to pick up speed and give that skinny ass a good hard ramming. I shot my load straight up that butt after about 15 minutes but that ass was so good that I just kept fucking. During that fuck, at some point he stopped crying and he was grunting. I was thrusting hard and fast, my balls slapped as I fucked that hot little hole. He grunted and groaned. I shot another load after a while. As soon as I pulled my cock out, another dude was there to take my place.”

Tommy was down to just a pair of red boxers, his face was very pale as he pulled them down and stepped out of them. He held a hand over his crotch and stood looking down at the floor.

“It’s different, huh, kid?” Mark quizzed.

Tommy said, “Huh?”

“You got an athletic build so I know you’ve been nude around guys in the locker room,” Mark commented. “But being nude around a naked man with a boner is kind of different.”

Tommy nodded and continued staring at the floor.

“Come on over here,” Mark commanded. “Let me see that hot teen body closer, boy.”

Tommy’s hand shielded his crotch as he walked over to the muscular man.

Mark laughed. “Why are you hiding your willy, boy? That’s not really a part that I have a lot of interest in. You’d do better if you could hide that teen boy butt. That’s where I’m gonna do the most damage. Now move your hand, let me see your little willy.”

Tommy’s face was deep red as he moved his hand and exposed his privates to the man’s staring eyes.

Mark shrugged. “Standard equipment, boy. Nothing to be ashamed about. Balls are hanging in a tight bag, soft cock is cut and looks more than average. Not every guy can have a huge cock like mine. But I’m sure when your erect that females have been more than willing to please you. Your little willy doesn’t have to be big for what me and you are gonna be doing.” Mark looked the kid up and down. “You’re pretty but somehow masculine. Nice chest and arms, broad shoulders, great abs. Nice thighs, nice calves. You’re a hot little studling. Now turn around so I can view that straight teen butt.”

Tommy let out a little fearful whimper as he obeyed Mark’s latest order.

Mark chuckled, “Don’t start bawling yet, kid. Your ass is gonna be the last thing I touch. First you gotta learn some oral servicing techniques.” Mark moved his hand to the naked butt cheeks. “Damn, boy, I thought the pretty face was something but this butt is your best asset. Between that face and this ass, trust me, you don’t wanna be in jail. I was expecting a tight muscled teen jock butt but these pretty smooth butt cakes have a little bounce in them. You got a full high fine butt on you, boy. Damn, I’m gonna enjoy tearing that ass up. Smooth and soft, firm yet so plump. Fuck boy, just looking at your butt has my cock leaking.”

Tommy’s face was crimson. He cringed as the rough man hands fondled his buns.

Mark chuckled again, “Now wonder you chose my huge cock over jail. That ass of yours would have driven every man in jail wild for a piece. But speaking of my huge cock, turn back around and face me, pretty boy.”

“While I was in prison, I had lots of free world gays around. Some of them could deep throat every last inch of my cock without one little gag. Some of them were crazy about men with big pricks. There were lots of turned out boys and lots of punks as well. My tastes grew towards boys like you, the ones that were pretty but passed for straight. That type of boy ain’t the best at sexually pleasing a man but that’s the type that turns me on the most.” Mark said.

Tommy stood head down in silence. His face showed his misery and fear.

“I got a bit kinky and a bit jaded.” Mark continued. “I really enjoy dominating and humiliating punks. Trust me, you are going to hate the things I’m gonna make you do. You’re gonna feel degraded and ashamed and even sickened. But you chose this over jail, boy. You can start by tasting my left arm pit.”

Mark placed his arms behind his head, exposing a set of extremely hairy arm Italian stud pits.

Tommy looked ill as he moved his mouth towards the man’s left pit. Tentatively he forced his tongue into the nest of damp black hairs. He couldn’t hold back the gag as his tongue touched the manly intimate pit.

Mark laughed as the kid gagged. “Yeah, pretty boy, lick that hairy pit. Taste my sweat, taste my hairy pit.”

Tommy moved his tongue into the twirling pit hair, he tasted soap and deodorant residue. He tasted the salty flavor of this masculine ex-con. He forced himself to comply, he licked and sucked at the pit.

Mark’s cock had never lost it’s fully erect state, it began to leak precum again as the pretty straight boy licked and sucked his arm pit.

“That’s a good little straight boy, give that hairy pit a good cleaning boy. Move that tongue, suck that pit!” Mark groaned out the orders.

Tommy complied, he licked the left pit and then moved to the right pit when commanded to do so. He shuddered as his mouth came into contact with the man’s damp pits but he didn’t gag a second time.

With both of his pits tended to, Mark smiled. “Well, that’s your first taste of another man, boy. That’s your first little experience at being a faggot. Now, its time to suck on my nipples, pretty boy. Now you get to work on my man tits, boy.”

Tommy moved his mouth to the man’s left nipple. Mark’s chest was fairly smooth, a few stray hairs around either nipple, a few in the center of his massive pecs. Tommy touched his tongue to the man tit. It was a big dark nipple. He cringed as his tongue made contact.

“Naw, boy. Suck it. Suck that nipple hard, use a little teeth. Suck it between your teeth and bite it gently. Suck it really hard but bite down gently. Make my nipple as hard as you’ve got my dick, pretty boy.” Mark growled.

Tommy placed his lips around the man tit, he sucked it into his mouth. It was a rubbery nub that was already firming up as he sucked. He didn’t like this at all but somehow it wasn’t anywhere as near as bad as licking the man’s pits.

“Use your teeth, boy. Suck hard, bite on that tit. Work on that nipple!” Mark demanded. “I’m gonna work your little boy tits over later, kid. Yeah, that’s it, suck that nipple. Bite it a little harder boy. Stretch it, kid. Yeah, like that, boy. That feels good. I like that boy! Yeah!”

The next half hour was spent with Tommy’s mouth moving from the left nipple to the right one. Back and forth, he sucked the big rubbery man tits. He made them firm up as he worked them over with his straight teenage mouth.

“Okay, now it’s time to move down a little. Lick out my navel, boy. Lick that navel really good, give it a nice tongue bath with that pretty tongue of yours.” Mark growled.

Tommy felt like gagging as his mouth moved to Mark’s navel. Mark had a thick six pack, the center area around his navel had a patch of man hairs, the patch narrowed to an one inched wide treasure trail that ran down to a very thick pubic bush.

The teenage burglar licked the Italian stud’s belly button. Mark groaned as the boy’s tongue worked.

“Now lick your pretty little mouth down to my cock, boy. I’ve been leaking precum since I laid eyes on you. Lick my precum off my cock head.” Mark demanded.

“Please don’t make me do that!” Tommy didn’t want to go any closer to that huge throbbing leaking prick. The teen looked towards the bathroom door. “I’ll get a damp rag and clean it, sir. Please”

Mark snickered as he grabbed the kid’s head. He forced Tommy’s face against his cock knob and began to smear the kid’s mouth over his leaking rod. He rubbed the boy’s pretty lips all over his dick head and then moved the kid’s face back and forth over his leaking fuck staff.

Tommy’s lips and face had a coating of the sticky ball goo. He gagged.

Mark laughed. “You’re gonna learn to do what I say, boy. You had only one choice, jail or me. You choose me, you don’t get to break the deal, kid. Now, lick the precum off my cock, boy. Lick it before I get mad!”

Tommy’s stomach churned as he moved his mouth to the thick uncut cock. His face had never been this close to an erect cock, not even his own. He gagged as he touched his tongue to the man’s foreskin.”

Mark snickered as the kid’s pretty pink tongue touched his cock. “Lick the precum off my prick, pretty boy. When the outside is clean, place your tongue inside my foreskin and clean it out. Lick my dick, straight boy! Lick my cock with that pretty mouth!”

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