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My Sexy Slave Girl: Chapter 2: Control

2022-06-24 00:00:04

I woke up early that day. A fresh cup of coffee was waiting for me on the bed-side table. So Korin must be awake already. Following my usual habit I exercised for around 30 minutes. Then I decided to go check on Korin.

She was cooking something on the pan when I got to the kitchen. As usual, she was wearing a tight blue denim shorts and a plain white t-shirt. The way she was bending over the frying pan, her beautiful bottom was presented to view. I stood behind her and appreciated the view for several seconds. “Good Morning” I told. Korin was startled and the spatula fell from her hand. Clearly she was not aware that I was standing behind her all this time. She turned around and wished good morning with a slight bow of head. “The breakfast will be ready in a few minutes. Would master like anything in the meantime?.” “What are you cooking? Smells like bacon to me.” “Yes master. I am cooking bacon and eggs. Would master like any other item?.” I was slightly annoyed by her inability to make even the smallest of decisions. Even for the tiniest details like items of breakfast or how strong the coffee should be, she will enquire your decision. I was aware that it was a side effect of how the corporations manipulated their genes. I nodded my head no and took a seat on the counter stool.

She served me bacon and eggs along with orange juice within a few minutes. “We are going out after breakfast” I told her while having the delicious bacon. “Where would master like to go?.” “We will go to a shopping mall or something. I will go to more places once Ashley comes back. I need you to drive me. Do you have the keys to Ash’s Audi?.” She nodded yes. “Wear something nice. If you don’t have anything nice, take Ash’s. I don’t want you to look like a slave girl in public. Oh, and put some make up over your ‘K’ tattoo”. “But master we are not allowed to hide it. I could get arrested for doing so” she protested. I just gave her ‘I will handle it’ gesture. Frankly speaking I wanted Korin to look like my girlfriend while we were outside. As an American I was not ready for the Public judging me as a slave owner. But I was more than comfortable to take advantage of them indoors, as I surprised myself the previous days. Mind is an ironic thing isn’t it.

Our drive to the shopping mall was uneventful. Korin was driving the car and I was riding shotgun. If I was driving, she could have blown me simultaneously. Remi did it for me in U.S once. I must say it was pretty wild. Since this was a different country, I didn’t want to take any risk by driving under pleasure here. After parking the car we started wandering inside the mall. Since she put make up on her tattoo, nobody could tell she was a slave. Also Korin was wearing Ash’s branded clothing as I suggested. Slaves very rarely wear expensive branded cloths. For everyone’s eyes we were probably a rich American boy and his Russian girlfriend.

I took her to an expensive multi-branded apparel outlet. I decided to buy her a dress as I promised yesterday. She deserves that after all the spanking and clit-crushing I gave her. Korin was very delighted about this opportunity. She thanked me many times before starting to browse through the items. I got bored with in seconds and started observing the people around me. I noticed a teenager probably 18 or 19 years of age staring at Korin. I could easily tell that he was American by his appearance and the way he dressed. Probably some high school kid who is spending his summer breaks abroad. He was looking at Korin lustfully. Since her tattoo was hidden this kid has no idea she is a slave girl. For all he knew she was a beautiful Bastinian women shopping alone.

She started moving towards Korin. So he is going to hit on her. This ought to be fun, I thought. Suddenly I realized that this kid is in a foreign country and I could easily freak him out. I decided to have some fun with him. I got behind him and taped his shoulder. He stopped moving and turned around suddenly and gave me a confused look. “Are you going to hit on my girlfriend?” I asked him pointing at Korin, faking a thick Russian accent. The entire colour vanished from the kid’s face. “I am sorry mister. I didn’t know she was your girlfriend. I just wanted to say hi to her” he said in American accent confirming my guess. He was really frightened that I will hit him or something. “Relax buddy. I am also and American and she is not my girlfriend” I told as I shifted to my original accent. It took few seconds for him to process the information and then he laughed in relief. We both were happy to meet fellow a countrymen in a foreign land.

His name was Nick. He was from Florida and came here to visit his brother who is settled here. “So if she is not your girlfriend, then who is she?.” “She is my cousin’s slave. Since she is not here I am using her” I answered while giving him a wink. “No man. That can’t be right. If she is a slave then where is her tattoo. Slaves will usually have a ‘K’ tattooed on their right temple.” I smiled and winked at him without answering. “If you have any doubt I will prove it to you. Come with me”. I started walking towards Korin. She was really concentrating on the apparel, completely ignoring what is going on around her. “When I approached her he raised her head acknowledged my presence”. “Go to the trial room and wait for me there’’ I whispered on her ear gently. Korin dropped whatever cloths she had picked up and went inside that trial room. I gestured Nick to come with me. After thinking for a second he followed me inside the trial room.

“We both got comfortable seats. She was standing in front of us completely oblivious to what’s about to happen. “So girl. Nick here is my friend from America. He has a doubt if you really are my slave. I want you to prove it to him”. Korin immediately turned towards Nick and confirmed that she is in fact my slave. He was convinced but I decided to have some twisted fun. “Nick, listen Buddy. For the next 10 minutes or so you are going to be her owner. Tell her to do anything and she will obey you. Let’s have some fun”. Then I turned towards Korin. “You must obey him till I say not to. Don’t disappoint me girl. When Ashley comes back I want to tell her how obedient you were.” She nodded in agreement and replied her usual “Yes master”. But her face gave away the fact that she was not particularly happy about the change in ownership. Nick was really excited. I gave him the ‘go ahead sign’. He looked at Korin from top to bottom. He was clearly confused on where to start.

“Suck your finger” he commanded. If you ask me it was an odd choice to start with. Korin immediately started sucking on her index finger. But she did it slowly in a sexy way that turned me on. “Now you can strip. Take your time in doing so. We are in no hurry” Nick was just warming up. Korin’s reluctance was evident from her face. She was comfortable doing that in front of me or Ash. But Nick was a total stranger to her. But she is a slave after all. Decision is not hers to make. Korin took a deep breath and started slipping her jacket off. I don’t know where Korin learned this but she teased us with the way she slipped off her clothes. After taking off the jacket she unbuttoned her shirt one button at a time, top to bottom, while making eye contact with both of us. By the time she got to her last button Nick was licking his lips already. Next she pulled down her jeans even slowly. By the time she was in her underwear, I was fully erect. She wore black bra and panties underneath, plain with no lacing or design. Within few more second she was completely nude.

We both took few moments to appreciate her beauty. She was definitely not model material but she was a genuine Russian beauty. Korin was waiting for Nick’s next command. “Play with your boobs” Nick commanded without taking eye off her. Korin gently cupped both her boobs with her hands and started squeezing them. Even without a command she played with her beautiful red nipples. It took them only a second to become hard. We both enjoyed her boob play for some time. “That’s enough. Now play with yourself. Start with only one finger”. Nick wanted to take the game to the next level. She slowly slid her right hand down her flat tummy reaching for her bald pussy. Once there she slid her middle finger inside and started moving it up and down while her thump started massaging her clit. This went on for some time. “Come on I want to see more action. Two fingers.” She started pumping her pussy with both index and middle fingers while her thump remained on her clit. She was biting her lips to hold herself from screaming out. I was really enjoying this scene. It has always been my fantasy to see a sexy girl masturbate. But as you can guess it was the first time I see a girl doing it. “Stop and take out your finger” Nick commanded surprising me. She did so. “Lick them clean”. Without any hesitation Korin licked both of her fingers cleaning them. Nick gave her the gesture and she was back in action. She continued playing with herself for few more minutes. Though she was biting her lip so hard that it almost bled, her face gave away the fact that she was approaching an orgasm. When she was about to give up on biting lips and scream out, Nick shouted his next command. “Pull out your fingers and lick them”. I don’t know how Korin got the will power to do such a thing. She did pull out her fingers just seconds before an orgasm and started licking them. Within seconds her face resembled the face of a cocaine addict coming out of addiction. We both let out a laugh. Nick was enjoying it more than me. As soon as it was clear that she came back from the brink, Nick told her to masturbate again. But this time also he made her pull out her finger just before the climax. Now she was going for the third one. When Nick told her to pull out the third time she turned towards me with pleading puppy eyes. “Please master. Please let me cum. Please let your poor slave finish it”. Though I was really enjoying this my heart went out for the poor girl. I told her she can finish it. She reinserted her fingers and within few strokes of fingers climaxed. She collapsed on her knees and let out a small scream. Knowing her mistake she immediately covered her mouth with her free hand. It took a whole minute for her to panting to die down. Korin kept on thanking me in between her deep breaths.

I told goodbye to Nick. He gave me his Brothers apartment address and invited me for dinner. Apparently he is going to be here for another month. Before leaving he asked me if I would let him grab Korin’s ass. That was a strange request after her performance in front of him few minutes ago. I was not happy about Nick touching her. But as a fellow American I let him do it. Korin was standing behind me fully clothed. Nick felt her ass for a full few minutes. Korin’s expression gave away nothing. Her no-expression made me smile. After he was fully satisfied Nick bid good bye.

I was resting on the couch after a heavy breakfast. Korin cooked a delicious all American breakfast for me. This morning I got an idea of not wasting my morning wood since I had a slave girl at my disposal. When she came in with the coffee I told her to blow me then and there. She was more than happy to please her master. She thoroughly sucked my cock while I enjoyed my coffee. And as usual she didn’t even waste even one drop of my cum. Needless to say I got my morning caffeine and she got her morning protein. I made a mental note to do this every day till I left for the United States. As per Ash’s promise she will be here by tomorrow. I have to kill time somehow till she comes. Now that’s not very difficult when Korin is here, is it? It was raining outside so going out like yesterday was out of question.
I called for Korin. She came from kitchen without any delay. “I am a little cold girl. Do something” I told her while smiling at her. “I will get you a blanket master”. She immediately turned to get a blanket. I caught hold of her arm. “I won’t need a blanket Korin. Just put yourself over me.” I must say she was really caught off guard. If I skull fucked her, then and there she would have been less surprised. I understood that I asked her something that you will ask your girlfriend not your slave. Her expression was priceless though. Shaking off her hesitation, she sat on my lap leaned against my chest and threw her arms around my neck. I put my arms around her and pressed her against my body. I decided to let her watch a movie while we are at it. I asked her to pick one. Initially she protested and told me she will watch whatever I am watching. But after I commanded her to pick one she picked some Russian movie which I never heard about. I didn’t even know a word of Russian so she explained me the progress of the story from time to time.

While the movie was progressing my hand made regular visits inside her blouse and panties. She just sat on my lap enjoying the movie and my hand-visits. This little bitch!. By the time the credits were rolling my fingers were inside her pussy. I pulled them out and put them inside her mouth to give her a taste of her own juices. “How does Ash spends a rainy day?” I asked Korin out of curiosity. “If it is raining Madam Ashley mostly stays inside. She will enjoy a book or a movie. Sometimes I will give her a warm bath. She taught me how to relax her body”. I made up my mind to follow Ash’s rainy day parade and told Korin to prepare a warm bath. She must really wanted to please me. Like an excited puppy she walked towards the shower room to prepare a Bath.

By the time I reached near the bath tub few minutes later the bath was already prepared. Relaxing aroma was coming out of the tub. Also she decorated it with candles and stuff. She came near me and gently undressed me. Once I was naked I climbed in to the water. It was the right temperature and soothing. Stripping out of her cloths Korin followed in enthusiastically. She was about to start cleaning me up. But I wanted to check if yesterday’s spanking left any marks on her bottom. I instructed her to turn around and lean against the wall. Then I inspected her bottom. The redness was completely gone. Her butt cheeks were once again pale and fleshly. I liked it more when it was pink. I slapped her cheeks couple of times. I put all my energy in to the beatings and they immediately turned bright pink. I was satisfied with my work.

By this time my dick was fully erect. Without a moment’s hesitation I thrust it inside her pussy. It was so powerful she almost fell against the wall. I retracted my cock and pushed it with more power than the last. Korin started moaning within seconds. I cupped her boobs and squashed them with my powerful palms. At his point I couldn’t make out if she was moaning in pain or pleasure. After fucking like a machine for some time I shifted my rhythm to long powerful strokes. She was really enjoying this as I could tell it from her face. Within few seconds she got my rhythm and started moving her waist against my cock. I was approaching climax. I remembered that the Bastinian slaves are engineered to be impotent. So I don’t have to worry about cumming inside her. After couple of more strokes my load exploded violently deep in her tunnel. Her pussy wasn’t wide enough to take all my bullets. Some of it oozed down her thigh and fell on the bath tub. I pulled out of her immediately. “Look what you did. You can’t even take one load inside. What good are you if you can’t even do that? Now the water is no good because of you”. She apologized for doing so. Though I was telling jokingly, her apology was genuine. To ensure my authority, I spanked her hard couple of more times and she took the punishment silently. I didn’t want to bath in cum filled water. So I waited outside while she prepared a new bath. She thanked me for the pleasure I gave her. Well, I wanted to fuck her and her pleasure was a by-product of it.

Korin was cleaning my torso. I was really enjoying the bath. She was really an expert in soaking the body. Ash might have taught her all these. I was getting curious about Ahs’s and Korin’s life together. “How often does she beat you? Does she hurt you a lot?” Korin thought for a moment weighing her answer. “Well. When Madam Ashley purchased me 3 years ago she used to punish me a lot. She used to punish me almost every day. But once I learned her tastes, the frequency reduced. Now Madam only punishes me rarely”. “Did you enjoy your punishments girl?’’ She again thought for few seconds before answering. “As a slave the punishment is for my own good. Though sometimes the pain is unbearable, it helps me serve my mistress better. When she is satisfied it makes me happy.” I only read about slave mentality before. I was witnessing one.

“What kind of tools does she use on you?” “Master, It comes as a standard kit when you purchase a slave. Small whips, paddle, whippy canes etc. She used to punish me with little bit of everything. When I was learning to cook American breakfast she used to paddle me after every breakfast. It took me 3 weeks to cook the American breakfast like I do now”. I had to smile. No wonder her breakfast tasted so delicious. Korin continued while cleaning my legs “Sometimes her friends and business partners will be visiting and she will offer me to them. Most of them will want sex but few of them will beat me for pleasure. Once, one of Madam Ashley’s friends whipped me so hard that I started bleeding. She was very mad that day he had to apologize to her”. I was thinking about life of slaves. Their whole life is to serve their master. They have no child hood and certainly no prospect in life. As I read from newspapers and magazine most of the slave owners in Bastinia treated their slaves well. Due to the high cost one must pay to acquire a slave, most of the masters kept them as a trophy. By taking the slaves out with them they were able to proclaim that they were wealthy. But Ash was definitely not one of them. But despite all the pain and insult Ash and her friends gave her, Korin seemed to be genuinely happy. She genuinely liked Ash as her mistress which was evident from the way Korin talked about her.

I was curious about Korin’s age also. She told me that Ash purchased her 3 years ago. And I knew for a fact that slaves spend 2 years in the training academy after they turned 15. So I guessed that she will be 19 or 20. Almost same age as I. One final question was throbbing in my mind. “Did you and Ash had sex anytime?” I knew that Ash was neither a lesbian nor bisexual. And it didn’t matter if Korin was comfortable with girls or not, she had no choice in this matter. I thought Korin will blush because of my question. But there was no blushing. “She usually preffers it with men. But sometimes when she is tensed, she lets me give her oral pleasure. She taught me how to relax her body. Sometimes upon her partner’s request, she will order me to join in a threesome with them. It gives me immense satisfaction to pleasure her but she rarely asks me to”. I understood that Ash gets more pleasure by paddling and whipping Korin than letting Korin eat her pussy. Since I am no expert on handling slaves, maybe that’s the right thing to do.

Korin was done cleaning me and drained the water. I was sitting on the edge of the bath bub and she started drying me using a soft cotton towel. By the time she cleaned my crotch I had another boner. Korin was eying my boner confused on what to do. I didn’t want to waste it. I grabbed and pulled her hair. Immediately she opened her mouth as a reflex to pain. Tightening my grab on her hair I send my cock deep in to her throat. She started trying to pull out of my cock because she was not getting any air. I held her tight in that position for a full quarter minute. Then I pulled her head out. She started gasping hard for air and before she could take a lung full of air I send my cock back, deep in her throat. All except one inch of my dick went inside. I pushed her head down hard and to my surprise my shaft was fully inside. Satisfied I pulled he head out again. This time I allowed her to take enough air. I repeated this for few minutes. Though I was enjoying chocking her Korin was in deserate need for air. Clearly she was not getting enough. I let go of her hair so that she can suck normally. After all the chocking she didn’t want to go much deeper. She kept near the head of my cock and teased it with her tongue. I didn’t want to chock her anymore but decided to give her some incentive to go deeper. I picked up a candle which was burning inside a small crystal structure. There was plenty of molten wax inside it. I knew that molten wax can’t burn your skin. I Poured some was on her back. She moaned slightly. I poured some more molten wax over her back. She started twisting and turning her body and gained some extra inches on my cock. I knew that I didn’t have much time before I cum so I decided to up the pain. I reached the crystal till her buttocks and poured some molten wax between her butt cheeks. I couldn’t really see if it landed on her bum-hole or pussy or both, but her entire body jerked forward in pure pain and my cock was half way down her throat. I couldn’t hold on any longer. I grabbed her hair and send my cock deep down her throat. I cum hard in her oesophagus, depositing every drop deep down. At least I saved her the trouble of swallowing. After keeping Korin like that for few seconds I let go. She stayed on her knee for some time taking enough air. Once the breathing was normal she picked up the dropped towel and continued drying me. For a moment I felt genuinely sorry for this poor girl. All I have done to her, she accepted without a word of protest or an act of defiance. Once she was done drying me I grabbed her and put her over my knee. She might have thought I was up for another spanking section but I slowly started removing the wax of her back. Where ever the hot wax has landed it left a pale red colour. Nothing that wouldn’t heel by the day’s end. After cleaning her back I removed the wax which I poured on her pussy. Her bum-hole luckly escaped from my wax attack. Her butthole has a pinkish hue to it. It will be a shame if I dindn’t inspect it. I just put my index finger inside her ass to check the tightness. She shrieked in low voice (Most of her voice was gone after I rammed my cock down her throat). That was unexpected for me. I assumed that she was sodomized so often that Korin will not feel anything going inside, down there. I pulled my finger out. “What happened girl. Don’t you like a little fingering” “I am very sorry master. Pardon me. I am not used to be taken down there”. My curiosity increased. “How often were you sodomized Korin?” I closed my eyes and waited for the answer. “Never master. Mistress Ashley warned all her friends and partners not to take me from behind. She told me that, sometime in future she will let me practice anal”. Holy shit. Korin is an anal virgin. I wanted to sodomize her then and there but my dick won’t come up after the way I choked her. So I made a plan to do it later. While putting on my bath robe I was grinning from ear to ear imagining all the possible ways I am going to sodomize her.

I was having dinner in the evening. Suddenly someone knocked on the door. I went and opened it. A tall guy in his late twenties was standing there. He was little confused to see me. He must have been expecting Ash or Korin. He asked me something in Russian. I only understood that he was asking something about Ashley since the question contained her name. I called Korin for help. She greeted and asked him spoke to him in Russian. Obviously Korin was familiar with this guy. They conversed in Russian for a whole minute. I must say she looked much sexier speaking flawless Russian than her heavily accented English. He must have been one of Ash’s friends. He turned towards me and shook my hand. After telling something to me tuned towards Korin. “Master Igor is one of Madam’s friends. He says nice to meet you.” Korin translated quickly. “Nice to meet you too” I told in English shaking his hand again. Once he took off I returned to my dinner. I let Korin have dinner with me. Korin was reluctant to join me so I guessed that Ash rarely let her eat on the same table.

Once I was done with the dinner Korin left with the plates. I spend some time on the couch to kill time. I wanted Korin to finish all her kitchen duty and then come to me. After some time she came to me and asked if I would like anything else. “Yeah bring some olive oil. Bring it to my bedroom not here”. I hoped that she would figure out why I asked for olive oil or she will ask me why I need olive oil in the bedroom. But again her slave mind got the best of her. She turned and started walking without enquiring the purpose. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her. She turned and gave me the usual confused look. “Korin I am going to sodomize you. I want to use the olive oil as the lubricant”. I told her all these without any introduction or sweet talk. She took a moment to process what I told. Her face changed suddenly. I was expecting reluctance or disagreement on her face. But it was the face of an animal anticipating pain. Clearly she is aware that anal sex will be very painful the first time. But what she doesn’t know is that it will be way less painful than one of Ash’s Paddling section. I didn’t want to tell that to her. She will only get more scared. I should better get this over with. “Look Korin Someday you have to learn to do anal sex. The sooner, the better. When Ashley comes back she will be so proud of you”. Upon hearing this slight amount of happiness appeared on her face. She nodded in agreement accepting her fate. “Good Girl. Now go and get the olive oil. Come to the bedroom. I will be waiting for you there”. “Yes Master”. She started walking towards the kitchen. Her beautiful bottom was presented to my view under her tight denim shorts. Within few minutes my cock will be buried so deep in that ass. The fact that what I am about to do is non-consensual made me even happy. A smile spread across my face. I stood up, stretched my body and went to the bed room.

I waited for Korin inside my bed room. My mind was analysing if Ash will be mad at me for sodomizing Korin. Clearly Ash was saving Korin’s Anal virginity for some purpose. Me, Ash and Korin are the concerned people in this matter. Ash likes me very much so she will not be mad at me for spoiling something which she saved for a long time. And Korin has no say in this matter. As promised Korin was at the bedroom in couple of minutes, with the olive oil. “I am ready master” she told without making eye contact with me. Obviously she didn’t want what was about to happen to her. “Come on girl. Take off your cloths and come here”. She obeyed as usual. She dropped her denim shorts and t-shirt on the floor followed by her bra and panty. Then she came in front of me. Still her eyes were on the floor. “Korin. Look at me. I am doing this for your own good. One day or the other you will have to learn to do it. As I said the sooner the better” She slowly made eye contact and nodded in agreement. I grabbed her by the waist and made her stand in front of the mirror. I started playing with her boobs. Looking at her face I could tell that she was enjoying it. Using my index and finger and thump I carefully worked on her red nipples. They instantly became erect and she fell to a soothing feeling. Only if she knew it was the calm before the storm. I moved my right hand slowly from her fun bags and moved it down her belly. Anticipating where my hand is headed and as a reflex she closed her legs together. Poor girl. Only if she had authority over her own body. “Are you denying access to your master, girl. Come on. Legs apart” I told her in the best commanding voice I could manage. She did put her legs apart and my hands found what they were craving for. I just rubbed her pussy over her lips. Korin started pressing her body against mine. Because of my habit I started gently biting her ear lobes. I stopped massaging her pussy lips and put my index finger and middle finger inside her in a single thrust. Not anticipating my attack Korin jerked her head forward. I bit her ear hard and kept her head in place. My hands started moving like machine piston up and down. Each time I buried my fingers deep inside her pussy up to my third knuckle. Korin started twisting and turning her head. But my teeth didn’t let go. I continued assaulting her pussy for a minute. Then I suddenly pulled my fingers out and let her ear go. She opened her mouth gasping for air and I immediately put my fingers inside. “Suck them clean” I commanded again. She worked her tongue around my fingers and licked them clean. By observing her face on the mirror I could tell that she was enjoying the taste. This little bitch. I pulled my fingers out of her mouth. “Korin. I want you to bend over the mirror table. Put your hands on the table top. I don’t want to see them moving till I say so. You understand?”. She slowly bent over the table exposing her helpless butt. I took a moment to appreciate her rosy bum-hole. I started teasing it on the outside using my finger. She started moaning in low voice. It’s time to give her the real lesson. I picked up the olive oil bottle she brought and unstopped it. With the help of my fingers I poured some on her anus. Korin shivered when the cold olive oil touched her skin. I started teasing her bum-hole again this time with the help of the oil. I didn’t have much patience. In a single thrust I put my index finger inside. Korin arched her neck backwards and opened her mouth gasping for air. Her sphincter was really tight proving that nothing ever went up there. I was excited. I took my finger outside and even before Korin could relax her body I put it back inside in a single thrust along with my middle finger. Korin again arched her neck and her facial muscles tightened. I started moving my fingers up and down trying to stretch her tight sphincter and she started to twist and turn her body in pain. “Stay still girl. I told you I don’t want you moving’’ I commanded while continuing my finger work. My command had no effect she continued to twist and turn. I knew she was in pain but this was unacceptable. I took my hand out and slapped her hard on her right butt cheek. I spanked her so hard that she fell to the table. It made me proud. I grabbed her waist and raised her to the original position. Once she was in position I slapped her other butt cheek, this time harder than the last. “Will you move again?” She shook her head no but I was not satisfied. I assaulted her butt couple of more times to reaffirm my command. By this time my cock was fully erect and was trying to rip my jeans apart. There is no point in waiting. I must get it over with. I unzipped my fly and my cock sprang erect. Anyone can tell that I can’t fit my think cock inside Korin’s tight ass but I decided to try anyway. I grabbed her waist tightly and held her in position and positioned the tip of my shaft against her olive oil moistened gateway. Anticipating what’s about to come her entire body tensed up. I couldn’t wait any longer. I trusted against her with all my power. To my surprise I went inside her ass a few inches. Korin started shrieking on the top of her lungs. I was afraid that I must have torn her sphincter muscle so I took my cock outside inspected her anus. There was no bleeding. Satisfied I positioned my cock again and pushed hard. This time sending it few inches deeper. It must have really hurt as she again started screaming. Tears rolled down both of her cheeks. She kept on trying to move forward but my strong arms held her in place. I started moving my shaft and with each thrust the intensity of her screams increased. The olive oil was giving enough lubrication for my manhood but it didn’t help in easing her pain. Her screams were really getting to me. I wanted to finish it off soon. I started thrusting harder and faster. Korin didn’t have any more energy left to scream. She just stayed in the arched position with her mouth gaped open. I reached the point of no return and I violently cum inside her rectum. She collapsed on the table and I collapsed on top of her. We stayed in that position for few minutes till my cock shrank. I stood up but Korin was still on the table dealing with her pain. I inspected her bottom again for any bleeding but there was none. I pulled her up. She was barely able to stand but she managed to do so. “You can go sleep now. Take couple of pain killers if you have to. You will be OK by tomorrow.” She nodded in agreement without making eye contact. I lifted her chin using my hand forcing her to make eye contact. “Hey its for your own good. Believe me anal sex is not always painful. You will learn to enjoy it.” Though teary I could see satisfaction in her eyes. Satisfaction that she served her master right. “Thank you master” She told in low voice. I think she used up all her voice for screaming. She went to where she dropped her cloths and tried to pick them up. I understood that she couldn’t bend over because of the pain. So I picked it up and gave it to her. She thanked me again and left the room slowly. I lay on my bed wide awake unable to sleep. It made me happy that I gave Korin the first lessons in anal sex. I decided to conquer her ass in the coming days. She will learn to enjoy it in a few days. By the time Ash comes back she will be screaming in pleasure instead of screaming in pain. It put a smile on my face. With that satisfaction I went to sleep.