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Girl got fucked on naked hiking trip

2022-06-25 00:00:04

Sorry a little bit my English, not a native language.
Last year I met a girl named Karina, when she was hitchhiking. I told her about nudist city Cap d'Agde and some nude activities and she was clearly excited. „I feel myself also a little bit as a nudist,“ she said. And after saying this was very easy to agree naked walk in forest with her. Obviously it was exciting, but I never tried something else, only walking naked with young girl, what was enough thrilling for me.
Some interesting walks we also did in winter, when I wore boots, gloves and hat, but she was stark-naked. She was really very healthy girl, because her best achievement was 1 h 22 minutes at temperature -12 (about 10 F) barefooted in snow.
This year in our country month May was very warm and people early were going hike in nature and some trails are very popular among people. Karina told me unexpectedly, that would like try to go through some of the popular trail nude among clothed people. I said, that no way I will join her, I am not going nude to public trail! “I didn't expect you to join, I plan go alone,” Karina explained. “You can follow me clothed from some distance, but I want to show everybody, that naked hiking is normal.”
18th May was very warm, about +28 (80 F) and we drove 200 km from capital to the cultural-historical nature trail, which started from a parking lot, went about 2,5 km through forest, over the bridge with scenic view to river and ended at the castle, where guided tour was excluded to ticket fare. Also there was possible to drink coffee or eat lightly. Back loop passed historical windmill and then joined original trail last kilometer.
We arrived at 1.p.m and many cars stood by parking lot. Approximately 200 people were on trail at this moment and there was a possibility, that Karina will met many of them at trail. But she was in good mood and not frightened, when she saw so many cars. “I will complete this trip as planned,” she said. I bought her a ticket to the castle and she put this into her shoe. Karina wore white sports shoes, because trail included some gravel roads, and also blue cap. She left her clothes at car and started immediately, going through parking lot, where also some people watched her in wonder.
I followed a minute later, but not took her clothes with. Karina was now walking without any possibility to covered herself. Now story follows for her viewpoint, what she told later, but also I watched sometimes her walk from distance and took some photos, but not very good quality, because photographed from far. Sorry, no frontal nudity, she didn't want this kind of revelation.
Here are photo from first part: http://xhamster.com/photos/view/2040576-33525825.html (hat in her right hand) and from return (over enlightened unfortunately) http://xhamster.com/photos/view/1989630-32689162.html .
Karina had really interesting times in her trip. She was mainly surrounded by men, which were delighted from the view. Men were obviously not angry, but laughed and had fun. “Young lady, you really want to walk till the end?” asked one of them. “Yes, today is warm weather and I didn't even bring clothes. Don't worry, I feel pretty much comfortable!” she replied.
Before reaching to the castle, one woman got really angry. “You shameless!” she shouted to Karina. “I will not allow you to continue this walk! Go back immediately!” Karina tried to explain, that she already is almost in half-point and returning along the same route is the same length and even more: if she will walk opposite direction, she will meet even more people.
“I didn't mean, you will return the same way!” shouted woman again. “Step into the thick woods and go up from there, where no one can see you! The kids are here on the track! Whom you show your foolishness!?”
Karina replied, that she might not find the right way back, if she goes through thick forest. I also heard this conversation and was ready to intervene. But this was not necessary, because one other woman said: “Let her do her trip! Anyway, she makes disgrace only for herself. No one will take example from her, she only will embarrass herself. Let some familiar see her and everybody will know about this stupid walk, all her classmates will avoid her in future,” talked other woman.
Karina continued to the castle, where many people, about 40-50 were gathered for guided tour. Karina arrived, she was a little bit doubtful, but took ticket from her shoe and guide, a young woman, noticed this. She invited very kindly: “Young lady, you also can follow us, if you want to see castle inside.” And then followed a big surprise, guide said to people: “Let applaud to the courageous girl, who showed us, that amazing things can happen!” And most of people applauded. Karina was delighted, her courage was recognized.
Later, when 15-minute tour was over, guide asked Karina: “How you came up with the idea of naked hiking? I really appreciate this.” Karina explained, that she didn't think a much, but decided to go, because she likes nudism. “Wow! But you really didn't afraid of peoples reaction?” asked guide. “I took a pose, that does not care about opinions and will remain determined,” said Karina.
She also drank coffee, when two men approached and asked permission to sit her table. Karina agreed and men were talking to her some encouraging things, also asking, how old she is. “I just got the fourteen,” said Karina and men were pleased. I didn't realize, this was because of our law, which allows consensual sex with person 14 and older.
And on the way back, when I was not in sight, they attacked brutally. One of them held his hand of Karina's mouth, so she could not yell to help. Fortunately Karina managed to make it clear, that she is ready for consensual sex and they do not need a rape her. Maybe Karina didn't want this, but she had no choice.
Men find a place, covered with a soft moss and this was a best place for fucking. Karina was a little bit nervous, but quickly felt herself better, when first of the men fucked her well and she managed to enjoy sex. Karina even moaned in satisfaction and other man, waiting his turn was also relieved, that all went according to their plan. Sweaty Karina trembled and was feeling great, when man shouted: “I am cumming!” He finished, cumming on Karina's face and girl moaned “Whoooaaaah!” She was excited and also surprised, that this wasn't bad at all.
Second man quickly get aroused and fuck didn't last very long. Karina got her second and stronger orgasm. She screamed loudly and men were a little bit worried, that maybe somebody will find them here fucking an underage girl. When second man finished, he gave a huge load straight into Karina's mouth. Girl was so ecstatic, that she was now ready for everything, even though it was the first time when a load of semen was sprayed into her mouth. She looked horny, lying in the forest and face full of white liquid.
“You are quite experienced,” said one of the men, pulling pants on the same time. “I have had sex before, but not much. This time it was many times better. Boys of my age, they are not skillful,” said Karina.
She didn't say to me later, maybe she agreed to have more sex with these man. But she cleaned herself, swallowed some amount of cum and continued her walk till the end.
“It was quite an adventure!” told Karina in car enthusiastically. “People were so kind to me, more of them praised than reproached. You imagine: one woman with two little children said to me: “Keep it up girl!” I even asked her, why she likes that kind of act and not telling about shame. And she replied: “Because I like free behavior. For me is the most important, that you are doing this only for fun and also itself feel free. That is really amazing!””
Maybe we will repeat this kind of action in recent summer one more time, but in another place.