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Fucked Over

2022-06-27 00:00:03

This is a true story. Slightly exaggerated. But ultimately true. Names have been changed to protect identities.

Ok. So my name is Dale. I was 20 at the time this all happened. I’m about 5’11 give or take an inch. I’s quite thin at only 140 lbs. I have blonde hair, some tell me strawberry blonde but I don’t see it. Sometimes it changes to a light brown or maybe a darkish blonde during the summer thanks to the sun. I also have grey eyes. They change frequently with my moods however and usually have a greenish tint. At the time I had been at my job working at a dollar store about thirty minutes from home. I lived with my aunt at the time, in an apartment above her garage. It was spacious with about three- or four-hundred square feet or so of floor space. It had a bathroom and three closets, all of which you practically had to crawl into.
I set the living area next to the staircase. There was a couch and a futon. My 32 inch flat screen piece of shit tv. My Xbox 360. My desk sat next to that with my laptop. A fridge and microwave claimed the corner next to my desk. Behind one of the couches I had a small dining table with four chairs. Behind that was my bed. I also had two racks for my clothes and a dresser near my bed. There were rugs on the floor. The whole room had a pleasant dark/light brown color scheme. It was home.
Now at my job there were quite a few occasions where employees would switch around stores. Sometimes, although most frequently, I would be transferred out. Within six months I had gained a bit of fame in our district. I found out that I was called “Miracle Worker” behind my back. When someone needed something done, I was sent. There were also many permanent transfers between stores when people moved. Around the end of May, we received a transfer employee. Her name was Mary Carson.
She was beautiful. Although she had her flaws like anyone else. Her most striking feature was her height. She was only four foot ten. She had beautiful brown hair and deep brown eyes. I tried not to look in them too often lest I get lost. She also had really crooked teeth. Not like really bad but very noticeable. She had very nice curves. Her breasts were a 32C and her ass was perfect. So perfect she all too often caught me staring. She had a very cute southern accent and a very…different attitude.
I have always been shy. Quiet and reserved, I always enjoyed watching other people rather than interacting with them. She was different. Somewhere I managed to find the courage to ask for her number. And to my surprise she gave it to me. That started us texting and talking daily, almost all day.
She was very abrasive, not afraid to say what was on her mind. And somehow, that made me want her more. After about a week of talking, I told her my aunt was cooking dinner. I asked her if I could bring her some after she got off work. She agreed. I was ecstatic. I showered and shaved. I put on my best clothes; some semi-tight jeans, a white and green plaid button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and my green converse. (If it isn’t clear yet, green is my favorite color. It is also, in my opinion, the color that looks best on me.)
My aunt was excited for me as well. She cooked chicken alfredo (the best I’ve ever had). She even made a picnic basket. Bowls of alfredo, bread, glasses, sodas, and silverware. All in a true picnic basket. She wished me luck as I left.
I could barely keep myself from speeding to the store she was at to wait for her. I arrived at 9:15. She came out shortly after and smiled at me. I returned the smile and asked her where she wanted to have our picnic. She led me to Wal-Mart. We parked far back in the parking lot and sat on the trunk of my car to eat. We talked while we ate, saying nothing important. When we set the bowls aside, she scooted closer to me and looked me in the eyes. I could only keep the gaze for a second, looking away and blushing. She laughed.
She nudged me and I looked back at her, avoiding eye contact as best I could. “Why do you avoid looking me in the eye?”
I shifted my gaze to her eyes. “Because I lose control. And I don’t like being out of control of myself. My emotions. My instincts. My…urges.”
I blushed again and looked away.
“Virgin,” she said.
“What?” I asked, looking back at her.
“You’re a virgin, aren’t you?”
I looked away and shifted my body away from her slightly. She reached out and touched my arm. Never having been one for physical contact, I tried to pull my arm away. We had discussed this of course, my wariness of people. She grabbed my arm firmer and tugged me to look at her. I did.
“It’s ok.”
“It’s not,” I returned. “I have no shot in hell with you. But for some God awful reason, that’s all I want.”
She smiled slightly. “What makes you think that?”
“Well after hearing about your past, I just find it hard to believe that I have anything you desire.”
She had talked briefly about her past. At least the most recent part. She had lost her v-card to her boyfriend in her sophomore year. They had dated through high school, sneaking around and fucking like rabbits. Barely a day between a screw. They had graduated and moved in together. He asked her to marry him. She said yes. Now I know what you, dear reader, are thinking because I thought the same thing. Two people that far “in love” should be married for a couple years at least. Not less than a year. But that isn’t how it went down.
She went to the doctor with a severe bleeding. Her ‘monthly gift’ as my mom called it. She found out she had a rare disease that rendered it almost impossible for her to get pregnant. But it also cause really bad periods. It also caused her almost constant pain, which I admit, she handled very well. She rarely showed any signs of pain.
Now because of this particular problem with her possibly having children, it practically ruined their relationship. He dumped her. She was heartbroken. So severely that she closed herself off from all emotion. She hid behind a smile. She was cold.
“What do you mean?” she asked.
“Let me ask you a personal question? Really personal?”
She shrugged. “Sure.”
“Who is your fuck buddy?”
She was shocked. The twice shocked at being shocked in the first place. “How did you…how did you know?”
“Because I see it all in the way you carry yourself. You can’t go more than a week without sex. But you have no boyfriend.”
She sat there for a second. Then laughed. “You got all that from a few conversations? You are good. You hit me spot on.”
“No its ok. It just kinda surprised me. My friends tell me I’m very difficult to read because I show no emotion.”
“But that’s not right. You show plenty. It’s just not all in your face.”
She laughed again. “Oh that’s right I forgot you like to watch my ass.”
I laughed with her. “Well I can’t help it, it’s just kinda there.”
“Are you saying I have a big ass?” She asked, getting up and facing her back towards me. She looked over her shoulder and arched her back. I took a good look at her ass.
“No. Not at all. It’s very nice.” I poked at her ass and got a nice feel before she slapped my hand away, both of us laughing.
“Naughty boy,” she said.
“Nah you are just too tempting to pass up any opportunity.”
She smirked and did a little dance while she walked back towards me. I had been sitting with my feet on the back bumper of my car, legs spread slightly. She stepped between them. My breathing quickened slightly and I made a major mental effort to not do anything that might make her run away. I felt my dick hardening slightly. She placed her legs on my thighs and I felt myself leaning towards her, lost in her eyes…again. She leaned towards me. I leaned farther.
We wound up nose to nose. Soon our mouths were dancing around, each of us trying to lean into the kiss, but holding ourselves back. Neither one of us wanted to give in to the urge. We stared into each other’s eyes. Finally she caved and smashed her mouth to mine. I was slightly shocked, unprepared. I hadn’t kissed many girls, not sober at least. But I have always been a quick learner. I tugged at her upper lip gently with my teeth and she moaned in response. Our tongues dived in together. Her arms locked around my back. Mine around her hips. We kissed for half an hour before we pulled apart. We were both panting. My hands were on her thighs. Hers loosely grasped at my back.
She suddenly pulled away.
“I…I have to go,” she said, stumbling slightly, to her car. I followed her and turned her around. I pushed her against her car and leaned in to kiss her again. She pushed back against my chest to stop me.
“No. Please. I can’t.”
“I’m sorry.”
I kissed her cheek. Then her forehead. Then I looked her in the eyes. She smiled slightly. I smiled back and stepped away from her. She turned to open her door. Except it wouldn’t open. She felt her pockets, panicking. She looked in her window. And sure enough, her keys were in the seat. She slammed her fist on the window.
“Shit,” she said.
“Potty mouth,” I shot at her.
She glared at me and then laughed.
“That’s me,” I smirked.
She pulled out her phone and dialed her insurance company to get her car lock popped.
Then it started sprinkling.
“Oh shit!” she exclaimed.
I, calm as always in situations involving life or death…or maybe dignity, opened my car’s back seat door. I held my hand out for her. She got in and I followed. It is a little tight in the back seat of my car. We were hip to hip. We started talking. We learned more about each other. Then we fell silent for a moment.
“I…want…” I stopped speaking.
“You want…?”
“I want to be more than friends.”
She smiled sadly. My heart fell slightly, not having been too hopeful in the first place.
“I can’t feel about anyone that way right now. I’m sorry. I just can’t”
I looked at my hands in my lap. She put her hand on the side of my face and turned me towards her. Our mouths met again, furiously. She tugged at my shoulders and we somehow wound up tangled together, me on top of her. Our legs were tangled and my fingers were twined in her hair. I could smell the sweat on her from her day at work. My head felt red. Hazy. I was grinding my hips against hers. I long since stopped trying to keep my erection from being noticed.
She then shocked the hell out of me by pulling on the buttons to my shirt. I pulled away, panting. I was confused. The word ‘why’ kept running through my head. She didn’t stop with the buttons, pulling my shirt away from my body. I’m not overly muscular but I have a slight muscle tone. And a hairy chest. Which she apparently liked because she proceeded to rub my chest and abdomen. I was beyond turned on.
She pushed me up enough to tug on the bottom of her shirt. I finished the job, not being completely ignorant. Her bra was black. Normal, I guess. She reached behind herself and unclasped it, pulling it off. Her breast popped into my view and I immediately grasped both in my hands. She smiled at me and laughed.
“You’re like a little kid.”
I smirked back. “And you are like my candy store.”
She laughed and then gasped as I latched on to a nipple with my mouth. She pulled my head up.
“That doesn’t do anything for me.”
I was stunned and confused. I thought it worked on all women. I sat there, between her legs, hands upon her breasts. I had never gone this far before. But I didn’t know what to do next. I had thought I did. Having had my share of porn time and all that jazz, it should be common sense. But what was showed in those videos apparently didn’t work on her.
She giggled. “Here let’s get these clothes off and move on.”
She tugged at my belt and pulled the snap open. She pulled my pants open and tugged them down a bit. I grabbed her hands.
“Wait. Yours first.”
She smiled as I grabbed the snap on her pants and tugged them open, kinda roughly. My hands were shaking. I tugged them down with her black panties. Her perfectly bald pussy came slowly into view, no thanks to the tight jeans. She was damp, this I could see. Or thought I saw. I wasn’t sure. I was new to this. Finally we somehow struggled her jeans off. Mine followed shortly after, again a violent struggle. My hard dick, at its seven and a half inches, popped up into view.
“Got a condom?” she asked.
I reached for my discarded jeans and tugged one out of my back pocket. She tilted her head at me. Questioningly.
“What? Can’t a guy always be prepared?”
She laughed and managed to flip me over. She was a lot stronger than I thought. She squeezed herself down far enough to come face to face with my cock. She purred as she ran her hands along my length. She caressed it, almost lovingly, if she had been capable of that. Which although I was not in my right mind, I knew she felt no love. Just lust. A need. An itch to scratch. I was being used. This I knew. And I didn’t care. Because I didn’t love her. I knew this.
When her tongue touched the tip of my dick, I groaned and leaned my head back. My back arched slightly. I looked down at her. She was looking up at me, with her large eyes as she licked up and down my shaft. It was amazing. It was the greatest thing I had ever felt. That is, until she engulfed my head in her wet mouth. I moaned, louder than before. She only managed to bob her head a couple times before I groaned and she pulled my dick out of her mouth. She tugged it a couple times. I shot my load on her chest and abdomen. She cooed as the cum splashed.
She grabbed a napkin from the picnic basket in the front seat and cleaned herself off. I lay there, my chest heaving. She crawled up my body after cleaning herself off. She kissed me. Softly. Again I felt as if it was just that close to lovingly. I kissed back. Our tongues twined slowly. Then she pulled away slowly.
She looked me in the eye. “Ready?”
I barely managed to nod. I felt exhausted. Struggling to hold on to my sanity. My head was reeling. She retrieved the condom and tore the package open. She scooted down my body again and rolled it on my, once again, hard dick. Then she slid up my body again, causing my cock to twitch. She reached down and grabbed my dick and aimed it at her hole.
“Wait don’t you need like foreplay or something?” I asked, nervous as hell.
“Oh trust my I’m more than ready. Just let me handle it.”
I nodded again nervously. She then slowly slid herself down on me. I was too overwhelmed to even moan at the feeling. I could only sit there and let her ride. She ground her hips slowly against mine. She slowly rose up my shaft and slid back down again. She moaned as our hips settled together. She started to rub the top of her slit as she rode up and down my cock. She picked up her pace and soon I was joining her in thrusts. I reached up and grasped her breasts, kneading them. We were both groaning and panting. I wasn’t going to last long. This I knew. I was inexperienced.
She obviously knew it too. She rode faster. She rubbed herself harder. She leaned forward and I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her down into a deep and hot kiss. We grabbed each other and tugged at each other’s skin. I tangled my hands in her hair. Then it hit me. The feeling in my balls. I felt myself cumming. And it didn’t take long. I blew my second load into the condom. Suddenly she tensed up as well. I felt her shaking in my arms. I heard her gasping for air.
We both came down from our highs slowly. We were tangled together. She untangled herself slowly. She pulled the condom off of my dick and tossed it in a plastic bag for trash I kept in my car. We both pulled our clothes on slowly, still shaking. I looked over at her and smiled. She seemed to be glowing. She smiled back at me.
I grabbed her hand. “Thanks.”
She gave me a quick kiss before opening the car door.
“It has stopped raining.”

Hey it’s me again. I realize quite a few people read my first story. Some may be waiting for a sequel. However, while writing the second part, I came across the god forsaken writer’s block. I will finish it when I can. However I am working, now, on a tale I don’t have to think so hard on to come up with a story. This story is true. It is, of course, colored and filled in a bit to make it more interesting. The core story, which is just barely started, is real. It will of course seem unreal, but I assure you this happened to me. Thanks again for sticking through. I hope to have the second part to this tale up soon for your enjoyment.