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2022-09-30 01:08:58

This story, like my last one, is a fantasy, based on real people and relationships. Of course, the names have been changed for secrecy’s sake. But this is a story outlining a possible encounter with a technically underage boy. This is going to be longer than my last one too, so hopefully I can pull it off. Sorry if it feels rushed; I was horny, impatient, and too lazy to edit it. Enjoy!

I’m a young guy, just starting out on his own. I live in an apartment with a few other guys. Friends of mine. I have a good job, I’m going to school, and a beautiful girlfriend. Things are going OK. But my sexuality is still in its exploratory phase. For the longest time, I’ve jacked off watching shemale and crossdresser porn, reading gay and transgender/transsexual stories, and looking at Yaoi hentai. I have a thing for feminine guys. Because I’m curious, and it’s taboo, I think. I love the thought of a slender, soft guy arching his back and moaning like a girl. I love the thought of a cute, slim guy wanting to be fucked. And hey, if they want to wear sexy woman’s clothing or become a transsexual? More the better.

I’m pretty sure I’m not gay. I’ve gotten along with both of my girlfriends OK, relished screwing the first one, and look forward to making love to my current one. But the taboo and curious possibility of screwing a willing, feminine guy has its appeal. Perhaps I’m bi? At the very least I’m bicurious. But fuck the labels. They don’t do sexuality justice, and I wanna tell the damn story.

Though we have a big apartment, most of the other guys are gone for the summer. For now it’s just me and Logan. Logan has a girlfriend too. They share a lot of the same interests; anime, Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh!, video games, etc. Adults with juvenile interests. Nothing wrong with it; I have plenty of my own. Logan’s girlfriend, Kayla, has a little brother named Lucas. He’s a sophomore in High School. And let me tell you, he’s a cute specimen. Short, slim, sort of feminine in his voice and hands. He’s also an emo sorta kid. I don’t like the mentality, but it makes for sexy girls sometimes, and cute boys too. He has medium black hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. Before I met him, Logan and Kayla would always talk about suspecting him of being gay, because of his text conversations. Immediately my dirty mind started churning out images.

Lucas would come over a lot of times to play YuGiOh! and Super Smash Bros. When I met him, my first thought was how cute he’d look with my cock buried in his cute little butt. I was nice to him from the beginning, and from the beginning I got the vibe that Lucas was into me. Despite his emo sense of style, and some of his tastes in music being utterly terrible, we did share an interest in Slipknot and Metallica, among others. That was an avenue we immediately connected on. Some nights we would all five of us (Logan, Kayla, Lucas, my girlfriend, and I) have game nights and we’d play board games. Lucas and I talked quite a bit about music, and I even lent him some of my CDs. I love sharing music with people. Of course I had slightly different motivations this time around.

One particular night, things escalated. We were playing Scrabble, and as Logan took his turn, I felt a little foot caress my leg up and down. Seeing as how my girlfriend wasn’t with us that night, I was surprised, to say the least. I did my best to play it cool; I leaned back in my chair, stretching, so I could catch a glance of the perpetrator. Sure as shit, it was Lucas. My blue eyes shot towards him, and he returned a look of what could only be called bashful mischief. He blushed a little and looked away, though he persisted in rubbing my leg. It was hard to stifle a grin, but I did. Our feet toyed with each other all night. And as Kayla and Lucas left, we both played it as if nothing happened.

A couple days later, Kayla and Lucas came over for another game night. However, snack food and pop was in short supply, so Logan and Kayla decided to run to Wal Mart for some supplies, and I said I’d hang out with Lucas until they got back.

“Hey, let’s go to my room. Listen to some music.” I said. Lucas smiled at me, and followed me into my rather spacious room. My intentions were fairly innocent, but as we hung out, and Logan and Kayla took longer, my loins were raring for a good fuck. Every look Lucas shot at me, every cute smile, the way he laid on his stomach, reading album booklets and magazines…all of that began to drive me insane with lust. I felt he was presenting himself to me, waiting for the alpha male to make a move.

Lucas got up, and walked up to my shelf, which housed all my CD’s, and began to inspect them, as he often did, despite knowing my collection pretty well by now.

“I liked that Nine Inch Nails CD you borrowed to me. I’m surprised I never listened to them before.” Lucas said. I was watching him from my bed, magazine in hand, my eyes roaming up and down his slender form.

“Me too. They seem to be your thing. You can borrow another if you want; NIN’s range is pretty incredible.” At that, I stood up, swinging my legs off the bed. I quietly approached him, and he seemed none the wiser. With predatory intent, I placed my hands on his smooth, pale, arms, just below the T-shirt sleeves. His skin was warm, and he froze as my hands grasped him.

“Uhm...” Was all he could muster. He was trembling now, and I tilted my head to the side, catching a glimpse of his parted lips. I leaned forward and down, bending to kiss the back of his neck. His back made an obvious arch and goosebumps erupted across his body. I leaned even further, and nibbled on his ear, pressing my considerably larger body against his slim frame. An audible gasp escaped his parted lips, and he shivered. This was all the permission I needed.

I swung him around, wrapped my arms around him, and pressed my lips against his, pulling him into me. He moaned against the kiss, and my manhood was swelling like mad. He didn’t resist for a second, and our tongues began playing around in a mad dance of passion. His slender hands began caressing my forearms, running up the back of my neck and running through my hair. I had him now. It was a regular Hollywood kiss. Just between two guys.

I withdrew from the kiss, and our eyes met. He was putty in my hands, and we both knew it. I grasped his hips, pinning him against me with a smile, and he melted against me.

“You’re naughty…” He barely got it out before I kissed him again, backpedaling towards my bed, with him in hand. I sat down, pulling him with me, and with surprising initiative, the twink straddled me, loosely draping his soft arms over my broad shoulders. We kissed, and our hands roamed each others’ bodies. I began undoing his pants, and he hesitated for the first time.

“What if Logan and Kayla get back?” He looked genuinely worried, and our eyes searched each other.

I didn’t want to stop. Not with victory so close. Not with the hard on I had, almost tearing through my pants.

“Wouldn’t it be fun to take that risk? And-“ I glanced down at my lap, both of us sporting our own erections beneath our clothing.

“-I hate to let a hard-on go to waste.” I grinned devilishly at him then, and I think my charm pulled it off, because he smiled back. I finished unbuttoning his tight jeans, and I laid him back on the bed, taking to kneeling at the foot, as I tugged his pants off, revealing a gorgeous surprise.

Beneath his tight jeans, he wore a stark black cotton bikini bottom, his little dick poking upward towards the ceiling. I looked up at him, brow elevated in mischief. He blushed, and there was no need for words. I tossed his jeans aside, kissing up his thighs and stomach. Hooking my fingers under his black panties, I slid them down, just below his privates, and left them. His cock was as cute as the rest of him, small and slender, but not ridiculously small. He had a little hair, and it only made him more adorable. I went in for the kill; figured I’d give him a treat before the real fireworks started.

I leaned down, and took his boyish cock in my mouth. Lucas’ pale body convulsed a little, unused to the sensation. I lolled my tongue around his circumcised head, and his voice cried out across the room. Bobbing up and down, wrapping my fingers around the base, I sucked my first cock, and Lucas had his first blowjob.

As the pale beauty writhed in delight, a big grin on his face, I ran my tongue up and down his length. To my surprise, his hands grasped my head, but not to keep me down. Lucas beckoned me up the bed towards him, and we embraced in another kiss as he reached down and nimbly undid my own pants. My throbbing dick nearly erupted from my pants, slapping against his, sending a pang of pleasure through my body. I was on top of him, rubbing my cock against his as we exchanged kisses and explored each other’s bodies.

I was having trouble resisting the urge to fuck his brains out just then, but I loved watching him writhe beneath me, so I continued the foreplay, shuffling down, back to the foot of the bed, kneeling on the floor. I grasped his thighs and pulled his ass to the edge of the bed. He bit his lower lip, looking down at me, incredulously. I grinned up at the boy and spread his thighs, revealing his soft, hairless ass. It puckered as it was exposed, and Lucas blushed.

“Lean back, babe.” I gestured with my hand, and he grew even more bashful at the name. Without hesitation, I delved between his legs, wriggling and worming my tongue harshly against his hole. Lucas cried out.

“Oh my god!” he gasped through parted lips, as his back arched, pressing his bottom against me. I could see his toes curl. Seeing him wracked with pleasure got me red hot. I lapped at his ass, occasionally spitting on it and kissing it. I glanced upward, and the boy’s cock was absolutely throbbing as his pale, slender body trembled and convulsed in pleasure. I needed to fuck him now.

With that, I pulled him off the foot of the bed, deftly twisting him around so that he was bent over on the bed. He giggled, and I grabbed a handful of his ass as I leaned forward to kiss his back. The feminine boy arched his back with a purr, pressing his ass up against my abs. He was begging me for it.

“Stay right there.” I quickly ran across the room, opening my dresser to grab a tube of Vaseline that I often used to jack off with. Finally it would see some good use. Lucas bit his lip again, looking up at me in awe.

“We’re really going to do this, aren’t we?” He asked. I took off my shirt, tossed it aside, and knelt behind the beauty. I applied some Vaseline to his hole, teasing the sensitive area before getting my throbbing, unsatisfied pole good and slick.

“Mhmm.” I said, perching the head of my cock at his entrance. He froze, and it was clear how nervous he actually was. I leaned forward, only applying moderate pressure at his back door. I placed my hands on his shoulders, and nibbled at his ear.

“It’ll be great…just relax. I’ll be gentle…” I persistently pushed forward, and my head shot into his hole as he relaxed, though it tightened just as quickly. Lucas cried out in pain as I groaned against him. What felt amazing to me probably hurt like hell for him. His hands flew back and grasped at my hips.

“Wait wait! Ow! Just…ngh! Hold on!” I couldn’t wait for him to get used to every inch at a time, so I kept pushing, and he grunted. His legs shook and his nails clawed at my thighs, but I kept pushing. The twink buried his head in my sheets as he screamed.

“Fuck yes!” I proclaimed, finally balls deep in this cute boy. Now I would let him adjust. I ran my hands reassuringly up and down his back, admiring what must’ve been the most beautiful thing I had ever seen: my cock, buried in a fifteen year old boy’s cute little ass, with his black bikini panties wrapped about his smooth thighs just below his sack. I gritted my teeth, gently moving my hips to keep the blood pumping.

“OK..mmm…keep going.” Lucas suddenly said. It was all I needed to hear.

I begin fucking him slowly, gently in and gently out, and Lucas was responsive. He moaned like a girl as my meat stroked his insides, stimulating every nerve without fail.

“Goddamn, Lucas…mmm.” I groaned down at him, letting him know I was enjoying him as much as he was enjoying me. I picked up the pace, giving his hole a good thrust. Lucas squealed. “Oh!”

I kept it up, gyrating against him, like a piston, working his feminine side like it deserved. Soon we were gasping for air both, crying out with every other thrust. We were sweating, screwing like dogs in heat. My entire body was tingling with anticipation.

Lucas was squealing and moaning like a whore, with the occasional cracked voice. He clawed at my hips, and his back was almost always arched in pleasure. My cum was boiling inside of me; I had to get rid of it. I had to get it into him.

I growled, my hands reaching forth and grasping his wrists. I pulled back, as if they were his reigns, and began to fuck him wildly. Lucas went nuts, his head thrown back, gasping through his teeth and unable to control the sounds exploding past his lips. He was taking it like a champ, and savoring every inch of me.

I rocketed back and forth inside of him, churning his bowels into what must’ve been a firestorm of delight. My legs began to feel that familiar tingling and pressure built at the base of my skull.

“Lucas, I’m gonna—uhn…I’m gonna blow!” I could barely get the words out; I was so maddened by lust. The sweet, lustful boy only cried out louder, on the verge of screaming. My dick grew hot, and I lunged forward a last time into my lover, spewing myself all over his insides, crying out towards the ceiling.

Lucas stiffened, and convulsed. “Oh fuck, oh god, OH!” And I felt his hole contract sharply and rhythmically, as he spewed all over the foot of my bed. I must’ve given his prostate a workout. My balls felt literally empty, and my nerves were tingling. My rod delivered its last spurt, and his gorgeous hole stopped clenching.

Sweating, panting, and in the afterglow of intense orgasm, I leaned forward, kissing his tired lips. If Logan, Kayla, or even my girlfriend found out about this, it would be worth it.