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Special Bond-Long Weekend at the Lake 17-20

2022-09-21 00:01:56

Long Weekend at the Lake

This is a work of fiction. Of fantasy. It’s called ‘My Right of Free Speech.’ If you do not approve of youngsters engaged in various sexual acts . . . or if you live in one of the God-forsaken States that bans possessing/reading such material . . then please, PLEASE, go someplace else.
This is not some 4 page fuck/suck story. This story consists of almost 30 chapters! It has the main story, the back story, lots of detail, enough sex to satisfy almost everyone and some humor. It will be posted in multiple segments.
Lastly, ‘A Special Bond’ is a Trilogy. ‘Long Weekend at the Lake’ is the second part and will be followed by the Prequel and finally by The Later Years.
I’ve spell-checked and re-read the chapters multiple times. Yet I am sure there are spelling errors, grammatical problems and incorrect words. I don’t have an editor! Just read and enjoy.

Kathy Evans – Age 31
Rob Evans – Age 36
RJ Evans – Age 16
Kayla Evans – Age 15
Aunt Karla Peters – Age 36
Uncle Tom Peters – Age 37
Ken Peters – Age 17
Candace Peters – Age 14

Chapter 17

Kayla and RJ almost ripped off their clothes and RJ pushed his sister down on the Lounge. He gazed in her eyes and started sucking on her engorged nipples. Kayla let out an audible moan as she felt the suction on her sensitive tits.

“Did you like seeing Candy loose her cherry, RJ” Kayla asked as RJ sucked on her and thrust a finger into her sloppy-wet pussy.

“Yea it was hot, K” RJ said. “She really seemed to be hurting though.”

“Well, both you and Kenny are far bigger than the average teen male. Once her vagina gets used to the size, she’ll be fine” Kayla said. “I’ll bet you wish it had been you that got to take her cherry” Kayla said baiting her brother.

RJ stopped what he was doing and looked in his sister’s eyes. “Kayla, you know that I only have eyes . . . and a cock . . . for you alone” RJ said earnestly.

“Yea right!”. As Kayla said this, RJ started a ‘come hither’ motion with his middle finger and hit his sister’s ‘G Spot’. The moment he manipulated the fleshy mound within her special channel, Kayla let out a loud squeal as he whole body vibrated.

“RJ quit teasing and fuck me as hard as you can. I’m not gonna last very long . . . and don’t hold back, I want you to fill me with your baby-juice” Kayla panted, starting to lose control.

While RJ pounded Kayla with his rock hard cock as hard as he had ever fucked her, in the background they heard various grunts and Candy cry out in what sounded like ecstasy.

The events of the evening had gotten Kayla so worked up, that she would have fucked a door-knob if RJ hadn’t been available. Kayla loved it when RJ pounded her with all his might and as she swung her legs up into the air, the ample head of RJ’s manhood would smash into her cervix. As RJ pushed into the teen girl’s cervix, this sent Kayla over the edge!

“Oh my God . . . Oh my God” Kayla panted. “God Yes RJ, fill me up” she cried.

Kayla locked her ankles around RJ’s back and humped her pelvis up harder to get as much of his manhood to penetrate her spongy cervix as possible. As the head of his cock pushed into his sister’s womb, he started to spew his heated sperm into her.

Kayla felt the heat of the ejaculate splashing within her insides, and went crazy becoming so rigid that RJ thought she would break his back.

After a few minutes of both teens gasping for breath, Kayla finally said “OH MY GOD RJ . . . that was such a hard cum you gave me. My head is still swimming” the girl rasped out.

At the rear of the boat Kenny lay still coupled with his sister. Candy was pretty well out of it, but as she seemed to come back to reality, she started to cry softly.

“What’s wrong l’il bit” Kenny asked with great concern. “Are you hurt, baby girl . . . am I hurting you?” Kenny was starting to freak out.

Candy grabbed his face and brought her lips back to his. As she sobbed she managed to say “No you fool, I’m crying because I am so happy!”

Candy had no idea sex would be this good. Even though it had hurt like hell at first, Kenny had slowly made love to her, and she had managed to have two orgasms. The first was earth shattering and she felt like her insides were being torn out. The second had been less intense, but went on, and on, and on . . . until her toes curled. Shortly after her second orgasm Kenny grunted and shoved into her as hard as he could. Candy had felt the waves of cum filling the rubber to overflowing deep within her.

The two had collapsed and now Kenny was nuzzling her neck and whispered in her ear “God, I love you l’il bit.”

Several minutes later Kayla had put her underwear and bra back on, and she staggered to the back of the boat and cautiously peered around the Galley enclosure. Kayla saw her cousins laying in each other’s arms and cuddling.

Walking up to the sun deck, she tapped Kenny on the shoulder and said “Hey stud, why don’t you grab a bar of soap and wash in the lake. I’m gonna take my girlfriend here, and get her into the shower.”

As Kayla led Candy to the shower she asked the girl softly, “Are you OK Candy?”

“I’m Fine . . . just very sore” her cousin replied in a dreamy voice.

“Yea, well you could have chosen a boy with a dinky-winky to lose your cherry too. But you chose a guy with a horse-cock, so yea, you’re gonna be sore” Kayla said. “But what I was really asking is if you’re OK with having lost your virginity, and done the deed with Kenny?”

Candy thought for a brief moment and then replied “My only regret is that I waited so long . . . I should have jumped Kenny’s bod when I was 11 and first started thinking about it.”

Kayla looked at her young cousin and said “man you are a mess. You bled like a stuck-pig.” Kayla got Candy into the shower, took off her own clothes and climbed in with her. Kayla took the hand-held shower-head and doused her cousin with it and washed the blood from her buttocks and groin. Kayla soaped both of them up and started to rinse herself, as a large glob of semen suddenly dropped from her shaved cunt onto the shower pan.

Kayla stepped out and told Candy to stay under the hot water as long as she wished. Kayla dried herself and put on fresh panties and her football jersey she slept in. Candy took advantage and let the hot water stream over her body and then took that hand-held shower and pointed it at her vagina. The only impetus she had to get out was that after 15 minutes the water finally turned cold.

Candy came and sat on the Lounge which Kayla had reclined into the wide double bed. RJ lay on one side snoring lightly. Candy slipped on her jersey but opted out of wearing panties, so the football jersey hung just barely below her crotch. Candy had another towel wrapped around her long blond hair and was patting it dry.

Kayla looked at her watch and said “Wow, it’s only 8:45 in the evening. Hard to believe all that happened already tonight” she said referring to the fact that she herself had just received a real hammering in the sex department and of course Candy had just lost her virginity to her brother!

Kenny had returned and donned a pair of shorts. He crawled onto the far side of the lounge and was out like a light in 2 minutes. Kayla brushed out Candy’s long blond hair and helped her dry it. As soon as they were through the two teen girls flopped down in the middle of the lounge-bed between their respective brothers. Kayla pulled a light weight blanket over the four teens now all laying together on the lounge.

Candy snuggled face to face with Kayla and let out a contented sigh. In minutes her breathing had become shallow, indicating to Kayla that her cousin was also asleep. Kayla was lost in thought about how cool her cousins were, and about how differently this trip was turning out than she had feared.

At first Kayla thought she was hearing things; it sounded like the low rumble of a boat engine. Then Kayla saw a very bright light, moving from side to side, coming up the creek toward their spot. When the boat was closer, its spot light eventually fell across the Pontoon Boat. It stopped and illuminated the Party Hut brightly for a second, and then the operator diverted it off of the boat.

Kayla sat up and watched a 24 ½ foot Four Winns bow-rider crawl up the shallow creek. Its beefy inboard rumbled lowly while its outdrive clawed at the water just barely making idle. When the new boat was about 50 ft to their side, the operator cut the engine and allowed the boat to drift while a female voice carried across the water. “Ahoy there” the girl said, “Do you mind if we drop anchor and share your cove tonight?”

The female on the other boat held a bright hand-held spotlight, which was still illuminated, but aimed away from the Pontoon Boat so as to not blind the inhabitants. Kayla could see the girl but not very well in the reflected light within the cockpit. Kayla could not see the Operator of the boat at all, as he was hidden in shadow.

Kayla hollered back across the water “Sure, knock yourself out. We have two anchors out, one fore and one aft, but if you stay there you shouldn’t foul them.”

“OK. Sorry to have disturbed you” the female voice from across the water said.

“No problem” Kayla hollered back. “Everyone is asleep but me over here.”

“OK, we’ll keep the party down then” the other voice responded. “Good night.”

“G’Nite” Kayla responded. The searchlight was extinguished on the other boat and she heard a loud splash as the anchor was dropped into the cove from the Four Winns. Kayla could now see the subdued light emanating up from the cuddy cabin below the forward deck and two shadows moving around up on deck. She could not see well, but had the sense that the girl on the other boat had long, dark, hair. The second person on the other boat remained a mystery.

Chapter 18

Kayla awoke and looked at her watch. 3:00 AM she saw. ‘Shit’ she thought as she did not want to be awake. But she realized she had to pee ferociously. As she started to scoot down the lounge-bed in the middle she suddenly realized Candy and Kenny were no longer in the bed with her. ‘What the hell’ she thought as she padded toward the Head.

She went into the Galley enclosure and went into the head compartment. As she sat there tinkling, she heard first the low groan, and then felt slight motion on the boat. She flushed the Head, and heard the groan again; she exited out the aft door from the enclosure, towards the sun deck.

There before her she could see Candy laying on the sun deck on her back with her knees drawn up forming a large vee for her brother. And, she saw Kenny with his massive hard-on slowly sawing in and out of his sister. The girl’s long blond hair lay fanned out on the cushion and Kenny suspended himself above her by keeping his arms extended. Kayla watched as he slowly withdrew all 9 inches until the head of his cock exited the younger girl’s soppy hole. He paused with the tip push just slightly against her opening, and ever so slowly pushed the entire length back into the girl’s tight vagina until their public bones meshed. As he hit bottom, Candy would let out the subtle groan of pleasure.

Kayla walked up to their side and poked Candy on the shoulder. “Candy . . . Really? Are you kidding? Aren’t you sore? What are you doing?” she said in a forced whisper, realizing there was now another boat 50 to 75 feet away.

Candy turned her head towards her cousin and forced her eyes to focus. “yea . . .I’m a little sore . . . . but I woke up and I was way more horny than I was sore . . . so I woke Kenny up and asked him to do me again!”

“Man, I can tell you’re a part of THIS family, Candy . . . any other girl wouldn’t want a cock in her for a week!” Then Kayla smacked Kenny on the arm, “and as for you stud, I can’t see in this light; do you have a rubber on the nasty cock of yours?”

“Yes Maam, just the way you told us it had to be” Kenny grinned.

“Well don’t be fucking all night, we are gonna move the boat up the lake in the morning, so get some sleep” Kayla admonished as she turned to leave. Kayla had gone back to bed and was having her own erotic dream when she thought she heard Candy cry out. She thought it must have been in her dream, and rolled over to go back to sleep. A short time later Candy crawled up into the middle of the bed, cuddled tightly to Kayla’s back, ran her hand up under her cousin’s night shirt and cupped her ample breast under the sleep-jersey.

Chapter 19

Kayla was up early and prepping the boat trying to get everything back in its place. The other three teens were still sleeping. RJ was being his usual sleepy-head self, and Kayla had no idea how late the newest lovers had stayed up last night doing their imitation of mating bunnies.

Kayla started coffee and went about making scrambled eggs, bacon and hash brown potatoes. The moment RJ smelled the coffee he sprang from bed and wandered into the Head. Shortly behind him were Kenny and Candy. RJ walked up behind his sister in the Galley and hugged her around the waist and nuzzled her neck.

“Know why I love you” he whispered.

“NO, why” Kayla whispered back.

“Because you make me coffee in the morning” RJ joked. Kayla turned around and swatted his ass, only to be encircled by his arms and drawn in against him.

“Morning everyone” Kenny and Candy chimed. “Something smells delicious.”

Just then RJ turned and saw for the first time that there was another boat not 4 or 5 boat-lengths off their Port side. “Where did they come from” RJ said to Kayla.

“Oh they came in last night, while you all were asleep. I told them it was OK to anchor there.” As Kayla answered her brother, she saw that the boys were staring at the boat and her eyes followed their gaze.

There in the cockpit of the Four Winns stood a stunning brunette who looked to be about 5’8” or 5’9” tall with her dark hair cascading down her back to about shoulder-blade height. She had olive skin. Beside her was a taller, ruggedly handsome guy who must have been approaching 6 ft. He too was dark haired and had a terrific physic. His skin also had an olive tone to it and Kayla noticed he had a dark stubble on his face.

But it was not that these two were handsome that had drawn everyone’s attention. The girl appeared to be every bit of a ‘D’ cup and had on the world’s smallest bikini. Two triangles barely covered her nipples and her ample roundness flowed out the sides of the suit with abandon. While large, her boobs did not seem to droop, but were pushed together in the tiny suit forming a lovely cleavage. The bottom triangles appeared to be only slightly larger, barely covering her public area and showing off most of her butt-cheeks.

While the guys ogled the female neighbor, the two teen girls noted immediately that the guy had dark hair but was cut neatly to collar length, and HE was cut. He had a six pack that would have put the late-night exercise infomercial guy to shame! But what really got the girls attention was that he had on only the tiniest of Speedo’s and his ample package was plainly on display. Had the girls been a few feet closer they could have told if this guy was circumcised or not!

“Good morning. Something smells good” the raven haired beauty called across the water to the teens. Kayla hadn’t noticed the night before, but the dark haired girl had a distinctive accent. Italian, Kayla thought.

Without hesitation Kayla responded “Good Morning. Why don’t you bring your boat alongside and join us for breakfast?”

“Oh, we couldn’t intrude” the girl responded. “It was nice of you to share your anchorage last night.”

“It’s no intrusion. Come over, we have lots of food and won’t take no for an answer” Kayla responded. The heard a discussion going on between the girl and her dark haired friend. Definitely Italian, Kayla thought to herself.

“We are coming” the girl said in her deep accent and the boys just stared as the nearly naked neighbor pulled up the anchor so they could maneuver close to the Party Hut to tie off.

“RJ, Kenny!” Kayla barked. “Stop staring at that girl’s tits and fold up the longue bed and stow everything. Kenny, you might want to put that box of rubbers away” Kayla said pointing at the carton that had been carelessly left beside the longue the night before.

As the two stepped from the Four Winns onto the Party Hut the four teens introduced themselves. The dark beauty said “my name is Gina, and this is Carlo.” The male just about made the two teen females melt he was so handsome. Carlo was quiet but gave the two guys a firm handshake and said “Thank you for inviting us.”

Kayla asked everyone to be seated and told them that breakfast would be ready in a minute. Kayla could not take her eyes off Carlo’s Speedos. It looked like he had a snake coiled up in there! Kayla noted that there was no distinctive ridge around the head of his cock like her brother’s. Kayla wondered what an uncircumcised boy’s cock would look like, as she’d never seen one before!

RJ poured everyone coffee and fresh orange juice and then the six chatted over breakfast. After Kayla asked, Gina told her that she was 17 and that Carlo was 19.

Gina asked if the four teens came here frequently and Kayla explained that they had come with their parents as younger children, but hadn’t been here in years. Kayla asked Gina and Carlo if they came here often.

“Often? Yes. When the weather is hot, Carlo and I try to come every weekend . . . it is our little” she paused looking for the right word . . .”our little get away.” Gina went on to explain that ‘they lived near’ in her darling Italian accent.

The boys were eyeing Carlo’s boat and he was proudly explaining that it had a large V-8 inboard/outboard in it and although 24 feet long it would do almost 60 miles an hour on the water! And in answer to the boys other question, ‘Yes, the boat belonged to Carlo’, although RJ and Kenny never thought to question how a 19 year old could afford to buy such an expensive boat.

Kayla noted that the handsome Italian boy kept looking at Candy. Her light blond hair, fair complexion and green eyes made quite a contrast to the olive skinned hunk sitting opposite her. ‘Opposites” Kayla though . . . they’re supposed to ‘attract’ aren’t they? Kayla noted that Carlo kept glancing at Candy’s tits when he thought Gina would not catch him. As usual, Candy’s nipples stood at full attention. However, Kayla thought it odd the Italian boy would be interested in Candy’s ‘A’ cups with the voluptuous ‘D’ cup beauty sitting beside him.

Gina explained to the girls that she was in fact Italian and had come over when she was 7 years old. She laughed and said that ‘she probably retained her accent so much, because her parents spoke Italian to her only’.

While the 6 teens sat sipping their second cup of coffee Gina gazed out at the wide pool in which they were anchored. She said casually “We love it here . . . it’s one of our favorite spots on the lake. Did you know there is a small water fall further up the creek?”

“Yes. We came here because RJ and I could remember the falls and the rope swing there” Kayla said pointing toward the tire swing hanging from the large oak tree.

“Oh, but I see someone has finally fixed that old swing” Gina said in her accented English.

“Yea, RJ and my brother replaced the rotted rope and re-did the swing when we first got here” Candy replied to the dark skinned beauty.

“Have you been to the falls then” Gina asked.

“Yes we were swimming there in the pool under the falls yesterday” Kayla responded.

“I think there is something magic about that place, no?” The Italian girl asked looking at the two younger teen girls.

“Yea . . . I saw some magic there yesterday” Kayla said, but the double-entendre was lost on the Italian girl.

While the boys discussed boats and engines endlessly, the three girls cleared the table and went to the galley to clean up, wash dishes and put everything away. “So you leave this morning” Gina said to the other two.

“Yes, we’re going to head up the lake and possibly go to Sand Point Marina tonight” Kayla said.

“Sand Point is beautiful, no?” Gina said. “I think Carlo and I will go to the falls and swim today. Maybe we’ll stay here again tonight.”

“I hope you’re not going swimming in that suit” Kayla said, motioning to the tiny string bikini the girl wore.

“Why not” Gina asked, perplexed at the meaning of what Kayla had said.

“Because, if that thing gets wet and it shrinks any, you are in big trouble” Kayla said with a toothy grin, causing Candy to chuckle.

Gina got the joke and smiled. Her reply was simply, “I don’t swim in the bikini, so es not a problem.” Gina kind of left the sentence hanging. “I wear this suit because Carlo likes it” Gina added.
“Yea, so do our brothers, just don’t ask them to stand up” Candy said, but Gina didn’t get her drift. Kayla noted that Gina said she was not going to swim in “the bikini’ not “this bikini” and was mulling over what the girl had really said . . . or meant.

While they finished drying the dishes Candy, who had been uncharacteristically quiet for a long time, turned to Gina and said “Gina, may I ask you a question . . . a personal question?”

“But of course Candy” the Italian beauty said.

“Look, we’ll probably never see each other again . . . and I am dying to know . . . . we’ll my question is . . .do you sleep with your brother? You know, have sex with him” Candy blurted out.

Kayla’s eyes flew open and the Italian girl looked taken aback. Looking at Kayla, Gina said “is she always so direct” motioning toward Candy.

“Sometimes her mouth just blurts out whatever is running around inside that pretty little head of hers” Kayla replied giving Candy the ‘what the hell are you doing eyes’.

“I never said Carlo was my brother, Candy. Why do you think this” the Italian girl said with confidence.

“Well . . . genetics for one. You two have the same hair color, the same bone structure in your face, you’re both pretty tall, you pronounce some words with the same peculiar inflections and you have some of the same mannerisms in your body. If you hadn’t told us your age difference, I might have guessed you two were fraternal twins” Candy concluded.

“OK” Gina said, “but how did you make this leap to ask if I was having sex with my brother” she wanted to know.

“Well, I think your boat only has a small vee-birth under the forward deck . . .so you two either slept together, or one of you was on deck all night. And then there is the way you two are dressed . . . not much room for changing or modesty . . . so I got the impression you two are comfortable with each other’s bodies. Candy finished and just smiled at the Italian girl.

There was a very long pregnant pause before Gina spoke. “OK, I will answer your questions if you answer one for me first” Gina said, looking from girl to girl.
“Seems fair to me” Candy said, “shoot.”

“Gina smiled slyly and said “Ok then, which one of you two girls was making the moaning sounds in the middle of the night, and then cried out in sexual ecstasy?”

Without hesitation Kayla pointed over her shoulder with her thumb in the direction of Candy. “That would be little missy bunny-rabbit here that you heard last night . . . . out on the aft sun deck having sex with her brother!”

Candy turned red at the revelation from her cousin but Gina formed a wide smile.

“OK, yes Candy, Carlo is my brother. And yes we have sex together. In fact we have sex as often as we can. Our parents do not approve of our . . . . Unconventional relationship . . . so this causes much friction. Carlo and I try to get out onto the lake as much as possible for a little get away. If we are out for three nights, we can make love as much as we want and not get the parents riled up.”

Candy looked at Kayla and said “So there are others like us?”

“Us?” Gina said. She looked to Kayla and said “So you and RJ . . . also?”

“RJ and I have been a couple for a long time. Candy and Kenny just got together” Kayla informed the third girl. They discussed their situations a little more between them and then rejoined the boys, who were still engaged in boating discussions.

“Carlo, we must be going” Gina said, “these nice people need to get under way.” As Carlo stood up to leave he shook hands all around but purposely embraced both Kayla first, and then Candy. As Carlo embraced Candy he leaned in and whispered into her ear so that the others could not hear. Candy immediately turned bright red and gave Carlo a mock smack on his over-developed bicep.

The two newcomers departed and stepped back on their boat. The four teens on the Party Hut heard Gina say something to Carlo in Italian. In just a moment he returned to the cockpit and handed Gina two cards. Gina handed them across to Kayla, who immediately read them. The first said ‘Sand Point Marina Boat Repair’. It had the address and telephone number on it, and Said Carlo Gianinni on it in bold print. The second card ready ‘Sand Point Marina Restaurant’ and then said ‘Dinner Party Guest Pass’

“What are these” Kayla asked her new friend, not sure of the significance.
“The first is Carlo’s Business Card” Gina replied. “Carlo owns Sand Point Boat Repair” she said. If you ever need anything at all for your boat, just come in and Carlo will take care of it.

“The second card is for the restaurant at the Marina. Just present this card to the Hostess when you arrive and your dinner will be free for the four of you.”

“Thank you but we can’t accept that. This is way too generous” Kayla said somewhat embarrassed.

“Think nothing of it” Gina replied, “Our parents own Sand Point Marina” she said and laughed. “It was very nice to have gotten to know you all” Gina concluded. As she said this she leaned across the rail, gave Kayla a kiss on each cheek and said “Chao” as she pushed off.

The two boys walked to the front of the Pontoon Boat and waived as Carlo and Gina crept away and pointed the Four Winns up the pond to a sandy beach area. The boys continued to ogle Gina’s sparsely clad ass in the micro bikini.

Back aft, Karla turned to Candy and asked “What did Carlo say to you when he kissed your cheek that caused you to blush so?”

He kissed my cheek and whispered “I see your boobies standing up for me. Maybe next time I get to see more of them, yes?” Candy grinned and laughed. “When an Italian says that to you, in that delightful accent, it hardly seems like you’ve been propositioned” Candy grinned widely.

The four teens got under way and as the Party Hut turned to leave RJ blasted his horn in two short bursts to say goodbye to their new friends. The Party Hut slowly crept along on its way down the creek and back to the main body of the lake.

Kayla looked at the two cards she held in her hand and said to the others; “Well, this has been one hell of a trip so far . . . I wonder what will happen next?”

Chapter 20

Sunday was again hot as the four teens crawled up the lake on the pontoon boat. Candy had put on a pale yellow two piece suit that was actually better suited to her body than the one she wore the day before. The bra cups were slightly padded giving her breasts a more rounded look, but hiding her best attribute – the perpetually erect nipples. The bottoms were a high cut over the hips which accentuated her very cute and rounded ass. The yellow color went well with her long blond hair and green eyes.

Kayla had switched to a flowered string-bikini. The suit didn’t cover much more of her body than the white one, but the boys would be disappointed as this suit did not become see-through when wet.

Both girls had taken the time to brush-out each other’s hair. Because of the heat, they both decided on the ubiquitous pony-tail though, as it was just too warm to wear their hair down. The forward Biminis top was open while they motored so the girls were able to sun themselves. Each time one of them became too warm RJ would pull into a local cove and they would swim. All of them were starting to develop deep tans, which meant the girls were developing contrasting ‘tan-lines’ where they wore bikinis.

Kayla voiced her concern about getting excessive tan lines and in no time Candy shucked off her top and walked seductively back to get the sun block out of the Galley. As she walked past RJ and Kenny she gave them a wide smile and locked eyes with RJ. As she walked past, she held his eyes with her own.

When she returned back to the front of the boat, sun block in hand, RJ said out loud “what the hell was that all about?”

“I think it is fair to say that my sister has become more comfortable with being nude . . . or at least topless . . . in front of us” Kenny replied.

When Candy returned to the forward lounge Kayla lay already topless, facing up. “Kayla would you like me to put some bun-block on you” Candy offered.

“Sure, if you don’t mind” Kayla said and smiled at her cousin.

Candy squeezed some of the cream onto her hands and sat down beside Kayla. Initially she started by rubbing the sun-block onto her cousins abdomen and up her sides. She squeezes more cream from the tube and rubbed it onto her neck and shoulders. She put still more of the lotion on her hands, rubbed the two hands together and looked down at Kayla with a crooked smile.

“We can’t leave these lovely boobies to sunburn, now can we” Candy questioned as she placed her hands over each of Kayla’s breasts. She rubbed the sun-block down the sides of her cousin’s tits and all over the upper mound of the boobs. Then she took hold of the nipples and slowly stroked each nipple between her thumb and forefinger. “We can’t forget about these puffy nipples of yours and get them all burned” Candy said with a wide grin as she continued to slowly fondly Kayla’s ample mounds with their now erect nipples.

Kayla shuddered. She looked up at Candy through eyes that were becoming glazed. “Aren’t you afraid of the boys seeing us” Kayla asked.

“Naw, they already know I’m a lesbian” Candy smiled down at the girl.

“I don’t think you can be a lesbian . . . as much as you wanted Kenny’s cock in you yesterday” Kayla replied. Candy watched her cousin’s eyes and could see that the breast-play was getting her excited.

“OH that’s right, I’m a ‘multi-sexual’ not a lesbian” Candy said laughing and referring back to her gaff Friday evening.

Kayla moaned loudly as Candy rolled her nipples and her hips started a slow rhythmic motion. “You are going to make me cum if you keep doing that baby” Kayla hissed at Candy.

“Really? Promise you’ll cum for me?”

“Yessssss” Kayla hissed. “Harder . . . . pinch my nipples harder” she purred

Candy didn’t exactly pinch them harder, instead she cupped the mound of her cousin’s breast with her hand and as she squeezed the breast, allowed the nipple to slip between two of her fingers while lifting her hand upwards. The combination of Kayla’s nipples being both pulled outward and squeezed at the same time was driving her to ecstasy.

Kayla was moaning louder now which had definitely gotten the boys attention.

“So close . . . . Candy . . . I’m so close” Kayla whimpered.

Cum for me gurl” Candy whispered back. “Cum all over my hands”.

Candy twisted her cousin’s nipples even harder, afraid she might hurt the 15 year old. But Kayla just bucked her hips harder with the new effort and bit down on her lip.

Kayla was now wild-eyed, desperately trying to gain sexual release. “Candy . . . . please . . . “ her cousin pleaded breathlessly.

“Please what, baby” Candy whispered.

“Please . . . . I . . need . ..” Kayla rasped out as Candy worked her large tits and nipples furiously. “I need . . . . touch . . . my . . . .pussy . . . “ Kayla managed to croak out.

Candy released Kayla’s right breast while she kept working the left one. Reaching down between Kayla’s bucking hips, Candy quickly snaked a finger under the crotch of Kayla’s bikini bottom and thrust a finger in her swampy hole as far as it would go. She quickly worked it in and out of her cousin, concentrating on trying to hit her clit with her knuckle.

Candy pinched down on the teen’s nipple and thrust her finger up Kayla’s cunt hard once more. Kayla cried out and thrust her pelvis up into Candy’s hand as hard as she could and became as rigid as stone. Her pelvis vibrated against the palm of the 14 year old’s hand.

After a few seconds, which seemed like a lifetime to Kayla, she collapsed and Candy withdrew her finger from inside her cousin’s bathing suit. Candy bent down and Kayla kissed the younger girl passionately.

Back aft, at the control console, RJ and Kenny sat slack-jawed after watching the girls. Kenny spoke first, still in disbelief; “God your sister is hot” he uttered to RJ

“That’s odd” RJ replied, “I was just thinking about how hot YOUR sister is.”

About that time Candy walked by the boys with a grin like a Cheshire Cat on her face. She said not a word however, as she walked by the boys and entered the Galley to wash her hands.

After Candy went back forward things settled down and both girls sunbathed topless, although, this new situation did little to ease the hormones raging within their brothers. After about 30 minutes Kayla rolled over, put her bikini top back on, said “I need to go talk to RJ” and she got up and walked back aft. Candy was worried about sunburn on her fair-skinned breasts, so she also put her bikini top back on.

As Kayla approached the two boys she tapped Kenny on the shoulder and said “Why don’t you go talk to your sister for a while . . . I need to talk to RJ”

Kenny went forward and found his sister standing with her back to him and peering out at the beautiful scenery up the lake. He placed his arms around her waist from the rear and stood and looked out with her.

As Kayla sat beside RJ she turned toward him. “RJ, are you mad at me?”

“No, why would I be upset with you” he responded.

“Because of what I did with Candy just a while ago” she said.

“Kayla it’s certainly no secret that you like girls. You and Mary have been fooling around for years” RJ responded.

“That’s different” Kayla said, “Mary and I were fooling around before you and I got together, and you knew about her, and you knew that she and I would continue after we became a couple. But you and I always told each other that if we ever wanted to have sex with someone else, we’d talk to each other first, before we did anything RJ, I am really sorry I didn’t talk to you about my desire to have sex with Candy . . . I apologize” Kayla concluded.

RJ looked at his sister for a long minute. While it was true that they had sworn to each other that if either one of them every wanted to stray from their monogamous relationship, they would first discuss it with each other and get each other’s permission, RJ had always felt that in Kayla’s case that meant if she wanted to have sex with another guy! RJ hadn’t really considered her fooling around with another girl. As Kayla was bisexual, RJ just always assumed that she would be with other girls from time to time. Perhaps he was OK with other girls, as that posed no threat to him he reasoned.

“Kayla, look you really don’t owe me an apology. After all you did it right in front of me. But if it makes you feel better, apology accepted. How about if I give you retroactive permission to fool around with Candy all that you want. My only stipulation is that if you two hook-up again, Kenny and I get to watch!”

Kayla laughed and gave him a kiss. She looked in his eyes and said “You’re the best!”

After a long minute Kayla asked “RJ, I’ve seen the way you look at Candy, and I’ve seen the way she flirts with you. RJ I think that maybe you’d like to sleep with Candy . . . “ and Kayla let the question linger open ended.

“I think you are letting your imagination run away Kayla . . . I don’t look at Candy any special way” RJ defended himself.

“Are you kidding” Kayla fired back, “I went to all the trouble to grow these nice ‘C’ cups for you, and you can’t take your eyes off of her perky little tits” Kayla said with a mock pout.

“Kayla look, I am not dead, and I am not queer, you and Candy have run around half naked, or all the way naked, since we started the trip, so yea – I’m gonna look. But that doesn’t mean I want to do anything with her” RJ retorted.

“All I’m saying is that I would understand if you wanted to sleep with her. Hell, she’s so damn cute that half the time I’m thinking about fucking you, and the other half the time I’m thinking about what it would be like to eat her pussy!”

“Let’s just talk about the part where you want to fuck me” RJ said in order to defuse the conversation about him and Candy. Somewhere deep in the back of his mind, he realized there was some level of truth in what his sister had just said. As he said this to Kayla, he leaned in and the two started to seriously make out.

As was the norm when RJ and Kayla started foreplay with each other, it rapidly escalated and they could not get enough of each other. RJ was trying to keep one eye on steering the boat, and the other eye on Kayla’s bikin top which he was fumbling with to get off of his sister.