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Lovely Sexy Wife

2022-09-22 00:27:29

Lovely Sexy Wife

Any stories I read about cuckolding, always depict the woman trying to humiliate her husband, who is inadequate and a sissy. Not in this case. I am not inadequate, been told more than once by women I am a great lay. I’m not a sissy guy (martial arts training) and I have a 6 1/2 inch hard thick cock.

And you have to know that we love each other dearly and I don’t want anything bad to happen to her. But it has become super exciting to know my wife Sherry is having sex with other guys. She is of Scottish heritage and in my experience all Scots women love cheating and fucking! She doesn’t know I am aware she fucks other guys when she has the chance, it is just that she can’t resist the opportunity when presented. I believe she is often the seductress. New cocks are prey to her. If you saw Sherry for the first time, you’d be thinking, what a lusty woman, and you’d be correct.

We are in our late forties now. My wife has always been horny. I started fucking her in grade school, but never thought anyone else was, yet whenever we are in a crowd, she is always circulating and everyone loves her open ebullience and especially her innate sexiness. Sherry is voluptuous, on the verge of controlling her weight, but that is a plus for me because her breasts are 38Cs, depending on if she is dieting. Haha.

I was never sure when it first started. Years ago now, I think. I first began suspecting she was having something going on as she has always been flirtatious when guys are near. And they love it. They pick up the subliminal vibes she seems to be emanating. Some women exude sensuality without even trying and Sherry is one of those, but I now think she does try sometimes. And she has one odd idiosyncrasy, if I put my hand on her pussy, she is helpless. Touch her clit and she almost orgasms right away, I have never heard of a woman who can cum as quick or often as Sherry. She amazed me because sometimes orgasms kept rippling through her for up to an hour later.

We’ve been married for years and it has always been sexually exciting. We often fucked anywhere we could, for the fun of it. In department stores behind furniture displays, (where the salesman watched through some cabinets and didn’t toss us out) at the beach at night, park benches when people walked past, in elevators, in our car all the time.

She gave me head as we were driving! I shielded her from onlookers at first but after seeing her enthusiasm on my cock and how intent she was, I purposely allowed others at stoplights to look in and see her! She just kept going, evoking lusty grins from males in the next lane or shock from females as her head bobbed up and down. And when I returned the favor by letting her drive she loved it so much after removing her shorts and allowing me to suck on her clit she nearly crashed as she came to a huge orgasm because her legs were too wide apart to reach the brake! Yes, she was addicted to the secret excitement too. I just never suspected as much!

I discerned that many of my friends were different around her, flirting always. And she sent out little motions or signals that got them going sexually! She has those lovely large breasts and seemed to show them discreetly. If we were out for drinks and guys were around, she would have a beer and stroke the glass like it was a thick cock! If we were dancing in a club and if it was dark I could tell she was touching his cock in the crowd. Most guys couldn’t believe at first that it was intentional. Once I even saw that she was at the edge of the other dancers and had her hand down his pants while he thought no one could see him clutching her breast! It became a love of her cheating, cuckold was the best thing for me but in this peculiar way of me not knowing! It only meant her taking a few minutes at a party or something so she could fool around with another guy for a bit. Episode to be continued later?

Of course I never confronted her about this because by now, I was thrilled about it. It gave me that lovely feeling of lust in my belly! She was sexually cheating on me but I loved it. I must mention that we did have a great sex life. But she seemed to want her own ways and she never knew I suspected anything but it was ultimately sexually stimulating for me! So I began pretending I didn’t notice. To subliminally encourage her.

Of course, over years I had proposed things to Sherry, sexual permutations etc, but she showed little interest in threesomes, or fucking my friends, especially with me participating or even watching, it seemed like she wanted to explore without me. And didn’t have interest in any other adventurous things a horny husband might be interested in. So I was a little more sneaky about what was happening.

I began following her discreetly when I could. Her bowling night was over at about 10 pm but she never got home until about 1 am, so I knew something was happening there too. Although she said they all went for a beer afterwards. Sometimes when she got home I would want to fuck her but mostly she just wanted to go to sleep, but on occasions when I did fuck her I noticed her pussy was exceptionally wet and slippery and I knew someone else had been in there! But it just made me harder and enjoy the fuck more, even if I was second! Other times I knew she had cock breath and some guy went home delighted. I was happy to take a percentage of her unlimited fuck budget.

One night I was at the back of the pub parking lot and she came out with a young man, barely 20 I thought, they got into her car and talked for only a moment then her head disappeared from my view, but the silhouette of the male tossing back his head told me everything. And I know how Sherry sucks, holding it with both hands at the base, and sliding her mouth over it so her tongue runs under the head! She is a world class cocksucker. And now I am sure that she had a cock-breath about her many times.

She became head cashier at a grocery store and I could tell the young assistant manager was very interested. I wasn’t sure what went on with him, he was much younger and she seemed to like him. The only thing I didn’t like about my situation was that I could not see her when she was playing. I needed the vicarious thrill. I hoped for an occasion when I was able to catch her in the act. But it wasn’t a catch like in ‘Aha, caught you bitch!’. It was more like OMG I am going to get to see something nice here! And often did but from a spying position with no inclination to be jealous or stop the wonderful sight of my lusty wife fucking or sucking a cock with such ardor!

Sherry has always worked, usually at supermarkets or retail jobs. At one point we bought a small store of our own, she would operate it, an art and furniture gallery in an older building. She was tired of the pace of retail stores and this was really casual and she could control everything. It only cost us a percentage of the stock value so we only had to take over the lease. I sometimes reconditioned used furniture for reselling when I wasn’t doing my sales job.

The store turned out to be a wonderful acquisition. I always had something delicious to think about, my wife cheating and being fucked. I knew I wanted more of this cuckolding and wished to arrange it somehow, discreetly, so she wouldn’t know I had anything to do with her secret sex life.

There was very little walk-in business on the quiet street but she liked the store so we agreed to keep it going as long as we could pay the rent. It was an old building with other unique shops both sides. In sales I move around our city a lot and eventually realized she was getting off with some of her suppliers when I happened to be driving by and saw a frame maker’s truck parked nearby. No one was visible in the store.

I usually enter from the street front, but as I drove past and could see no-one in the sales area I wondered if she was in the back room with the supplier guy? Exactly what I wanted to happen. My heart rate went sky high! All our equipment and work space was there. But you could be working in that back room and still see through a portal to the main store if a customer entered the gallery from the street.

I had already fucked Sherry in that back room several times leaving the street door unlocked and just watching for customers as we did it doggy style when she wore a dress, which was always. This was a purposeful action on my part because I wanted Sherry to be comfortable with the idea of how easy it was to fuck while at work! She just slipped off her panties and rested over a work table while I screwed her slowly. One time a man came in and she just positioned herself by the edge of the door but looking out, saying hello if he needed help with a bright smile, while I kept fucking her from behind! He could not see anything but the top of her body and she made it look like she was reading. Although his eye had to be drawn to her magnificent breasts. I knew she loved the excitement of it, she was so wet. So did I and sometimes I even thought I wanted a guy to see what we were doing and fucked her harder to make her movements obvious if one was attuned to it. I even toyed with the idea of fucking her for a short time, then pretending a call and leaving so she’d be sky high for sex and desperate for a cock to finish her off properly. See how us willing cuckolds think?

We used the front entrance but parked at the back and there was a hallway from a rear door in the lane to our framing back room. Sherry thought it was too dark and creepy and wouldn’t go in that way. So I thought I would quietly sneak in from there and just listen to see if anything interesting was going on with the supplier guy. I entered with my key and quietly closed the door, standing still in the semi dark while trying to hear voices. Moved forward slowly. Yes, something there, a mumbling so I crept on. The hallway ended at another old door to our back room.

My heart jumped! I could now hear the obvious sounds of sex going on and knew she had extended my idea of fucking at work to other guys too. I think I had shown her how easy it would be. I dared not press my ear to that door for fear of being caught by a noise but resolved to drill a peep hole there soon.

Sherry was making sexy little grunts aloud and I could almost feel his thrusts myself. Then she gave out a long extended moan and I heard the man speed up his fucking her and grunt his own orgasm at the same time. All I heard from Sherry was an “Oh gawd yes yes! You’re making me come!” followed by a suppressed howl. My cock was hard as a rock as they silenced a while until they started talking again and I quickly exited the building.

Gawd I was so excited I just needed a place to whack off. I drove around to the street and parked in time to see a good looking young man of about twenty-five leaving with a smile. I wondered how often that happened and with how many guys? This was way exciting!

I drove to a park and whacked it off in the men’s room! My mind a flurry of exciting sexual thoughts. I was wild with anticipation of being able to spy on her there. And I don’t like to use the word ‘spy’, more like ‘observe’ would be better. Along that hallway were also two old storage rooms and I realized that our store work room backed right onto one and the wall was ancient wood. I could easily drill secret holes through from our storage room in that wood into the other room and they wouldn’t even be noticed. And it would give me access to peek into the work area of our gallery. I was super excited and wondered how many guys visited our gallery every week? Every day? Sheeze how much sex could my wife handle? I just needed a drill and no one else had access to the old building storage room so I could be in there in the dark peeking into my own store. And watching my lusty Sherry fucking other guys! All you jealous types may not understand, but I loved my gorgeous Sherry more than ever because of it. My heart trilled at the idea and I reran the audio in my mind over and over again. I couldn’t wait for the video, in my mind.

I was out for a beer with two friends, both guys I knew but Sherry didn't. The whole time we talked about sports or whatever, I couldn't help thinking about either of the two fucking her. While I watched if possible. But even as I thought about this, I knew Sherry didn’t need my help to arrange her sexual liaisons.

But it was the fact of her cheating that got me going. If this is what a cuckolding was I LOVED the idea of her secretly fucking other guys. It would not be the same if she knew I arranged it or was watching as it happened. It was the raw lust of the potential scenes. And once viewed, I became instantly addicted to her cheating on me.

So after a few beers I was thinking about which of my two friends would be interested in secret meetings with her? I could have simply asked them but that would have taken some of the excitement out of it. I wanted to get over to them the fact that she was interested in fucking on her own but not that I was arranging it or even condoned it. Even though that was exactly what I was doing!

So I let slip some tiny facts that I thought would have interest for either or both of them. And mentioned her wonderful breasts, which were shown nicely in the cotton dresses I had encouraged her to wear. While Leroy was taking a leak I let it be known to Sammie that Sherry was getting to be too much to handle and wanted sex all the time. Even asking what the hell I could do to slow down her crazy desires. I told him that Sherry needed retraining, because she used to suck me off a lot but not lately. And that she was so good with her mouth. Sammie only said sheeze, with a touch of his crotch at the idea before Leroy returned and he left for his piss too. I just asked Leroy what he would do if his wife was a crazed sex addict, but seemed to need a reset! We laughed together while I added that I guess you have to let your wife get all she can as long as she cooks dinner. (I didn’t mention that I would be happy with just a percentage of her action!) He only commented that it seemed that Sherry WAS the dinner. When he said that I mentioned that she had a gourmet pussy and planted that seed too.

And later when I told them about having a small shop that she ran alone they were hooked. What a freaking perfect thing! I never thought it before, but now believe she thinks her dresses are provocative when she goes to work. Not in an obvious way with mini skirt and low blouses, just kind of discreetly. Sometimes I arrive early before she closes the store and she is often talking to guys and seems flirty. And Sherry has always attracted guys who tuned in on her subliminal vibrations of sex.

Sammy waited a long time and then asked where I lived. I told him and he said he knew the area. I told him more about our small art gallery and used furniture shop. He worked around to the subject but I knew exactly what he was doing. He finally asked if I knew if she had a good deal on some pictures to decorate his apartment. I said Sherry would be totally able to accommodate him and gave him the address. He just nodded and I knew he was going to take a look tomorrow, Saturday. And he wasn’t going to be looking for pictures. We continued while the game was on, and during the chat I inserted lots of tidbits that he could use when talking to her, as I was sure he would chat her up the following day. He wouldn’t be looking for pictures but wanted a picture of my wife! It is amazing how interested a guy gets when he knows your wife has big tits and loves sucking cock.

My stealth plan was taking effect. This is a perfect cuckold for me. I told Sherry I would be late that night and gathered some tools for my plan, entering the store after she was gone home. And into that back storage room. I drilled several holes in the old wood and used dirt to make them look old from our work room, checked them out from the storage room and widened them in that wall. I ended up with a perfect view of the whole work area and even into the main store! Perfect. Unscrewed the 40 watt bulb so it would never flick on and threw an old piece of carpet on the floor for quiet and marveled at my work! Even walked around in circles to reveal any squeaks. None! And had a hard-on from the ideas surging through my mind.

Next day I even had water and a snack for what I thought might be a long vigil. I went around the back of the building, parked discreetly and casually entered the back door. Made my way silently into the store room, closed the newly oiled door shut and went to my wall holes. Perfect spy, even had a twinge in my groin just watching my gorgeous Sherry move around the store. Gawd she was so naturally sexy, waxing a table top and her tits jiggled so enticingly!

As I watched her move about, I thought Sherry was simply a marvelous woman. She was awash in sensuality, any red blooded male would want to fuck her. I started to get hard just watching and grinned to myself that she was mine and so beautiful! I wonder if other women saw her as lusty too? Never thought about lesbians or if they see the same things guys do in other women? Damn, one more lurid thought.

The phone rang. I could barely make out her chat, but someone was asking about furniture. And Art. Was it Sammy? She said a few words about the store and then said, “We close at four today, but if you’re here by then that’s okay.” A pause for response. Then Sherry’s voice changed ever so slightly. “Really? No one has ever said I have a nice voice before. Well thank you. See you later, about four.” Was it my imagination or did she rub her crotch as she hung up?

I watched Sherry resume polishing some antique tables. When she faced away her ass swayed sexily and when she faced me her tits jiggled with weight.

I could see a younger guy walking past twice, looking in. Finally entered. Sherry knew him already. “Hello again.”

He glanced around and into the back room. “Doesn’t your husband work with you?” A smile.

She smiled back, “Sometimes,” she said, “not today. I sent him away.”

They chuckled together. She finished with the table while he watched her spectacular ass. “Nice,” he said.

“Yes, a beautiful table.”

“That too.” There was no pretense as his gaze turned to her breasts.

She smiled, “You see something you like?” There was only sexual vibrations going between them.


Of course my hard-on was raging already. I had to control my breathing and my heart. I steadied my position and planted my feet solidly. Dared not touch the wall.

He stepped closer to her. She glanced out to the street and pressed against him as his hands went to her breasts. “Wow.”

Her hand slid down to his pants, “Wow,” she said, “You brought a friend with you.”

That sentence sent my brain into overload. A friend? Would guys start bringing a friend? OMG way too exciting. She began rubbing his cock until there was no hiding it, bulging impatiently for action. “I knew you’d come back.”

“Bet on it.” They came towards me into the back room. I had to physically calm my breathing for fear of exploding! Leaning against the work table he undid her top buttons and I realized she had already disposed of her bra! Her breasts hung wonderfully into his face as he held and sucked them. He whispered, “Spectacular.” And buried his face in them, sucking one after the other. She undid his pants to reveal a very stiff cock, opened her legs and pulled him close, grasped his cock and slid it in. He wasn’t putting it inside her, she was pushing her pussy lips over it. It was at least seven inches and so hard and full. She pushed onto it and pulled him in tight until it all disappeared inside her with a slow push. Closed her eyes in ecstacy.

“Sheez you’re hot.”

“Ah, you remembered I like slow.”

“Who could forget! You’re so fuckin’ sexy!”

Sherry allowed him to stroke her slowly until she wanted to speed up. Then clutched at his rear and forced him deep inside her. Clasped her legs behind him. He sucked her lovely nipples until she started moving in rhythm and he wasn’t able to hold off, growled and came into her.

“God, you’re so juicy.” She let him pull out but I knew she didn’t have a great orgasm.

They kissed and he quickly left and I was a little disappointed that he seemed to be just using her. But it had been a wonderful scene. Etched forever in a grateful voyeur cuckold’s mind! He was not the guy I saw leaving before. How many young guys does she fuck? Lots I hoped. I tried to settle my pulsing body. Nothing can be more pleasurable than seeing your horny wife fucking like that.

She grabbed a towel and wiped her pussy. Slowly and then stroked herself a bit.

At about noon I caught site of an older, well dressed man entering the store. It wasn’t Sammy but he seemed of interest anyway. I had no evidence that anything would start with Sherry and the guy but I had a hard cock anyway! That’s how a willing cuckold works, he loves it. My stomach was churning with lusty pleasure and anticipation.

I could see Sherry and the guy talking by the table. He was all smiles and it signaled something intimate between them. The voices were low but flirtatious and warmly familiar. He seemed harmless, about sixty years old but handsome. They edged toward the back room and she leaned toward him and kissed him, rubbing his crotch, I heard her say, “Oh my, what have we here.” He mumbled something and she replied, “Maybe I can help with that.”

“I know you can, Sweet One.”

I was beside myself. Had never thought anything would happen this quick. The first two guys who entered? She had sent many emails to people she knew. Sales blurbs, she said. They came into the workroom and she positioned him near the portal but out of site of anyone in the store, stooped down while unzipping him! My heart leaped at her boldness. He undid his belt and lowered his pants as a huge cock emerged into her hand. Full of urgency and throbbing veins. Sherry put it right into her mouth and held it there while looking up at him. Eliciting a long mmm. If someone on the street passed and looked in they might see her I thought. But she ignored that and he gasped as she started moving on him, sucking slowly while holding it in both hands. What a site! I was grabbing my own cock, afraid it would explode. She sucked him for a few minutes as he grunted with pleasure and Sherry then said, “Not quite yet, my dear, me first.” My heart was fibrillating with delight.

And it was obvious that this was not new, he just pushed her back against a table, pulled up her dress, slipped down her panties and stooped before her lovely trimmed pussy, her slit visibly enticing. Trimmed now I thought to allow easy access. She stepped out of her panties and leaned back opening her legs as he pressed his mouth into her with ardor. If anyone entered the store suddenly she would have to act quickly but she just leaned back with her eyes closed while he sucked and licked at her sweet pussy until she whimpered first then shuddered in a series of spasms and moaned loudly as she came! Sherry was so freaking hot and always had orgasms quickly with oral sex, but had been warmed by her first visitor and erupted in seconds. The old man just held his face into her and waited while she calmed, then slowly started up again with long licks at her wet slit. I wondered if he tasted the cum of that other guy? I touched my cock only a short little bit and came right then! I was way over excited. Sherry shuddered with a batch of orgasms.

She clutched at him again and pulled his mouth into her beautiful cunt. Rocking on his tongue, breathing hard in more orgasms and almost howling in delight. Finally pushed him away with closed eyes. Her face was flushed and she looked ultimately beautiful and sexy. So full of lust! He stood up and his big cock swayed and she resumed sucking him. Engulfing it all and pressing her mouth over it until she was against his belly with her forehead. I had no idea she was this sexy and my cock had risen again. She started swift long movements with her tongue running along the underside as I knew she would do. Until I heard him whisper, “I am coming, right nowwwww!” Then he couldn’t suppress the grunt of coming.

She stayed on it as he pumped into her mouth, swallowing, trembling herself. I could even see his cock pulsing as he unloaded her reward. Then slowly brightened with a smile. Sherry stood up and grinned. “You love that so much, don’t you? I do too.”

“You are still the best ever, sweetheart. The best.” I realized then that he had been one of her store managers years ago.

“Tell your friends then.” She laughed.

He just zipped up and said, “Maybe. Maybe I don’t want to share this.” He laughed.

She replied, “There’s enough for everybody. I get bored sometimes without anyone to talk to.”

“Talk to?” He laughed again.

“Just the big cocks though.” She gave him a naughty smile.

He kissed her gently on the cheek and walked out. She stepped into the bathroom and used a damp towel on her still tingling pussy. I could tell she had yet another orgasm.

I had to blink my eyes to see if I believed what I had just viewed. And my wonderful spying had just started! I began to imagine scenarios of sex. And thought that even if I wasn’t here I could set up a camera and have the scenes for viewing later! I resolved to check out some security stores that sold cameras for surveillance.

Sherry emerged from the washroom and moved into the store and sat at a desk. She was still high on the sex and her hand found its way between her legs as she fondled herself into another fluttering orgasm! Her body emitting a tremolo pulsing. Sherry was a wonderful beautiful erotic orgasmic freak!

My legs were cramping, but I knew I didn’t dare leave before Sammy arrived, if he was going to. Maybe he wouldn’t, maybe he whacked off on his way home the other night over Sherry and that was it. I didn’t think so and knew he’d come looking sometime. But I had to wait and see if anything else happened this day. Someone would be coming at 4 o’clock. This aspect of my life being a cuckold was so excitingly great and I knew it could only get better. I knew next Saturday I would have a fictitious golf date with someone she didn’t know.

So if you think being a cuckold is stupid and can’t imagine your wife cheating on you, think again, my wife Sherry has me in a constant pleasurable state of sexual bliss. And in spite of her secret actions, I am confident she loves me dearly too. I would break bones of anyone who hurt her.

My worry was that I could lose my job because she was such a magnetic woman and I knew this little furniture store was going to have many browsers in the future. And I hoped to see every one of them!

Gawd it is lovely being a cuckold.

by Maxam

So tell me what you think. Thanks.