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Kate Bishop and the Tracksuit Mafia

2022-11-06 14:16:23

“Come on, quietly now.” A man said in a hushed voice to another who was carrying a wooden crate. The man was Dmitri Petrov, a Russian gangster who was a lieutenant in the Tracksuit Mafia.

“Why the hush hush? You said that the city was free of the archer.” the goon replied to his boss, referring to the first Hawkeye, Clint Barton.

“Yes, but there’s still a Spider crawling about, a devil, and the other archer.” Dmitri replied. The only vigilante he was worried about was the other archer, Kate Bishop. She had foiled his last few attempts to regain a foothold back in NYC for the Tracksuits. Other 22-year-old girls were out having a grand ol time, but Kate found her happy place in taking down criminals.

In fact, Kate Bishop was observing Dmitri and his men unload their cargo from the shady white van that was parked in the auto shop, Fat Man’s Tires, an auto shop that had historically been a front for the Tracksuits.

‘Jesus... If not anything else, Dmitri is persistent...’ Kate thought to herself as she continued to scan the auto shop for anything else suspicious. Kate wished that Clint was still around NYC so that she had someone to quip with. A partner or something, but Spider-man said he was too busy and that Dare Devil guy kind of intimated her. So, she went at it alone. The whole hero vigilante thing.

Once Kate got a good sense of the layout of the auto shop once more and how many Tracksuit Mafia goons there were, about 9 in total, she went to work. The first things she targeted were all the lights surrounding the auto shop, to include streetlights. The city probably hated her for this.

In quick succession along with expert accuracy the arrows left her bow. The bulbs exploded into millions of pieces of glass, and the gangster began to panic.

“Shit! It’s the archer!” One goon cried out.

“But I thought he was gone!”

“The girl archer!”

“That’s right!” Kate exclaimed as she let a concussive arrow loose towards one of the goons.

“Oooph!” The goon grunted as he slumped to the ground.

‘One of nine.’ Kate counted in her head as she shot a grapple arrow to the building next to hers. Once the grapple hooked in, Kate swung to her next position. By the time the Tracksuits had figured out where her voice and arrow had come from, she was gone.

“Shit! Su-Ka...” Dmitri mumbled to himself as he scanned the tops of the buildings. This was not the first time he had faced off with Kate Bishop and she had humiliated him countless times.

“Had enough yet Dmitri?” Kate taunted from the rooftop of the brick building she was on right before letting loose another two arrows at two unsuspecting goons. They go down.

‘Three of nine. Can’t wait to tell Clint this story.’ Kate grinned at the thought.

Dmitri cursed in Russian once more. He could feel himself getting overwhelmed with anxiety. How this was going to be yet another humiliating defeat for him to the hands of some twenty-something year old girl with a bow and arrow.

“Turn yourself in and you won’t have to go back to your boss to tell him you lost yet again!” Kate teased more as she leaped to the next building while keeping to the shadows. “To the same girl too!” she added, letting loose another arrow.

“Cyka blyat!” Dmitri expressed his frustration the only way he knew how as he watched yet another idiot goon of his expose himself only to get taken out by the archer vigilante. In an act of desperation, Dmitri grabbed his radio and called for help. “Markov. Please. Help.”

“Wilco.” A voice replied from the radio.

Dmitri had not returned to NYC with just his own men. The Tracksuit Mafia had also sent Markov Teller, an American Russian with American military training, along with his team to help Dmitri. Dmitri was insulted at the gesture and told Markov to not do anything unless asked for. It was unfortunate for Kate Bishop.

Although Kate was more than a match for the usual street-level gangster lieutenant, Markov was in a different league. Kate barely saw it coming.

“Gotcha.” Kate muttered to herself as she shot another arrow at another of Dmitri’s men. The man had foolishly peaked around the corner he was hiding behind.

“And that’s four...” Kate began to count aloud in celebration, but her joy was cut short by the sound of a metal cannister rolling towards her. “Shit!” She exclaimed right as the cannister exploded. It was a stun grenade. Even the shades she was wearing did little to block the flash.

‘Shit this is bad!’ Kate thought to herself. Blinded and disoriented, the young heroine is unable to put up a fight when Markov and his men descend upon her.

Markov and his three men had been following the vigilante girl since the first arrow to have left her bow. Markov could have pounced at any moment, but he was respecting the orders of Dmitri. When the go was given, Markov and his men moved with extreme efficiency. Efficiency only gained from strict rehearsals and experience.

“Augh! No! G-get off of me!” Kate shouted out loud to the sudden four hands that grabbed her. She barely heard them coming. “Noo!” She grunted as she feels her bow ripped away from her hands. Kate struggled as much as she could, but she is easily overpowered by these men.

By the time Kate began to get her sight back, she was on her knees, hands cuffed behind her back with cold steel cuffs that bit into her soft wrists. She looked up at her assailant as her vision began to clear. It was Markov Teller.

“Who the fuck are you?” Kate asked while glaring up at the man in front of her. Markov smiled at how fierce the girl still was but ignored her question. The man’s smile caused a chill to run down Kate’s spine.

Markov ordered the man standing behind Kate to stand her up.

“H-hey! Get off of me you creep!” Kate protested and struggled to only end up standing up with a tighter grip around her arms from the goon behind her. “Woah! Hey what do you think you’re doing!?!” Kate shouted in a panic as Markov moved towards the girl and began to run his hands across her body.

It wasn’t sexual though. It was deliberate and strategic. Kate hated how robotic it was. She had been searched before, and every time before, the man conducting the search usually took some liberties. She would act like she hated it but there was a part of her that enjoyed it, the looks and the little gropes.

This was different. She felt small, like a good part of her knew she wasn’t going to get out of this. She was out of her league.

From the search, Markov produced a few knives that were on Kate along with two phones. Markov threw the phones on the ground and prepared to stomp on them.

“Wait wait! I haven’t paid those off yet!” Kate shouted in jest, but really didn’t have any other ways of being tracked or communicating for help other than those phones. “NO!” She cried out as they smashed into pieces as Markov stomped on them. “You’ll pay for that! 19.99 a month!” She said, trying to add some levity to a situation she felt she was losing control of fast.

Markov and his men continued to ignore the girl and her endless quips and protesting. Markov had one of his men just pick her up over his shoulder and brought her down to the office of Fat Man’s Auto Shop where Dmitri was.

“Augh!” Kate grunted as she was thrown into the office from the doorway, right in front of the desk Dmitri was sitting at. “Oh... Hey Dmitri...”

“Cyka blat...” Dmitri mumbled. He had heard the explosion of the stun grenade but had assumed the worst and retreated to his office.

“A peace offering Dmitri.” Markov said as he stepped into the office and threw a small duffle bag onto the desk.

“What?” Dmitri inquired, looking into the bag. His eyes opened in awe at the sight of what was in the bag. The bag was full of a variety of different sex toys from what he could see. It had paddles, vibrators, crops, dildos, pretty much anything a sexual deviant would want in a go bag.

“Your men tell me how much you hate this woman.” Markov began to explain, “this girl pretending to be like that annoying hawk hero.”

“Pretending? I’ll-” Kate was about to protest only to be cut off.

“Shut up!” Markov shouted with a cold glare at the girl who was still on the ground with her hands cuffed behind her back.

Kate gave a dry gulp.

“We’ll have to teach this one some manners, no?” Markov commented to Dmitri much to Kate’s chagrin, “As I was saying. Your men tell me not only how much you hate this girl, but also how much you want to fuck her. How much you want to stick your fat cock into her tight little pussy.”

Kate’s heart dropped and her stomach turned as she listened to how the one Russian mobster was speaking about her. She slowly propped her back up against the office wall after working off the pain of being tossed into the room.

“Woah... Hey now... Dmitri’s and I have a strictly professional relationship...” Kate said, once again trying to add levity to the situation with one of her trademarked Kate Bishop quips. Unfortunately, her quip didn’t do much to deter Dmitri from hungrily looking her up and down the moment she had been tossed into his office.

Markov did not appreciate Kate speaking out of turn and grabbed something out of the bag he had thrown on Dmitri’s desk. Kate’s eyes opened wide at the sight of what was in his hand, a ring-gag.

‘Shit...’ Kate thought to herself. Though a young woman, Kate had the full college experience, so she knew what a ring-gag was. It wasn’t her favorite. For the first time she kept her mouth closed as the intimidating Russo-American gangster walked up to her. Instead, she glared and kept her mouth shut.

“Now she shuts up.” Markov commented before grabbing a handful of her hair from the back of her head and pulls back, “Open up slut... Or else.”

“Aammph!” Kate let out a yelp with her mouth shut as Markov slapped her across the face.

“Open up.” Markov ordered.

Defiance was all that Markov received. A good part of Markov enjoyed how much fight and spirit the girl had in her. It was going to be fun to break her. With the ring gag in his left hand, Markov took his right hand and wrapped it around the heroine’s slim neck and slowly tightened his grip.

“Mmmph!” Kate whined without opening her mouth. Kate was nervous as she felt his rough hand wrap around her soft neck. Whimpering through her closed mouth, “Aammph..” she began to squirm as she felt her lungs begin to constrict.

‘Never gave a safe word...’ Kate joked in her head even as she felt herself begin to pass out. Right on the cusp of blacking out, Markov released his grip.

Kate instinctively gasped for air, opening her mouth and keeling over for a moment. In that moment, Markov roughly shoved the large ring-gag into the girl’s mouth and quickly tightened it. Kate winced at how tight it was.

“Aaargha-aa-agrh"! Kate tried to hurl insults and quips at the man, but all that came out were unintelligible grunts and saliva. “Aaaagrh!” Kate grunted as she was pulled up to her feet by her hair and then subsequently dragged over to Dmitris's desk and slammed over it. “Auughh...” Kate groaned as she found herself facing Dmitri’s rock-hard cock, his tracksuit pants not doing much to cover it.

“Yuri, Pavel.” Markov called out to two of his men standing outside. “Hold her down.” He ordered.

“Aaagrh..” Kate protested as she felt the hands of Markov’s men pin her down against the desk. One man placed a hand against the small of her back to pin her against the desk while he used his other hand to pull on Kate’s ponytail forcing her to look towards Dmitri’s crotch. The other man forced her legs apart and her ass to stick up.

Kate had found herself in sticky situations before, but she had always felt as if she had a way out. Here, hands cuffed behind her back, ring-gag in her mouth, and two much stronger men pinning her against a desk, with a man eager to stick his cock inside of her, Kate felt hopeless.

“Aaaagrh..” Kate groaned as she writhed helplessly against the desk and the men pinning her to it. Never in a million years did she think she would end up in a situation like this one without any way of getting out. Never did she think a situation like this, all helpless and the like, make her so wet...

“Now. Dmitri.” Markov turned his attention back to the fellow Tracksuit Mafia lieutenant. “My proposal. It’s simple.”

“Yah...” Dmitri replied, distracted at the sight of the pretty heroine writhing and struggling against his desk.

“I would give you the girl to do keep and do whatever, but Pakhan wants to make an example of her.” Markov began to explain. Kate wasn’t super thrilled at what he was saying. Markov continued, “But, given your history for this ‘hero’, I will give you tonight to use her however you see fit. As a gesture of goodwill.”

“Aaagrh!?!” Kate spoke up against the mafia captain’s proposal. Markov shot a glare at the girl, but it did little to quiet her.

“This is very generous of you, comrade Markov...” Dmitri said, staring into the eyes of the girl who had been the source for his constant headaches and humiliations. Kate’s stomach twisted as she watched a sick twisted grin creep across the man’s face, a man whom she had usually thought of as a goofy loser.

“Aaagrhh...” Kate groaned as she watched Dmitri stand up from his chair and his rock-hard cock became obvious in his baggy trackpants. His crotch was in her face. She hated this and continued to squirm against the two large gangsters holding her down against the table.

“I can fuck all her holes?” Dmitri asked

“You have her until nine tomorrow morning. I’ll come by to grab her then.” Markov clarified, “Don’t hurt her too bad.”

‘Nine!?! Don’t hurt me too bad!?! This is bad!’ Kate thought to herself. She didn’t know what time it was but she still thought that ‘until nine in the morning sounded like a long time to be left alone with a vindictive creep.’

It was 11:00 PM

“You’re leaving?” Dmitri asked while almost casually slapping Kate’s cheek with his cock through the fabric of his tracksuit.

Kate felt herself reel with disgust, but she was helpless to do anything of worth. Hands cuffed behind her back, held down by two beefy gangsters, while her mouth was forced open with a large ring-gag that made her mouth sore.

“Da. I’ll leave Yuri and Pavel here to help you hold her down and whatever...” Markov replied as he made his way to leave Dmitri’s office. Markov gave a nod to Dmitri before shutting the door behind him.

Dmitri turned his attention to the helpless heroine who was held down against his desk, her face buried into his crotch. Kate wanted nothing more than to take a nice big chomp at the man’s cock.

“Now... Suka... What are we going to do with you...?” Dmitri asked, taking a step back so that he could look into Kate’s eyes while he talked to her. The Russian gangster could feel his cock throb as the girl glared at him with her pretty, piercing blue eyes. He gave the girl a grin before crouching down and continuing, “And by what, I mean which little hole of yours should I fuck first hmm?”

Dmitri’s face was level with Kate. As much as she wanted to headbutt the man, or even look away, she couldn’t as Yuri kept a strong grip of her hair to keep her head in place, any which way Dmitri wanted it. Kate didn’t entertain the question, whatever she would have said would have been intelligible and even if it was, the man would most likely ignore it. It was just another attempt to humiliate her.

“What? No witty remarks?” No quips? No nothing? Ha... scared?” Dmitri teased, stroking the girl's face which caused her to shiver in disgust. Dmitri soaked in the sight of fear coming across the vigilante girl’s face.

“Aaah!” She protested as she watched Dmitri pulls his tracksuit pants and briefs down so that his cock and balls popped over the waistband. “Aughh!” Kate grunted as the middle-aged Russian gangsters cock slapped her face.

‘Ohmygod...T-this can’t be happening... Someone save me! Clint! Someone please!’ Kate despaired as she fought back the urge to cry, not believing it to be very hero like of her if she did.

Yuri and Pavel couldn’t help but feel their cocks fill with blood as the girl squirmed harder and harder underneath their grasp and let out whines and whimpers. They were good goons, but they were as lustful as any other and their thoughts grew into fantasies of having their own turn with the helpless heroine.

Dmitri rested the tip of his cock on Kate’s tongue. Kate wanted to kill these men, but she was utterly helpless and could only writhe in frustration which excited the men even more, watching her tight body squirm about.

“Now Kate... I apologize for how, uh, potent, my dick might be... I haven’t been home in some time... Too busy chasing around a dumb little vigilante slut.” Dmitri taunted the poor heroine as he slowly slide his cock into her mouth. He never cared for the feeling of the metal of a ring-gag around his cock, but the feeling of the young woman’s lips wrapped around his cock and her tongue gliding underneath, unmatched.

“Aaamp-aagrp-agrh!” Kate gagged hard, wanting nothing more than to bite down hard on the gangster’s cock. Kate wasn’t a big fan of the ring-gag either.

“Mmm! Blyat! Fuck! Kate! You are a true little shlyukha!” Dmitri shouted as he pushed his cock deep down the helpless heroine’s throat, causing her to choke and gag harder and harder.

“Aagrh-aaagrh—agrhha-agrhrh!!” Kate struggled to breathe as Dmitri kept his thick 9-inch sweaty cock shoved down her throat. Kate couldn’t believe she was choking on Dmitri’s cock. It all felt like a surreal horrible nightmare. She hated that she could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter the more the gangster used her.

‘oh god... I can’t be the Avenger who gets horny from bad guys capturing and using her... If they even let me join now...’ Kate found herself thinking while Dmitri gave her a moment to catch her breath and pulled his cock out, cock slapping her pretty face.

Yuri and Pavel’s cocks grew even harder at the sight of the helpless heroine being cock slapped and taunted by Dmirti..

“Even with the gag, you suck cock good Kate.” Dmitri praised. Kate hated that he was using her name.

“Aaah...” Kate let out weakly. Dmitri replied with shoving his cock hard and rough back into her mouth and down her throat, making her gag hard, “Aagrh!!”.

“Shut up Suka!” Dmitri demanded as he began to roughly facefuck the poor girl as Yuri held her head up and still, “How many times have you foiled me...” Dmitri hissed while holding the girl’s face and nose pressed against his thick pubes, “Humiliated me...!” he added, “Tsk! Now look at you! Choking on my cock!”

“Aaampgrh!” Kate choked as she struggled for air, but Dmitri sadistically held her face down even longer. It wasn’t until her coughing became erratic and tears were streaming down her face, lots of spittle and spit dripping down from her mouth and down her chin, then Dmitri pulled his cock back. Just enough to let the girl catch her breath.

“Don’t worry Kate. Practice makes perfect.” Dmitri taunted as he thrusted his cock back down into her mouth and throat, soaking in the sounds of her gagging and choking as he face fucked her without mercy.

“Aa-aar-aamammpmmpgrh!” Kate gagged and whined when she felt the thick middle-aged cock down her throat begin to throb and pulsate erratically. “Aaa-aamgprh!” She choked as Dmitri’s cock began to spray thick strings of cum down her throat, filling it up quick. “Aaagrh-aagrh!” Kate choked and coughed as her mouth filled with cum as well, coughing up spittle and cum from around the cock still shoved deep down her throat.

Dmitri wasn’t even finished cumming down the girl’s throat when he noticed the girl almost drown in how much he had cum so far, so he pulled his cock out and finished spraying his thick cum all over the vigilante’s pretty face.

Kate coughed and coughed up cum and her own spittle once Dmitri pulled his cock out. As she coughed, eyes closed, she felt the cruel man’s ropes of warm cum splash against her face, utterly covering her face. Kate was burning with humiliation.

It was 11:40 PM.

Kate Bishop, aka Hawkeye, was helplessly cuffed and pinned against the desk of a D-ranked criminal, face covered in his cum.

“Now, shlyukha, you will be punished.” Dmitri explained as he slapped his cock against Kate’s cum covered face once more before taking a step back and fixing his pants buck up. Now that his lust had been satiated for the time being, his resentment was left.

‘Oh man... This wasn’t it...’ Kate thought to herself as she regained her composure.

“Aaaah! Aaaaah!” Kate groaned and protested as Dmitri walked around behind her. “Aaaahh...” Kate whimpered as she felt a hands roughly grabbing her ass.

Dmitri groped and caressed the coed’s tight round ass through the fabric of her pants. He had always thought she had a great ass, all those times she came through the area to humiliate him. Dmitri unclipped the ring-gag and let it fall from her mouth. Dmitri also had Yuri let go of her ponytail.

Kate looked back as much as she could from her position, still forcefully bent over the desk, but from over her shoulder she glared at Dmitri with one eyed, as the other was closed with cum still dripping over it.

“Dmitri! You fucking creep! I’m going to cut your-aiyeeowww!” Kate had begun a vicious tirade, but it was interrupted by a painful spank to her ass by a paddle. “Aiye-ow! Hey! St-stop that y-you cree-Aiye-ow! Oww! Oww! S-stop! OWWW!!” Kate protested only to yelp again and again in pain as Dmitri continued to spank her.

Dmitri gave a sadistic smile to the girl whose glare was beginning to fade from her face. Her bravado seemed to be breaking down.

“Don’t worry Kate. We’re only getting started.” Dmitri said. He stopped his onslaught of the heroine’s ass for a moment but also ordered Yuri to slide her pants down. Yuri, like a good goon, followed the order.

‘I bet Clint never had to go through stuff like this...’ Kate thought to herself, trying to keep herself calm with comedy.

“H-hey! You’re new! I’ll give you a pass if you help let me go!” Kate said, looking at the goon, having not recognized him from Dmitri’s usual crew. She felt ridiculous and slightly ashamed as she asked, asking for help from a goon from such a lowly position.

“Yuri might be new, but he still falls higher than cum-covered sluts. So shut up suka, or I’ll hurt you even harder.” Dmitri replied while rummaging through the bag for more tools he could use to punish the heroine with.

Unfortunately, her proposition went ignored and she felt her pants forcefully pulled down from her waist down to her knees so that her hipster style pink panties were on full display on her ass that was sticking in the air. Her ass cheeks were nice and red too. Having her pants pulled down reignited Kate’s struggle but like before was to no avail as she squirmed and writhed between the desk and two burly Russians.

“Very cute Kate.” he commented, having looked up from the bag to see Kate’s pink-panty ass shaking in the air as she struggled.

“You think you’re going to get away with this Dmitri!?!” Kate shot as she struggled. It was quite the sight, the young heroine cuffed, bent over a table with her ass clad in pink panties in the air, while she shouted profanities and threats to her captors. It was comedic and erotic, as Dmitri just chuckled while feeling his cock begin to get hard again.

Dmitri walked back up behind Kate and began to caress her already sore ass with the paddle. Kate winced, preparing herself for the next blows.

“Don’t think we don’t see you for what you truly are, shlyukha? Look how wet your little cunt is, you’ve drenched your cute little panties...” Dmitri commented having noticed how wet her panties were around her crotch.

“Ah! No! S-stop! You fucking creep!” Kate shouted as she felt the Russian gangster begin to rub his fingers against her pussy,

‘No! Stop Kate. Focus! You hate this! You hate this!’ Kate told herself in her head while trying to fight back the urge to let out a moan.

Dmitri and the two goons watched intently as the girl bit her lips as Dmitri pressed a finger against her swollen clit through the fabric of her panties.

“Moan shlyukha!” Dmitri demanded, pressing harder against her clit.

“Nnghh-ahh-noo! You bastard!” Kate cried out having let a small moan slip out of her mouth. The hapless heroine burned with humiliation.

“Some hero you are Kate, moaning from just my fingers.” Dmitri taunted, “Too bad we’re getting ahead of ourselves.” Dmitri said, his tone turning serious again. “You still need to be punished.”

Dmitri enjoyed hearing the girl moan, but he wanted to hear the heroine cry.

“Augh! No! Enough of this! You’re going to be in serious-aaaiyee-Oww! Oww! Owww! Owwww!” Kate tried to launch into another tirade of threats but once more it ended up with her squealing and yelping as Dmitri spanked her ass again and again. The thin fabric of Kate’s panties did little to protect the parts of her ass it did cover. “Owww...ouch...you fucking jerk Dmitri!” Kate cried out, tears in her eyes from the pain.

The heroine in Kate wanted to just fade away in shame, but the perverted little masochist in Kate began to crave more. Of course, Kate would never tell her captors that, but she didn’t have to. Her soaked panties told them enough. Regardless, her pride wouldn’t let her break or submit, how could she ever face Clint or anyone if she did.

“Crying already Kate?” Dmitri teased as he caressed her sore red ass with the paddle. He then brought up another paddle in his other hand and began to caress Kate’s ass with it as well. “Now suka, tell me which one you prefer.”

Kate winced at the cool wooden paddle touching her butt. It felt much heftier and denser than the other paddle, which looked like some deviant's ping-pong paddle.

“This one?” Dmitri asked before swinging down hard with ping-pong paddle in quick succession.

“Ow! Oww!” Kate yelped as the pong paddle struck her ass, opposite cheeks, jiggling once more to the delight of the Dmitri and the two thugs in the room.

“Or this one?” Dmitri asked, putting down the pong paddle to use both hands to swing the 14 inch oak paddle complete with air-flow holes against poor Kate’s tight round ass.

“AH-OWW!” Kate screamed hard as the large wooden paddle lands against her ass. She much preferred the ping pong paddle... Before she could voice her opinion, Dmitri lands another smack against her ass. Kate yelped again and again as Dmitri spanks her mercilessly with the large paddle until her ass is bright red and her face is streaming with tears. Kate could feel her legs shaking from the pain. “Oww...owww...” Kate whimpered as Dmitri caressed her very sore ass with the cool oak paddle.

“Want to take a break from your punishment Kate?” Dmitri asked.

It was 12:10 AM.

Kate Bishop was tired and humiliated. Her mouth was still sore from having been ruthlessly facefucked, and now her ass felt like it was on fire. She was still helplessly pinned against a desk she thought to be mahogany. The prospect of a break sounded great.

“Yes...” Kate said. She knew there was going to be some sort of perverted twist to this.

“Then tell comrade Yuri here that you’d love to suck his cock.” Dmitri ordered much to the goon’s surprise and delight. For the first time during this ordeal, Yuri’s stone cold face had a devious grin creep across it.

“Thank you Ser!” Yuri said, his cock hard and head filled with thoughts of fucking Kate.

‘of course...’ Kate thought to herself, almost comically exasperated at the idea of being forced to suck cock. She had half hoped that Dmitri would have stuffed his cock into her wet wanton pussy by now, but the bastard was going to make her wait. She wasn’t about to beg the bastard, nor did she want him to continue spanking her. What other choice did she have?

Kate flinched when Dmitri pretended to wind back once more.

“Okay! Okay! Please. Don’t... I’ll say it...” Kate said sheepishly, somewhat defeated. Yuri walked around the desk until his crotch was in front of Kate’s face.

‘If I don’t, they’ll just hurt me more than rape me every which way...this way, I can maybe gather my strength...’ Kate rationalized. A part of her still believed herself not wanting this despite feeling her pussy throb a little at the idea of the men using her more.

“Augh..” Kate groaned as Yuri gripped her ponytail and pushed her head back so she was forced to look up at him.

“Well shlyukha? I’m waiting.” Yuri said and then spit on the girl’s face. It landed on her face and dripped down the right side of her face, mixing with the cum that covered it still. The men chuckled.

“Ugh...p-please Y-yuri..”

“That’s sir or master to you slut!” Dmitri growled and wound back the paddle.

‘Oh that’s not fair!’ Kate managed to think before paddle swung down.

“Aiyee-oww!” Kate screamed, “Ohh-fuck! I’m sorry! P-please SIR!” the heroine corrected herself. “Please sir...I’d love to...uh... suck your cock.” She managed to say, but she didn’t do well to hide the sarcasm.

Dmitri could hear it, and passed judgement swiftly in the form of a couple spanks in quick succession without warning.

“OWww! Oooh-OWW!” Kate yelped out, “Okayy! Okay!” She stammered, taking a moment to collect herself. “P-please sir...I w-would l-love to s-suck your cock...” Kate said, giving it a sultrier tone. It was enough to make each man a little bit harder. Dmitri could feel his cock getting rock hard again.

“Of course you would shlyukha.” Yuri said as he fumbled with his pants and whipped out his thick 8-inch cock. Like Dmitri before him, Yuri cock slapped Kate’s face a few times before resting the tip of his cock against her soft pink lips.

‘I can’t believe I’m about to do this...’ Kate thought to herself, burning with shame as she opened her mouth even more.

“Aaampgrh...” Kate groaned as Yuri pushed his cock into her mouth and slowly down her throat. Yuri enjoyed the sight and sounds of her struggling to take his cock.

Fortunately for Kate, she wouldn’t have to “do” much, as Yuri, like Dmitri before him, enjoyed a girl’s mouth to be a fuck hole for him to ruthlessly facefuck. All Kate had to do was not choke too much or bite down on his cock.

“Aaampgrh-aagrh-argrh!” Kate choked as Yuri pressed his crotch against her face, keeping his cock lodged deep down her throat. Dmitri loved watching Kate choke on Yuri’s cock, his own cock throbbing at the sight of the girl squirming against the table for air and Pavel holding her down.

“Mmm... Fuck!” Yuri groaned as his cock throbbed. The goon had not had his cock sucked in some time. Kate’s mouth felt like heaven compared to his usual treatment of his own rough hands and some lotion.

“Aaagrh!” Kate gagged as she felt the cock throb and pulsate familiarly down her throat. “Aagrh!” she choked as the cock fills her throat with a thick rope of cum. Unlike Dmitri, Yuri pulled his cock out from the girl’s throat and mouth after his first spurt, spraying the rest of his thick sticky load all over

‘Gross...’ Kate thought. Both of her eyes were closed as another layer of cum dripped down her face.

“Geeze... Markov needs to let you boys out more...” Dmitri commented, surprised at how short Yuri lasted. The timing worked out for Dmitri though as his cock was rock hard and he was ready to fuck again.

It was 12:30 AM.

Kate Bishop, also known as the new Hawkeye, was not quite living up to the namesake. Since having been captured Kate had made little progress in escaping. Her face was once again covered in a thick layer of cum that dripped down her face and covered her eyes, while her ass was bright red and on fire. The most shameful part of all this was how wet her pussy was and how horny she was getting as the men continued to abuse her.

Dmitri put the paddle down and began to run his hands up Kate’s bare thigh, softly caressing her sore ass before moving a hand to the crotch of her panties that were soaked with her juices.

“Blah-splegh-h-hey...what do you-aiye-oww!” Kate spat out spittle and cum to protest only to yelp as Dmitri spanked her again with the pong paddle. Her eyes closed she had felt Dmitri prodding and poking at her pussy again. “Ahh-noooo...” Kate whimpered and squirmed weakly as she felt her panties being pulled down, revealing to three men in the room her slick wet little pussy. It almost glistened.

‘Now t-this really can’t be happening!’

Dmitri was glad that Yuri had finished with Kate’s mouth so quickly, he wanted to her the heroine scream and cry as he pushed his cock deep into her tight cunt.

“P-please... Dmitri..s-sir...” Kate said in a vain attempt to beg with man, “P-please sir, I’ll s-suck y-your cock instead..”

The men chuckled, especially Dmitri at how low the heroine had seemingly fallen. From thorn in his side heroine to a whimpering girl begging to suck his cock. Dmitri loved life and ignored the girl’s pleas, instead he pressed the tip of his cock

“You really are a little slut, Kate.” Dmitri said, feeling how wet she was with the tip of his cock.

“Auugh! Nooo...” Kate whimpered as she felt the older Russian gangster slowly and methodically push his cock into her. She could only bite her lips and squirm weakly in the grasp of Pavel who pinned her legs apart and Yuri who held her down from the front while he continued to enjoy watching his sperm drip down her face.

“Oh...fuck...Kate...you are tight!” Dmitri commented, his cock not yet halfway inside of her but the feeling of how her soaking wanton pussy wrapped around his cock, gripping around it as he pushed further.

“Nnngh-aaah-ooh-noo!” Kate tried her best to stop moans from slipping out but it felt too good.

‘Noooo.....’ Kate lamented in her head, her pride as a heroine shaken. Not because she was being raped, but because it felt good.

“You like my cock Kate?” Dmitri asked, thrusting in the last few inches of his cock so his crotch slams against her ass, all while spanking her for good measure.

“Ahh-ow!” Kate yelped but then quipped back, “Ha! Y-you t-think I can f-feel that little thing?” It was a little brazen for Kate to say in her predicament, but she had thought, what are they going to do, fuck her?

Dmitri frowned at her reply, grabbed her ponytail, spanked her even harder as he pulled back and thrusted back in hard.

“Ah-ooh!” Kate moaned. She moaned again and again, louder and louder as the middle-aged Russian gangster pumped his thick cock inside of her tight little body, railing her against his desk. Kate’s quips and witty attitude turned to moans and erratic breathing as her body and mind filled with pleasure. “Aiye-oww!” She would yelp as Dmitri spanked her in between pumps, only to let out a loud moan when Dmitri’s rams his cock all the way inside of her.

Dmitri could feel the girl was close, but he was close too. His cock was throbbing, and the girl’s tight pussy was better than any whore he had ever fucked before. It was lucky for him that she had drained his balls moments before with her mouth and throat.

Using Kate’s ponytail as a handle with one hand, Dmitri slams his cock inside Kate over and over again, hard enough to make the bolted down desk shake as the girl is railed against it.

“Aaah-oohh-oohh! Noo...f-f-fuck! Oooooh!” Kate began to moan wildly, her body tensing and pussy tightening as she feels herself begin to cum hard. “Ohh-fuck! Ohgod! Ohhhhhh..y-you bastard-aah!” the heroine moaned uncontrollably, feeling her pussy throb around the criminal’s cock as it pumped inside of her.

During her orgasm, Dmitri had motioned Pavel to move and take Yuri’s spot in front. Pavel did not have to be told twice and Kate soon found his cock slapping against her face.

“Ahh...ahhh...ahhh!” Kate moaned as Dmitri continued to steadily pump his cock inside of her, doing his best not to cum. Maybe it was her pleasure addled mind at the time, or maybe she really was a slut, but when Pavel placed the tip of his cock against her lips she gave it a nice lick before taking it into her mouth. “aammpgrh!” Kate gagged as Pavel’s large member filled her mouth.

“Shlyukha!” Pavel shouted as Kate sucked his cock hard as his boss fucks her hard from behind. It didn’t take long for the impatient goon to face fuck the defeated heroine, matching the tempo of Dmitri.

“Aaampgrh!” Kate moaned while choking on Pavel’s cock as Dmitri pounds her pussy. It doesn’t take long for Kate to cum again...and again...

The third time Kate came, she was barely conscious but she could feel both cocks inside of her begin to throb and pulsate. A familiar taste of cum filled her mouth as she choked on the cock filling her throat with more spunk.

“Aaa-agrhp!” Kate choked on cum while the cock in her pussy began to shoot it’s thick warm load inside of her, filling her up completely. “Aaapgrh!” Kate gagged and groaned, feeling cum drip out from between her mouth and the cock inside of it, as well as from her pussy and the cock inside of it.

It was 1:00 AM.

Kate bishop had never felt more ashamed than in that moment where Dmitri had really shown her what she was. Not a super heroine or vigilante, but a rape slut who just had strongest three orgasms in her life.

Dmitri and Pavel pulled their cocks out from the girl, leaving her draped over the desk in exhaustion. Her legs were shaking as cum dripped out from her pussy and down her thigh, while cum and spittle dripped out from her mouth, she was breathing hard.

“Please...l-let me go now...” Kate begged, feeling herself shaking in exhaustion and pleasure, writhing in her cuffs weakly.

‘More...’ She thought.